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Trying to restart my Rural Ride Share

If the crowd I found on Quasqueton Iowa’s FaceBook were around when the men who wrote the propaganda to fill churches were writting they would have failed. One person when I inquired best place to proverbially hang my shingle said ‘there are jobs on Every corner?’ Was not what I asked! Literally!

Another person also uncomprehending said every where there’s jobs. Still Not what I asked. I’m filling a much. There are No Rural Ride share,

I was asking $5/ mile to the destination with additional $1 per extra stop with two and a half hours free no charge to wait while they shop. Only carry two adults. I learned best way to get paid for a job was up front.{Because people will want to not just shop at Walmart and before you know it six hours later your done. No lie and tell you they have No money to pay you!}will hire you go to their destination. One dude whined that’s sixty dollars to go to Wal-Mart twelve miles away!

Another lady put in her two cents(worth less then two cents) So she can’t work for anyone else but can wonder around in a store and get your groceries. That was my fault I had said I’d pick up their already paid for groceries and deliver them at a cheaper price because they would not be with me!

Trust me if I’m going to literately shop for people my time is worth more then $5/hour. I was trained to shop by a Norwegian mom who would give any Scottish mom a run for.her money! Some of us gay children become the children that stay home because it’s easier to be bullied by your day then strangers.I learned to shop and cook from mom. Most stuff I self taught.

Self teaching dating no one should do because you can not master it! One lady in Quasqueton,Iowa’s FaceBook said sounds like a deal. I had also said if trip is under 50 miles trip home is free. Free stops people shopping then deserting the driver also a good reason to be paid up front.

Saturday drove back to town neighbor sold a door on Facebook and wanted groceries. It was so hot. As a Social Entrepreneur and someone who loves to fish I know that changing tactics is like fishing. So I hit on the idea of a Crazy Day sale. Walkers like two miles from Quasqueton so I’m offering $5 to Walker per person. Winthrop is five miles so $10/ per person. Independence is twelve miles $20/ person. Manchester $30 can split.

Still get 2 1/2 hours to shop that’s the entire trip.

Never tell a client you have others to pick up because they will drag out their shopping trip. Time is money.

I after a think discovered where to place my advertisement on my YouTube Channel. I pay $12 a month use it plenty. Keep my phone on. Run 6am-12,12-5-5-midnight, Running my special until September thirtieth. Going to add Decorah and Dubuque and Spencer Iowa next month. And trip to air ports,bus and train. If no one uses me and if they do I’m first a writer/blogger.

Social Entrepreneur would help me be seen by the community solarize my trailer pay it off. Improve my video equipment and living plus have food more then a little a month. But that old expression you can lead a horse to water but can not make him drink is true. People with a car won’t use me. Poor people would rather just not go and complain. Amish might use me and my good deal and service.

Below are the videos I made. I searched high and low for financial assistance no assistance found. Had Indeed they never high trained in Hospitality,Customer service always have the lie ready five hundred jobs available Quasqueton,Iowa.

We have a resteraunt,biker bar,fishing and a gas station. Don’t look quick whoops town gone! Literally! Gone! Looks like a park,lovely river behind Wolfies, Forget almost your not in Allamakee,County capital of little Switzerland!

Videos my advertising,literally with shoe stringless laces as true Geek would do it because I loathe poverty!


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