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Sister’s lost leaves irreplaceable hole,

Concept beyond truth,

Ellen Beth Heike Mathis lost at fifty-nine,

October 29th,twenty-Twenty one,

I see her smile in woman walking my way,

I miss her so,

Thought she to hide,

Drink of chose Miller light,

Ellen rocked, I foolishly thought we were friends,

Thought she knew how proud I was of her,

One day in nineteen ninety five she told me you need to stuck with jobs longer then a few months,

I looked at her like she was on drugs,she said what! I said Ellen my work is contract based seasonals only get so much time.

Ellen nearly had three beautiful boys but alas only two sons Dan and Craig survived to be born.

Ellen never was the close sister I thought and in nineteen ninety eight I was sure I completely lost her see families never really understand gay family members.

Closer Diana narcissistic bully,

In High School Ellen ran with the O’Neal gang,

One thing made history of Waukon,Iowa High School 1978,

Felicia Fish tied naked with duc tape to,

P.E. bench,

Scared Felicia for life,

Four years ago I saw her in Kwik Trip,

Convenience store gas station,

She told me seeing those girls still made her feel ill,

No sister wants to hear how much fear still haunted someone,

Ellen wasn’t kid sister,

Ellen always got away with murder,

Ellen dad’s favorite,

But when dad”s memory was dirtied by Diana’s lies Ellen stood back,

Diana’s father not ours beat our lovely mom in 1950 from 1947,

Mom Marian D Bittinger Heike stood up and told Lee Harve Fuck off without the word and divorced the wife beater,

Mom was twenty that asswipe beat and kicked mom even when mom was carrying Diana Lee,

Diana was born in 1948,

Imagine the hell mom sustained!

If Human Services of Iowa had looked into Diana,her son or grandson or into me they might have gleened what a monster Diana is,

No my best beat looking at things now would murder the foul spawn,

Ellen was Diana’s henchwoman,

Even after the fire December 3rd,2014,

December second a priest from Saint Patrick’s church came to chat on how we could keep mom safe.

From 2010 Diana Gaslight mom

With every phone ring mom cringed,

Seventy times a week Diana called to bully mom to leave her home,

In 2012 Diana first sent two Human Service men,

Don’t ring the front door,

Mom’s trapped in den,


No phone can not come to front door,

They just walked in the back door,

September 3rd, my first day after transferring out of NICC(Northern Iowa Community College). They came with fifty-six pages of foul imagining,

Truth mom was Never bedridden,

Beaten,by Dr.L.N.Heike or me,

Dad was an alcoholic words were dad’s tools,Diana someone one else’s child and his youngest daughter shared that,

In two twelve:mom drove, across the state to Spencer, Iowa to see her sister alone,

Went on family trips,cooked,cleaned, was a Red hat lady,

Played bridge with the women friends of forty years every two weeks,

Went to Saint John’s Lutheran Church every Sunday with Ellen,

September 2012 after Ellen’s two week vacation After nearly twelve years at Waukon,Iowa’s Court House as legal assistance to the County Attorney having done Nothing wrong the County Attorney went to lunch,

While gone had the Sheriff deputy made him party to her crime excort Ellen Mathis from the court house she had been terminated!

The new attorney in a state that is suppose to be No nepatisum( means no relatives can work for you)wanted her mom to fill the job Ellen held,

Ellen heard me when I said take her to the labor board. The attorney had fired Ellen because she read after her breaks and during her lunch hour,

The labor board awarded Ellen $360 a week,and told the attorney in time who was herself terminated that you can not fire an employee who reads on her breaks or during lunch!

Diana was busy convincing Ellen the reason that happened and that Ellen was having such a hard time of it was because I was writting evil things about Ellen,

Amazes me how narcississ work to deterriate intelligent,fun loving people I was sure knew better!

2013,Diana convinced mom she needed to visit her grandchildren who could Not be bother to say goodbye to dad when living or come to his fare well.

It took my mom three months to convince her oldest grandson of her desire to return home to Waukon,Iowa,

Diana badgered Ellen to meet her half way,

Mom’s car would not make it,

Nor Ellen’s car,

Robbie (my eldest nephew)took his eighty-six year old grandmother who just a year before Iowa Human Services swollowed that Marian Heike was beaten,not fed and bedridden to fly home to Iowa and drive in the winter to Waukon Iowa.

