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Chapter 4(First kill), Jacqueline Nightwalker by Valerie Heike Whitewolf{Lesbian Fiction}

(Chapter 4a audible,,

Written in first person vampire.

That day sensing her father was in direstraightd raced toward the battle field , it felt like when she first ran as a wolf faster and clean stricking nothing. Smell of death was near and troubling and ever present scouting on the ridge with her brothers was void if danger or the scent of death.

At first Jac saw Father spear in his left side craddled in Greogory’s ever strong arms. When not a coal black dragon her brother was the heart and soul of our family tears flowed dripped from his eyes, Father’s strength was in his love for his wife and children. Father always went above and beyond when duty called. Jac had no clue how father a superb swordsman when not a horse (Father carried the Lord Commander)had succomb to such an injury .

In earnest Jac made haste to her fathers side transitioning from young wolf to lovley strong young woman of twelve this had been her name day so now she was officially thirteen years.Jacquline, Jac for short had Olive skin tender young nipples, soft rounded breast. Dark hair on top and below. Young wolves ran nude. In a thrice an old as time Egyptian’s teeth sank into Jac’s neck. The man who bit Jeromy and Darius’s youngest sister slide his tongue what would be his last time across his lips. GAs Gregories Cycle lopped off the attackers head Darius scooped up Jacquline and…

As if by magic caught Darius also a book and the attacker’s ring. Gently lowering Jac’s now covered body growing colder by seconds. Father was taken to surgery and Jac was taken to the families pavillion. It was custom one brother would watch over the dead for three days and nights so the spirits can separate from the body before being placed upon the pire.

Darius her oldest brother caught the book and ring that catapulted as if instantanious from the old Egyptian the instant his head commenced its fall from the owners shoulders. It to Jacquline like being there and then seeking it from the other side. Jeromy the mighty cycle wheeler in human form when not flying surveillance overhead. Jeromy best cook in all the guilds could lop off a head paces away.

As Jacquline lay awaiting furneral proceedings , hers to begin Darius sat near reading the introduction to the book that called to him. So : ‘This is the first day of the rest of your life!’ After about twenty pages the book years later to be seen as bewitched changed its stance. Read haughty sounded irrational.The words appeared one way then changed.The the book called Darius by name. The book or Tome is centiones . Was indignate, said this has never happened before you did not get bit! ‘I was not written for you! Then the introduction said wheres the girl!

With that question the book grew hot, red hot Darius yelled ‘ouch’, and dropped the book. Easy,Easy now don’t drop me again!

The book was 5×8 looked to be a hundred pages until opened with each read page twenty more appeared. Darius was at pins and needles wondering how this tome opened. When Darius had caught the book it had literally popped open. Now it was shut tighter then one would imagin possible. Darius says sternly open you lump of parchment,Open I demand! Muffled sounds rose to directed toward 66Darius ears.

Jab your finger! Came out ‘mmuphd yourn (muffled talk) finger!, What!Darius said”Think it! In his head The book said your smarter then you look!’ The tome like Jacqueline need hemoglobin! Darius ‘What!’ You cannot think in words I am unfamiliar with. ‘Blood, Jackass, I am not a JackAss, Darius thought that’s my cousin!

The tome(book) continued Jac when she rises before she hunts will need to login! That is done by either saying ‘Tome on the range or ‘Tome it may concerns! The Tome is giggling Darius hears ‘Sorry, just messing with you!

Jacqueline is now the master! The sire! Queen of all she sees. Yet Tome says “The ring now belongs to a more carring loving enity then it had for to many eons!’

‘Darius you can open the tome with a drop of your blood. For in that drop your guild thrives. You will not have to follow her in person. Within the book you will find a GPX

Daruis ‘A what! The GPX will allow you to reach her pray and cut off the head before it rises.’ Jacquiline is only allowed to create another Vampire in dire times or seeking a mate. Darius had by accident when picking up the.Tome that fed the book a drop of changeling blood from a prick of his finger. Blood should be drizzled around all the sides usually is requested but a drop is fine! Usually circumstances makes for strange bedfellows!’ ‘Another body fluid will unlock this book, warm cum directly after sex,still warm Theres a hole especially for that.’

Now with the warm blood the tome had increased vitality, vigor Oola la sa mamafic! The voice audible now was deep , sexual gave Darius a woody. He actually heard the sexy man’s voice say ‘ Come on pick me up, you know you want to!’

In a thrice the voice went from sexy and alluring to demaning and ear piercing. Darius dropped the book again. Clank,clank,clank was audible

The dropping startled the book. Ear piercing Shreek Shattering all glass for a thousand leagues. Darius. Thought been ‘settle down,cool your heels its all peachy keen! The book fell! Things happen! Darius had never before appologized to a thousand year old plus book before.

