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Enough already!

Yes I get when I’m being used by a christian,

Looks same as everyone else,

I expect more from those that put out how holy they are,

I’m not going to stop being a good person,

I was falsely accused if abusing the one I loved most,

My mom,

Did not get my life,

My half sister took my life and early mom’s December 3rd,2014 with her fire’s smoke,

Family sucked lies from my half sister who got an Orgasmic high off distroying my and mom’s life,

I did not confirm to her,

I’m not the weak person she believed I was,

Ellen Beth Mathis my blood sister suffered and drank herself to death.

I’m not a fool,

Get over it,

No blinders on this dyke,

I might be from Iowa but I”m no rube,

Live your life,

I’ll live mine,

Bullying me to bend to your vista,

I shall not comply,

I’m proud of my Iowan hard headedness,

And huge heart,

I have no Dickens chains to lumber through the after life with,

I wear my scars,

Inward and out like a true warrior,

The Whitewolf I am,

Do not badger me then your welcome at my table,

My inner strength bought and paid for,

I got lady guardian angels who guards my spirit nothing else matters

My great grandmother’s and their moms,

Marian D. Bittenger Heike my mom,

{Mom was barely in Granbury Texas where Diana Lee Dud threatened to take mom against her since 2010,Diana changed mom’s name on all her lables to Marian Heike. ( Mrs,L. N. Heike}}

Mom never wanted to move from Iowa,


Diana lied me onto Elder Abuse( commiting a Federal crime lying to Iowa human services) Mother was Never an invalid or beaten,by her eldest daughter of second family Val Heike.


Mom put on new roof still saying no to Diana,Diana conned mom into a two week visit never planning on returning mom home to Waukon,Iowa. Three months later mom got her eldest grandson to take her to the airport to fly home. Just a year before our on invalid mother was RUMORED BY Diana Lee to be bedridden! Mother flew entire way alone to Omaha. Drive to Spencer Iowa where her older sister my favorite aunt lives then the five hours home,All alone.[ When my aunt got sick and died not one of the bastards had guts enough to tell me. And the dickless wonders sent a cop to tell me when mom and my baby sister Ellen died!]


Diana lied me on to Elder Abuse again. I never knew about 2012 our invalid mother got the mail along with carting for her cat,making her bed doing laundry,cooking,driving,buying Christmas and birthday gifts. {August Diana persuaded her son to make four valguar,offensive harassment phone called to Ellen his aunt my baby sister. Rob was to get Ellen to stand with Diana. Ellen said ‘No’ to the bully if the Heike family.}Federal offense harrassment Diana did it ten times daily. If human services of Iowa actually did their jobs they would have learned that! Diana Lee personally threatened mom. Told mom if I returned to Luther College September 3rd,2014,Diana would drive to Waukon and force mom into a retirement home or take her against her will to Granbury Texas. Mom came in tears I left Luther College.

The October visit she stood mom’s notebook and read mom’s emails and used them also as a loaded gun toward mom for bullying.

Diana,born May 5th,1948 is the abuser bully of the Heike Family. Stuck her fist in mom’s face and threatened mom October 2014, Shouting ‘You have Nothing of value! You have No right to lock your doors. December 2nd,2014,Father Jo from Saint Patrick Catholic church paid a visit to talk to mom.Father suggested changing power of attorney by adding my name, That would have defeated all the horrible tactics you employed against your gay sister Val and worse your base would see the monster you are Diana Lee. Mom told you your first call to harrass mom December 3rd,2014. That Diana could never have happen! Diana knew front doors open she drove to Waukon,Iowa,murdered mom’s cat Rusty. First cat out any door that opened!

Mom’s words and thoughts fell on the deaf ears of her narcississ oldest daughter,

Mom prayed to die, as Diana Lee placed two codine pain packs a week on our over eighty diabetic mom even after I told mom that the pain packs will cause severe likelihood of massive stroke or heart attack no physician in Texas would subscribe that for mom. Mom loved to draw,write letters and read and hold her cat. Mom’s last five years she slept them away thanks to her murder. Mom’s been free since June 2021.

Wanted to be placed by her mom and dad in Spencer Iowa,

Mom ever got there diana still bars mom coming home,

Diana sold my grandmother’s wedding ring like all mom’s property, while telling mom Ellen was keeping it for mom.

Mom’s mom Nana(Lottie Henrietta Starkey Bittenger) lost a child like Ellen did. Raised the bully Diana.Nana was a writer,Empath and writer, artist,musician.

Her mom and dad and grandparents settled Iowa.

Grandma Heike { Agnes Kleeman Heike} health was bad. Did best she could raising three chirh youdren, blind and crippled told the end. Was Ellen’s.age when Ellen died.

Grandma Robert Heike,Lutheran plaster and his wife and two sons took a steamer to America 1900.Grampa Paul John Andrew was four.Pauls older brother was six.

Annie Thomas sailed to America from Walse married a boy last name Büddinger later changed to Bittenger 1622. Pennsylvania and Virginia.

These women are my strength.

I draw from them.

My hours of my day are limited,

1049 am time for an empowerment lectures and…

And a cup of hot tea.


Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

2 thoughts on “Enough already!

    1. Not when I’m getting same crap from three people. Demented I”m not. I tried to be helpful.I was surprised that after she did three huge loads of wash. The last load her comforter that left the washer hot it was so worked then that night she texted me seeking more. I did get it till afternoon next day. Because my phone is a business tool not a toy. The week be wrote I prepared for three more mowing. I hate humans
      I hate trusting,I hate people believing I”m dim witter or a fool.Trust I am neither of those.But I refuse to be a conformist. That why I no longer keep money in my wallet.I learn that from another Christian Judy.Judy pretty much told me I was only her bank. I am no one’s fool. In am No ones bank.My mom will proud of me again when I earned back her gift. Good night


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