Two thirteen mom had put a brand new roof on her home at 405 second avenue north east.

That was the year in October the guy who shoveled the drive way drove the railroad tie on the side of the house right through the garage wall(mom’s bedroom wall)

All neighborhood cats found that hole before it was finally repaired. Used mom’s bedroom oriental carpet.

Mom was home in December,

Mom’s Gilligan Island tour took three months living with the bully Mother Never Ever wanted to live with,

While their Diana took a job for twenty hours a week selling tickets at the Granbury Opera house,

Diana needed the money to keep her home, her plot to get mom to Texas to live off her was not successful,

Mom loved her home,

Mom’s lesbian daughter full time college student was helping her,

Diana’s plan was to distroy the gay sisters name and get her to take her life,

Then no one would help mom stay at home and she’d be easily forced from her home,

Ellen should have reported the abuse mom and I took,

Ellen mowed,would drink a beer say hi and scurry away.

Mom always said ‘You think Ellen will meet as me when I’m dead!’

I think all she saw that Diana made Ellen part of starting with in 2011 after Diana’s last marriage of a year divorced her, ‘The pantry’, haunted my baby sister to her death on October twenty-ninth twenty twenty, and not going to apologize to her only blood sister me what she allowed to happen in two fourteen.

The pantry, We had food stores mom and I that sat in those big popcorn cans outside the little pantry in the over a hundred year old house the folks bought in nineteen ninety two. I know foods so did mom.Worked food service and was serve safe certified Reinhart Foods.Did not matter to Diana. She proceeded to do what she my mastered her mission was to make mom and I in mom’s home look small and insignificant!

Pawed through our supplies tossing out cans, always traveled with her dogs and black bags and an over amount of badass! I’m was screaming to no avail and mom was crying it took three hours then the tossed the bags of our food and the saved cans into the trash. I dug it out.

They had distroyed us that day,

Made us useless,

Tossed who we were away like dead flies clinging to a flystrips,

As much as in 2012 when I came back from Luther College to find mom shaken,the strong mom I knew and mostly loved in tears locked in the house. See I parked behind the house. Mother the supposed bedridden woman.

September third twenty fourteen last day the Heike’s left the back door opened.

Evil crawls in when you do.

I learned in January twenty fifteen with the fifty six pages in my hands the reason Iowa Human Service came in twos in the morning in two twelve was because Diana told them that if they waited until I was home their lives would be in jeopardy!!!!!!

If I were the painted monster Diana would not have taken another breath after that summer day in twenty eleven.

In October twenty fourteen Diana physically stuck her fist in mother’s face and threatened and belittled mom.Shouting’You have Nothing of value!You have no right to have doors that lock!

December third Diana knew with first Gaslighting in the morning that a priest suggested the power of attorney changes. It took only eight hours for Diana to drive to Waukon,Iowa walk in our front door.Mom’s cat Rusty our cat alarm was always first cat out the door. Was murdered with a broken neck.We had six smoke alarms all with gatherings in October. In December only one had a battery one in cellar stairway.

At eight pm no fire,no smoke I had gone to the bathroom put the oldest and two youngest cats in there, the heat was baseboard.In the winter the laundry room pipes were always freezing. They were under the bathroom floor in a really small crawl space. The drier I used at eight am on the third. An electric drier.Only 2% of laundry room fires in US are started in electric dryers. See the smoke had not set off the cellar hall way smoke detector at eight . And if there was a fire that had been smoldering for twelve hours why did no one hear the alarm?

At ten I three pm after fourteen hours after I used the drier there was no laundry room,no Hall,in October I had moved dad’s guns from his gun cabinet in October Diana had plans for Dad’s guns. She was going to take them and give them all to her son Robert John Cook,wife beater when could not be bothered to say goodbye to his grand dad dying of dementia or come to his good bye for grandma, But the gun cabinet was locked. I jimmies it when I moved them all except two for Dan and Craig Mathis my nephew’s(neither bothered to come and tell me mom was dead June third,twenty twenty or that Ellen was dead I was told by county cop.)

The fire had takes mom’s bedroom door and gone through the wall by the front door. The laundry room looked like bombed out Heroshima. No idea what she used while mom and I watched the new TV show Stockers,

I found the fire racing up the horrid green shag carpet to the freezing upstairs. No heat in the upstairs went and sat in front of mom and died.


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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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