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Why is it offensive to YouTube my saving ‘All babies are important?’

They removed a video and it was of my newest kitten. A friend if mine said it was offensive because I said all babies are important. I said all life matters. And I believe all life matters.

I was referring to Human Services who deem themselves gods and still allow abusive parents to beat their offspring!

If the child born matures murders or whatever their life was wasted. Like all the babies they needed to know how valuable existence is . It’s palpable the valuable ok of life [all Life] matters from a kitten to a whale.

Saw a film years ago 1976, my first year in college at William Penn College on Okaloosa,Iowa. The film was on abortion. There were barrell after barrell of baby body parts. Women were allowed to abort their babies up to term. What if one of those cutup bodies was the inventor who cured HIV. We will Never know?

In the 1980″s I went with Harriet Dugan one if my best friends from Waukon,Iowa to the Knights of Columbus event on abortion.Pity that isn”t shown in the schools babies are living breathing individuals not trash,garbage to be tossed out like rubbish!

Like a kitten takes two months to be born. With the heart beat the sperm former becomes a dad. The dad needs to shut up or put up and if they chose to step aside from their responsibility ‘Clip the bastards.’

My next door neighbors husband was a drunk and a druggie.Iowa feeds and houses him on your dime. The druggie dad never took responsibility. He phone we will call his wife Megan, says proudly he is to get $1400. Many of us have been told that. Megan thought maybe he’d send it to her ‘Nope!’

Thirty years of nothing Megan got. Megan started a cleaning business. Raised his two children on it then got saddled with her abusive father to care for.The same dad who by twelve years old had broken all the bones in all of his five children’s bodies while Iowa Human Services looked on. Did NOTHING! MEGAN RAN AWAY WHEN SHE WAS TWELVE. Her youngest brother who is Gay will Never,Ever Forgive her!

Megan will never forget the uselessness if Iowa Human Services Department. I too think they should all be out on the streets on their ass!

The Amish are a far cooler bunch then others will ever know they take care of their families. Men are jerks everywhere even within the Amish community.

Anna Yoder formally from Minnesota moved with her husband outside of Waukon,Iowa on Sherman Hill Road off Elon Road going toward Lansing. The community started there in the year two thousand. Anna’s brother David and his family I drove for and Anna’s husband was also David.

Yoder among the Amish Community is like Jones and Smith in some English communities. Anna’s husband David told me slept around not in the Amish community. Anna had four children and her husband David left to work a job in Wisconsin. He never came back.

I was in the Millers bakery one day and I said to an elder{ Elders are all only men\ Anna can remarry. See then Anna just had her fifth child. Clarence the elder owner of the candy store said as long as David lives she is wed.

The Elders started a bent and dent shop for her. Now In 2021 she has a new building for a brand new Bent and dent store. That baby is rwenty-two married with his own family.

There are only two time maybe three when babies should be aborted. One in sense,two rape, three mother’s life is in danger there are so many families who would love a child.

I find it sad that an innocent video be removed and people leave porn addresses as a comment. Have a great day it’s July 20th,2021. 530 am,Quasqueton, Iowa 52326

“Ethnography of the Amish in Allamakee County in Northern Iowa: Littlewolf, Ms Val Heike: 9781522712510: Books”

“(PDF) Ethnography of the Amish of Allamakee County in Northern Iowa”


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