Two thousand and seventy two years ago when we first landed among your people we sought life but your ancesstors feared and ran away. Valpinius the people of Volciness X¥₩7 were not prepared for the avarius of your, the people. Your ancestors saw what we wanted to share as a disease and fleed us.

The writer of this text stowed his body in staces (means he was asleep) and road silently to earth. The long and the short without frills your sisters alive just looks dead and will every morning before sunrise! Darius’Really!’

Tome’No I’m just blowing smoke up your toga! Jacqueline is what’s refered to as undead! Sunlight will burn! Sleep is optional! Darius’Huh! Isn’t sleep what she’s doing now? ‘

Jacquline stood panning the horizon recalling the story in Daruis’s own words. So much sand it alone will cover what occured here so many died south of Alexander in North Africa. It then she hit upon a twist in her plans. All those willing become real warriors could remain.

No longer just a scout now her real job was to protect those she loved . Jacqueline’s role in her family was definitely evolving. First night out. Darius was told he needed to allow his little sister to prowl. Jacqueline knew what was at stake don’t get seen or loose your head. It was a lot like roaming when mom and dad thought she was in bed.

The years never really changed whether 030BCE or 1965 the youth went out sneaking. Jacqueline tried to take her first kill in human form. It was not long before the young wolf saw the error of this thought. Why stalk in a form she never stalked before it was silly.

Now that the young Roman captives had opted to remain alive. The live young roman’s in a manner of speaking purchased eon’s of a home and a job for their descendants. This evening a young man and one of Jack’s brothers without father knowing will follow Jack with a sharp ax or lethal darts. The head must be remove.{ Posin will never stop a vampire. Head off only way!}

No sense making more blood drinkers. The years would be hard enough. fortunately changelings life spans are longer then normal humans. Not as long as vampires. But the Guild has the ability to time travel in there time spans

New plans, new breeders, new scholars for the Guild. Jacqueline figures since according to the book her life started with her death at thirteen. Aging slow and wisely she would out live all she ever met,loved,fondled,caressed,ate.

Set money aside invest wisely, buy real estate invest in arts sock things away. Several homes in various locations.participate in every community you belong to. Never ever take a kill where you live. Be able to walk down a street. You can be in daylight just be careful.

A terrific profession for a vampire was that of author. Like the writer eons later wrote for wrote for Magnum P.I. and Alfred Hitchcock best way to hide is in plain site. Fantasy,Fiction, Myth,Down and dirty supence. The Egyptian said a writer can invent his or her own world.

That appealed to Jacqueline. Something to delve into later much later. First to kill!

Jac awoke spoke with Darius about seeing father. Time waites for no one. Skilled at taking down prey never changeling but earth animal warthog were keen fighters. But never more now her prey were Egyptian. Jaquline swore not to take a Roman unless on the field of battle. Jack did briefly think about the men still upon the fleet of ships in the harbor as trapped prey. (!!!)

The ships would sail for Britania. Under Jacquline’s Commander with forged orders. Instead of killing Roman’s aboard the huge ships that brought the Roman Army to North Africa after contacting one of the great ships that brought her ancestors to earth information was gleened. {gleened means obtained.}would offer them the choice ‘Join us!’ ( This worked better then Jacqueline had imagined. All four hundred thousand of Marc Anthony’s gift from his brother in-law’sgift.

Every young warrior would initiate into the guild and be in courage to wed. Assimilating is every, conquering warlords best weapon. Like instant new soldiers. Learn a trade,travel the world,paint,draw,sculpt, The book smarter then any book in any form Darius.

The contract(for all the young Roman Soldiers.) Part of the contract including the entire family, it was harsh but that was how life on this planet was. Within the guild trust,honor and loyalty was the whole ball of wax. No halfsies( means no partial duty, job done with all dedication and purpose.)Jack’s people word.No English spelling available.) Like lambs to the slaughter all would die. This contract every fifty- years would be rewrite.

Actually time had desensitized the guilds so code breakers entire families simply went to cross train aboard a ship. Higher retention when those we love are near. Home and work for all the years of all the generation forever until death of Jacqueline Maria Di Stratti, Daughter of Gideon & Mauria Di Stratti. These soldiers will make up the staff of Jacqueline’s houses,plantations through her long life.

Your families will never starve. Your families will learn a trade. Have job security and be honored members of the Guild of Changelings.

