Chapter Two conversation between friends.

July 9,2021


Long time ago I find out my self that I’m only interested in women’s.since that time I never been in any relationship,never come out to anybody here,
I always suffer inside knowing that I will never be happy with a man.
I can’t find a relationship because know body know about my sexul orientation.
My country is not support this thing,the put a strong law,a church hate it,and if you speak out is very easy to get even killed,who will kill you,your father or brothers
Or people around you.

So I joined some group from there so I can have friends.
And tht was the reason I saw you.


Mom died June 2020. There were three of us. Mom went without most of her life
I spent my money on her when I had money. Dad drank. Mom went without. Thought I lost mom when I came out at fourth. I got tired only being happy asleep. Loved females since six. My Facebook is my community. It’s gorch lonely.

We in America still are killed because we are not like them. Transgendered are forever in the news killed doing nothing wrong but living. Bigots rule it’s not fare just is.

I wish there were buttons that defined us. I am more then female. Every week on facebook I get at least six men wanting to be on my facebook page I use to tell them ‘There is nothing you have I want. They never caught on. Men act like the reason we are not married with twelve children us because we have not met them. By the way love your name Debra.

Debra:Ooh to sad so sorry.

Val:No big deal.


Val:Why are you not in bed young lady?It’s 930 and I’m nearly there.

July 10,2021,

Debra:I’m in bed,then speaking to you

Val: Awesome

Debra:Here is early morning 5 :39

Val:Move over I’m coming in. that’s right!

Debra: Hahaha,Yes! What happen,why are you single


Well live in a trailer my first home I have cats .I care,I’m loyal,honest dedicated, work long hours for better life. Was hurt deeply by family and a half sister who when I was a kid thought she was the coolest person I ever knew. And she used me being gay and a set laundry room fire to force our mother from her home.

So since I did not stand up and gut the bitch when she literately stuck her fist in our mothers face,belittle all mother loved and scared my best friend, and mom so scared I was no longer as of October2014 lock house I moved all dads guns.i didn’t want a crook seeking in the front unlocked door and murdering us with one of dad’s guns to the living room.December 2nd I had a priest come and discuss keeping my safe from my oldest half sister. Father Jo suggested adding me to power of attorney.Diana had already removed all but one batteries of the smoke alarms. Diana had harassed and bullied and lied including calling mom to bully her seventy times a week. So with Diana’s first of the ten daily she made to mom in Waukon, Iowa our home she knew what had been discussed.that night no fire at eight pm. By 1003pm and the only fire alarm that went off notifying mom and I who were sitting in the den two rooms from where Diana set our laundry room ablaze.
I rose to see what the ringing was about..

I returned to mom sat down on the floor to try to get my eighty seven year old mom and our cats out of the house but I had received burnt lungs. I died twice that night. I guess I”m not with anyone because I will always regret not squeezing my older half sisters neck until ever bone broke in her wicked neck. She killed mom and our younger sister. It was easier for all I loved to believe her lies about mom and me then to even care to stand up to show the world I was and am innocent of Elder Abuse .In America money talks no money innocent no one cares
.good night I got to eat and go to sleep.

Debra: that’s very sad ,

I’m sorry for everything that happened,very sad story.
I’m clad your okey now.

val: That”s why I’m alone. My heart is broke.


Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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