Why are jobs…

God damn hard to find unless,

Willing to work off the books,

Do shitty stuff no one else will do?

Do you know every job you do for crappy pay,without benefits in the end hurts you,

Think back on all those meaningless jobs you had,you rocked at,

Yard care- employer my folk’s,

I nearly lost an eye,

I tied and old rope about a rusty old pulley,

Easy pizzy,toss it over dead limb of apple tree pull down,

Didn’t count on the rabbit,

Stopped long enough to watch a rabbit,

Pully clipped me in the head right beside my left eye,

No one was home of course,

Went to Harriet Duggan’s house,

Harriet a true,dear friend,

She called dad he placed a butterfly bandage on it,

Had it off next day,

I also learned Cedar stumps got to get pulled out not burnt out,

Why you may wonder,

We their root system is linked,

Start fire by one,

Every fricken tree ground around smokes,

Thank the Goddess no one was home,

The trees sat adjacent the den windows just off the kitchen.

November eighty-four I enlisted US Marine Corps delayed went to Paris Island January,

Was told one out of five thousand get in US Marine Corp,

One out of three make it to two months.

At twenty-six I could not run a mile and a half in fifteen minutes,

I was placed into Casuals,

There was a girl made it to last week of boot and said that’s enough!

No one at home was ever there,

No one got the hardest part of boot camp was facing hometown Iowa narrow mindedness,

Worked two of seasons for Hansen’s Drift Away balloons,pay cash $5 a hour,

Promised ride in balloon,

Got $5/hour my sister years later a friend if his wife got the balloon ride.

That was eighty-four and five,

Nineteen hundred-nineteen hundred and two,

Still getting paid five dollars an hour,no benefits Saint Patricks Catholic church and school, summer I got forty hours during school I got twenty five cleaned the biggest school alone, vaccumed churched every Friday.

In summer I mowed the hills with of course push mower and winter while Jim used the blower I the girl shoveled. One day after I started my camcorder business ‘Video memories’, Father Ed said signed this. I learned at thirty-one just because a person looks good the decieve.

One day before school was to return to section Mother Superior said to me ‘You quit why are you here!’ I had started to notice women but I always gave things to people I liked. Father and sister had started to accuse me when they would miss lay things. 1992

I took them:Father Ed the head nun and the custodian I worked under to the labor board and won unemployment because I had not quit.

They were in a lie,

Trust is a fragile thing,

When broken its destroyed

Few places I worked had mats to stand on,

Will pay till I die for no pads bad veined legs.

Going to advertise to drive people.

There really are no jobs sitting down,

But driving,

I can not do food delivery,

I’m honest and trust worthy,

How odd is it that people don’t look for that in employees,

Seasonal work,Amfac the old company at Mt.Rushmore concession, Season there is April October 15th you sign a contract. My sister Ellen thought I was just a quiter. She never asked assuming was just easier to believe me a quiter!

I worked two season 1994&1995,

The McDonalds Crew trainer the all night maintenace.I got a call in September 1996. It was the second time I had been asked to go full time. Living in a park . There is nothing that compares to living in a one room dorm room in a private National Park. A quarter raise a season. But full time gleened you room and board and profit sharing. I was emerging from my cocoon. The head a personnel was a bigot. His sister in law found love with another woman. Even before that LGBTQ found out were betted against,

Few work hours were given until they would just quit!

I was told if I quit I was burning my bridges, I knew if I came out the same treatment would befall me,this was 1998,

Aramark concession Shenandoah National Park,

Hire a bunch of non Americans on contract paid them more then American seasonals.We start then two thousand at $6 they Indonesian,Romanians,Slav,Russian start at $8.25,

Americans only get forty hours a week,we are charged room and board. Aramark can’t work us seven days a week its US law.Does not stop them from working others seven days a week. Most of there money goes to the agent that found them work. Then money goes home. My friend by Ridwan with two degrees in Hospitality did dishes and worked laundry.

Life’s not fair,

Lost my home in 2005,

Landlady found that LGBTQ were not protected by the law for Equal Housing and so evicted all LGBTQ from low rent housing in Luray,VA.

The coven the Wild Women of the Blue Ridge mountains used money they made garage selling summer of 2005 to rent a van to take me home to Iowa

Funny that Iowa was never home.

January 2008 I went back to college at fifty for my BA,

Plan get Doctorite in history specialize in Military history until LGBTQ was seen as having our own history. As of 2016 we were still just taught as a gender study and as a choice. I wanted a master in Psychology to work as a councilor to others like myself devastated by a narcississ.

August eleventh biking home from a final in Cultural Diversity struck in a cross walk by a ninety-three year old retired attorney.

I went through his windshield on my left elbow. Then he stopped after I blew out all his airbags. He had moved my left knee cap over which I still suffer from. He got no ticket,

My attorney Edward Krug I found through access line a gay newspaper in Iowa.He sucked,

Was going through the change,

Ellen Krug got me medical paid and $5000 but only if I signed I would never come back with other heath issues.Dr.Schwartz set my right wrist it had been smashed. I wasn’t kept over night.. Took me seven to get a MIR, always get the letters missed up.I have a TBI.

Krug is now a writer wonder if he fucked that up too.

Life is not fair,

Seems people find it easy to judge and a credit report allows people to see nothing else.

Typical because we are all so much more they what others believe we are.

A bunch of numbers do not define me. Nor they you. What happen to people simply giving others a chance.

Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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