Chapter 5,Jacqueline Night Walker by Valerie Heike Whitewolf

The implication that locating hidden buried long vanished covered by the sands of time pyramid was a piece of cake , is rubbish. The sheer endeavor of the task void modern equipment shear folly but,but I say I was by no means ordinary my ancestors hailed from out in space. Jacqueline Maria Stratti no longer had to hide gifts, talents what you will!

A device was used, so dusty and in need of corrosion removal it took days before the tool once again saw the light of day. Literally a fortnight came and went. Was as if it was possible to go forward in time and borrow for Time Team ground sonar to locate the entrance of the long loss pyramid of the ancient vampire who literately lost his head.

Ground sonar was used from[π√∆∆€£]. Worked slicker then a whistle the hard part was finding the door. Satalite photo’s taken eighteen miles straight up assisted also. Who knew that about two thousand and twelve a television show ‘Time Team’s, would find what at first thought an edge in north Africa’s dessert turned out to be the door.

After further examination Tony Roberts team, announced ridges had an odd resemblance to the tread of Time Teams earth movers. It took six months even with technology to break into the old pyramid. The year two thousand and twelve. When Time Team found the old pyramid it was literately vacant.

All the books Jacqueline and her brothers has stollen from Alexanders library gone and workers along with all the Roman and Egyptian and Babylonians treasures had been removed and stored in approximately sixty-four other locations around the world. Added to and multiplied. Leaving three things to puzzle and delight those that came next.

The three things:One chess piece,a Cuneiform note to Time Team’s Tony Roberts, and a small figure of an Arabian horse,resembling the Black Stallion. The pyramid had thirty electric lights still on. The note read: Dear Sir Tony ‘Don’t forget to turn the lights out this is not Motel 6.

Back to Jacqueline and Darius:

Darius had decided to stay. But in the end Jacqueline sent him home back the Roma. The next few years for Jacqueline was spent studying and writing. It was around 055AD when Jacqueline traveled to Britian.

Britain was an entirely different ball of wax. New and lush like Jacqueline recalled Roma of her youth. Land literately was dirt cheap. Still easy to take a life. Build a solid future,aquire things. Romans built homes,temples and roads. For four hundred years things finally came to a close.

Roman Legion became a bunch of barbarians. Lead poisoning helped their demise along. So easy to.kill. Jack after learning of her brothers cleaning up after her.Jacquline started caring a specially sharpen ax. No more would her brothers loose rest exterminating her kills,

When Rome had , had it’s full of the dessert Jack closed up her home the lost pyramid and sailed in her fashion to Britain where property was bought.

Blending in is the easy part of human existence the year was 89 The Romans had been in what would become Great Britain since 43AD(1). Julius Cesar and others had journeyed to England in 24-53BCE to scoped out .

So it had been a number of years in the works before Rome Legions finally arrived in Great Britain. Several years Jacqueline was aboard the Royal Barge her nick name for the ancestry home in the outer hemisphere.

Vikings invaded England around 789.



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