The first blood was Darius sliced his arm held Jacqulines nose near the scent without though her teeth grew like canines and sunk within his arm.The book suggested saying Alexander four times then with drawing the arm.If the young vampire refuses hit her or him hard as you can with a brick or somthing hard. Jacqulines twin struck her hard a little late the vibration of the hit devestated her twin.

Jac simply returned to slumber. Sunset next night Jacqueline awoke her twin staring at her.Elbows upon the bed. Stare, leer it was down right unsettling. She sat up slowly . Darius entered with a flourish “Oh good finally awake!’ Darius I dreamed someone hit me!’

‘Yes well, as he tossed the small Tome at his sister! Jacquline said oh good a gift! Turning the book over the writing spoke to her ‘Goodmorning, Your nearly sleeping the day away, rise “You must! The first words startled the young warrior so she flung it hard across the room. “What sort of magic is this!’ Jacquline shouted in Latin

Jac you are a vampire now!, Daris never opened his mouth. Jac stood up she was dressed in a robe. How is dad! Alive and well. Out of the blue she says I hear the battle still ensued! She, Jac thought the words to her youngest and older brother I want to see dad. Darius thought back ‘Not until you have eaten!’ Then your color will be better.

The old vampires pyramid was undiscovered. The homes GPX{Invented by her race in her guild over a thousand years prier to the Romans sea battle with Marc Athony.} Finally he relented. Jacqueline we will carry you there! Jack’s thoughts non audible seem to fill the room. Why should I be carried?

I have perfectly good legs! Darius didn’t say anything it was Jessie who screamed,l “Tell her! Tell her or I Darius was sweating sweet Jack father might think you are dead! Jacqueline sat down,speechless! Then Jacqueline had a thought! From a corner across the room a voice was heard! ‘You have no time for this you need to hunt and drink!’

‘Go!Darius pick me up! Put me on the table and stand back!’ stated the book. Before their eyes stood a luscious female nude,hard erect dark colored nipples, perfect mound.jacquline licked her lips. Jack wanted some of this. Briefly imagined engulfing the lovely nude woman and going down on her and quenching her thirst.

The new vampire after the head is taken will be as dust,also a.good reason for secret passageways! Darius’ What!’ Book ‘Nothing nothing at all!’ ‘Take this,it’s the GPX. Say her name and hold on!”

Jacqueline as a creature of the night she was able to see ghost and conversation with them but not touch or kill. The small Egyptian village was stock full of ghost. So near to the battle field most dead simply got up and went home. It was hard to distinguish living from dead except for smell and heartbeat.

That wonderful phrase not written yet crept into her mind ‘Nothing smells as sweet as death!’ The fact that laying on her paws allowed her to view the camp followers. Every encampment had them. Jacqueline was simply assumed she’d know what she was to be about.

Jacqueline’s first kill was a young woman because that was what she Jacqueline believed she thirsted for wet,swollen clit in her mouth until the girl came. The cum was a white frothy,wonderful Nectar. In the upper thigh is a thick,pulsating vein full of what she really needed.

Her canine teeth sank into the tender young woman’s thigh,Jacqueline took a taste , drank cum. Jack returned to wolf form and left the woman believing her simply asleep.

Darius found Jack’s sexual play thing and protected his little sister. While the you g woman a few years older the Jacqueline chronologically lay in slumber Darius took her head. There was a mass amount of blood mixed with the ash that remained where the females body had laid. Silently as the wind Darius and his apprentice slunk into the night.

Chapter 6

Search for the ancient vampires pyramids home

Father and his youngest sons were loaded upon Marcus back. Good byes were made. Twelve bags of gems to be distrubuted to the seven families who were returnimg to Roma with the families loved ones ashes and one long letter from Jacqueline to her mother.

Jacquline write ‘Dearest mother,(1)

I will see you one day as if out of the blue there I will be. Don’t fear me for I shall forever be your daughter. One day I will offer you a gift. What I shall offer to you in time I hope will change be a gift allowing you to remain with your family. All my love your third daughter, Jacquline Maria Di Stratti.{End of letter to mom}

Jack walked through the scenario of her death and was always bewildered at the speed it occured. One minute young full of life then a breathe from the land of the dead. Her head revolved with inherited memories. The link to the guild was strong.

Jack took control sending her two dragon brothers to fly the battle field. Their detail{job} was to find members of the Guild and return with all of them{alive or not} Marcus was Jacqulines fourth oldest brother and a Griffin his job was to fly father and the next two youngest back to Roma.

The expression fought tooth and nail to remain with his favorite sister was very true.

Jack at her young age was not about to share the bloody details of what was to occur in Northern Africa. History would tell of the massacre Egyptian’s vs.Roman Legions ommitting the changeling Guild.

