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It’s not better parents abuse or that of a stranger.

R U the kid grown,

Parents yours dumped on?

In my world that was the norm,

Age yours is not a quotion,

Equivalent with a number,

My dad always surprised I tried,

My dad loved my failure,

Favorite expression if you’d only asked I would have told you will fail’,

Time saving dad,

Pain caring dad,

Fourteen nearly beaten to death by his dad,

When Grandpa was eighteen,

A first sargents severons he wore,

Flounders field France Medical Corps,

Paul John Andrew Heike,

Wisconsin boy,

Born in nineteen hundred Prussia,

Immigrated with his dad Reverand Robert Heike,grandma and his eldest son Robert Heike from Prussia to America.

Now just eighteen in a trench,

Seeking injured comrades or the dead,

Now just twenty-seven a crippled wife, three children,working full time.

Grandpa had demons,

When his youngest son married Marian D.Bitteger they were twenty eight.

Paul’s eldest was expecting,

Early July nineteen fifty-six,

Mom’s first husband was a wife beater,

Mom worked Des Moines Decalb,

Her six year old daughter spoiled monster dotted upon my Marian’s parents who inessense were raising Diana.

Mom and dad drove to Shawno from Laurence Iowa,

Diana met grandpa,

Little narcississ slandered her new grand dad with a lie for attention to her mother,

Then mom being who she always was not a naive christian, went to her new sister inlaws and proceeded with the slander,

‘Don’t allow you girls by grandpa he felt Diana up!’

Wava and Norm had four daughters and Tuddy and Chuck had three,

It never occured,

Diana ruined mom’s daughters to come by not allowing us to know our only grand dad,

See mom was hot!


Diana the spoiled narc was missing her look how beautiful little Diana was,

I had a life time of her fucking shit,

Diana got her attention with her lie,

My dad hit me a good number of times,

Dads foremost weapon were negative words,

.. He swore to mom he would never beat us like he was hurt,

I have one friend in Florida,

Her dad a neighborhood M.D.,

Practiced out of their home,

Terror of the neighborhood,

Minnesota she spent her youth,

Moorhead,Minn. C was raped by her dad from two to adult,

Fifty-three years young now she is still suffers,

Her vagina was tore to fit her dad,

His dead she wishes she was,

Nothing stops her pain,

Some still think its not the mans fault.

A dear old friend of mine,

Julia Ryan in her ninties,

Married late in life to a lovely Irish man,

She always said all the rapist should be gotten excited then someone cut off their dick’s,

Why the hell not!

A neighbor from Cedar Rapids,

Her dad had been the neighborhood barber,

Beat his five kids comotosed,

. Then still slam their unconscious bodied into the wall,

D ran away at twelve with her dad following with loaded shot gun,

.. In adult life she alone raised her two children,

Her exhusband a druggie and a drunk cared for by the state of Iowa,

Then when her dad needed help no other child stepped up,

D took cared for him too,

.No one came to her aid and she worked long hard hours into the summer nights on a house/trailer should never been sold.

She has added at least $10000 to its value,

.The land lord is not bringer her paper work so she can get her home into her name.

He still can kick her out and then sell her home at a profit.

Down in Georgia my girlfriends staying with her folks,

In June she will be seventy,

They need her,

But verbally humiliate her.

What’s wrong its hard enough to take shit from people,

But to have to live yo adulthood,

And survival struggle with all the horrors that tormented us as children still real and present.

Its mind blowing!


Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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