In her own council dickering feverously went without food.Fighting internally until decision was made. What was decided would be done in secret.

While the injured were on the mend. Tunnleing was a great excersise for the troops and they were seeking a pyramid. to find a safe haven for the money and weapons and things of war a pyramid was located near a salt mine. The sooner the old Egyptians pyramid was found then the troops would set out for Latin Britannia.

The last thing Jacqueline said to her family setting sail to Latin Britannia.

There were three space ships. The young willing to learn new skills were enlisted into a more advanced military. We my people were from an advanced society. Jack figured it was worth a try cross train the Roman military machine or farm them out for sexual enjoyment of others.

The book Darius caught sure came in handy. Of all the things humanity coud not do now being sort of undead came easy. Like swimming. Hearing Darius and Jessie requesting to remain with her incase she choice to go hunting then leading Darius’s hand in protecting his baby sister.

Tough decision having two of her favorite brothers with her through out her unnatural life was not hard. Jacqueline dearly loved her dragon and eat brother. The young wolf feared life alone in the tomb even though she was going to hone her skills and study. Alone is as sad as a desert is empty.

Memories flooded her thoughts! Jack loved Swimming so much changed since she left Roma. Now swimming was walking on the sea bed. Jack use to love diving as much as a good lay in the hay having started having sexual lovers . Jack had he first thirty-two conquest before sailing with her father and the Guild.

Three ships were disassembled. The wood and technology were needed elsewhere.

The first male Jack took was upon one of the Gallys(ship). She enticed.him out of nowhere a.nude young woman on the deck performing masterbation. He watched several orgasms before.she spotted him. No word spoken he derived in order to empress her with his cock.

Jacqueline trailed her hangds up his thigh bent to his thigh and.sunk her razor sharp wolf teeth into the man she witnessed abusing prisoners. After he had been drunk dry. His penis was still long and hard. Jack had.heard rumors or this coward left upon the ship to monitor prisoners not to mistreat.

There was a fight whether he should live. Jack said yes but no longer male. He was to also be left in the sun. After all he was Roman. Jack had consented her brothers could remain but not as Vampires.

As Jack was telling her older brother in more detail her attack on the cruel sod.

Before he could scream I put my tongue in his mouth. I weighed the situation in my mind then before I took his thigh vein he knelt ate me as only I had ever ate other women.

On my thirth orgassum it dawned on me a perfect guy for Gram. I told him about Gram before I told him I was a vamire now. Didn’t believe it so of course I smiled all he said was nice! Then I offered my left tit to him. Needed to know for sure. Then I said you can suck.

No he said so I stood bit right through his nipple. Blood mingled with spit dripped off my nude nipple. I gently set his sword down. A note was posted all over ship and is now on the bottom on bay. We have caught the only brave sailor who fought.

Footnote: Romans called Britian Latin Britannia.

[Being Gay was no big thing in Roman military and they were plentiful in the ranks of the Roman Army. These men on many occassions were lunch then beheaded.

Pyres built with the dead, bodies stripped of weapons, money and personal items. A pyramid was found, door secretly installed with a fire. Under the ground dampness rules. Vampire or human no one enjoys bone chilling cold. Everything is categorized. Rooms for gold, weapons, relics, books from the library in Alexander.

The first hunt was cruel.Jack a tender lover was bewildered by how fierce she took her first kill. A young female, it was there and then that the young wolf knew she would never again take her prey as human. In case she had to take a human in humanoid form she would only kill males who preyed on humans. Jack never knew Darius took the head if the female Jack had fed upon.

Men are easy to temped. Just a fact. So many thoughts came to budding future author. Discovering and thinking was stronger desire since death then killing. The safety of the Guild fell to Jacquline. Their was only one thing to do. Burn the dead. Return the family to Rome. Exterminate those who would not dwell on the changes of Guidian’s youngest daughter.

The wounded

Years later a human lover’s memory still brought bad taste to life. Funny their lives so brief they spend most time lying to bleed you. It takes centuries to teach life has a purpose. Pity humans nevr learn when love finds you protect it. If theres a debt pay it. Never harm thse that love you with falsehoods.

The shear intensity of her gaze was not enough to ketch her nightly prey. Usually the first sometimes only kill was male. Thirteen year of Jack loved playing with her food. Jack found Egyptian males love to watch her masterbate and squirt. The area around her kills always smelt like fresh kill.

The come hither look got men to come and want to fill her. That was never allowed. All her victims suffered massive hard on’s(start here)

Remember phrase ‘Shear intensity of her gaze.’


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