Two new friends chat

Chapter 1(a compile of two days per chapter for one month.)

One new friend from Africa,

One friend from Quasqueton,Iowa,

History major,




YouTube channel,

July 8,the,2021

Friend we will call Debra:

No I never knew about that,good to know that….few women now having big power position,eg Tanzania we have a president which is a women,she became a president because the other one has died,other wise is possible for African countries.
So we are getting some changes.


I was referring to the history many women were chiefs and medicine women.

Leaders. We in America will never have an American president.

In WWII(World War 2) men went to war.

Women filled their jobs .

When the war was over they came home.

Then they they got their jobs back.

Women were out of luck.

It wasn’t that women lacked courage or brainpower it was that they had no dick.

Women even worked on the bike,

I studied history for rights not once did we hear about these hero’s.

Took a movie for us to be taught what we should have been taught,

During the war women ,nurses were on the front lines.

Shot and killed.

Woman even flew planes transporting across the ocean.

They did a bang up job but it mattered to no one!

But woman historians like me.

Women lost their jobs.

It was back for the girls, home baby’s and diapers .

Why no dick!

What do you really believe about our place in history?

My new friend we are calling Debra:

I knew everything is fine there, because people are well educated than here.

To sad to hear that…..
I come from Masai tribe,very famous tribe in this society a women can’t Owen a land,a women can’t eat food fast,always men start then they left food for women and children,is not participate in any family decision,she can not decede even a number of children she want to have,a women do everything go to farm take care of cattle, children,make food at the table.while a men is sitting chatting to other men.wimen biting is also a big broblem.

So a women life has always complicated.
I hope for some changes.

Me again Val:

The Amish are like that.

The women have no say in number of children they have or even if she doesn’t want to have sex tonight.

They in the group outside Waukon, Iowa are not allowed to wear buttons just straight pins.

I know several families with over ten children.

The law started over fifty years is still allowed children go to school to their eight then they are done with school.

It was started because the father’s had farms.

Now most Amish still live on farms they rent their land. Only have gardens.

Amish have huge families so the youngest will in time care for the parents.

It was interesting the meals you said Amish is like that too.

Men eat in one room.

Women and children in another.

Men will help with children until they are seven then the raising us all done by mom.

I know one family well.

I drive for the Yoder’s and the Miller family.

There is or was no money in driving for them.

You might have five aboard they all think it’s one price.

In fact once I had five women aboard we drove all over my small town took all afternoon because a day shopping means the entire town gets visited except churches and bars.

I figured eight dollars a person. I got $8 ÷ 8 they all have me a $1.

Never again. Feul is $2.91.9.

I’m going to look into Copywriting to work at home and pick up groceries and drive for people.

Mom died last year and I put a lot to me money on a reworked trailer.

My first home at sixty-three.

I loaded some money to a good friend and thought I had found a life partner.

Moving her to Iowa took a lot of mom’s gift as well as travel and staying in hotels.

When Covid was out and about people worked at home.

When people started getting better those home jobs vanished.

I can not stand for hours or walk long on concrete without alit of pain.

I don’t want to loose my home until I’m dust.

I use to drive for the Amish outside of my home town.

Tomorrow I’m going to a community to offer to be a driver.

Here in America we are set aside if we are older.

It should be people allowed to work to live to pay our bills and no one should ever be poor.

Social Services in America started nearly a century ago.

There are people that from generation to generation veg on the government.

Not being poor and the right to read as well as a good education should be as important as not starving.

There are homes sitting in tack throughout Iowa empty. Why!

I have a friend who has never been poor or gone without who thinks people should take all they can.

The government is like a vampire sucking down our pride in exchange for government crap.

Sometimes it seems people rush her believing the government’s propaganda about America being a land of opportunity. Sure if you have bundles.

People new to America seem to get jobs. Where other countries have but one official language I know it seems silly me saying this because I know that in Africa there are many languages.

Here in America there many people too but you will find it seems unimportant when aliens choice not to learn English. When My father’s family came to America in 1900 no one gave them money or had translators or made it easier for them from Prussia.

The little Heike Family from Prussia my great grandma father was a Lutheran minister brought his wife and two sons.They settled in Sawyer County in Wisconsin. Nothing was easy for them.

Mother’s side came to America from Walse and Germany and Norweign. The Welsh side came first in the 1600. I proud of my Great,Great,Great great and then some grandmother’s leaving the mining villages. They were Quakers never owned slaves. This country should be like Norway to qualify for assistance people should learn our history and language.

I read books on my YouTube channel and I try to encourage all that they need to write their story. People’s stories are the real richness in a family. We need as a country to Never throw away people. Here in Iowa our elderly find it hard to survive so they work till they die.

How can they the American government demand others to retire when we have men and women in our government who are in their seventies and eighties. You have made this writers day special. I look forward to hear from you again.

July 9th,2021


Hello van,it morning here 11:06.
I really enjoyed to watch a short video from my day…..
thank you for choose me to be your friend.
I have few friends in life.and I’m happy that iadd Africa every tribe has his own language.

Her we speak Swahili as national language.
I do speak English Swahili and Masai language which is a language from my tribe.
I’m sure we have a lot to talk about…

I would love to watch your YouTube channel.
I get surprised to ready that other people has to work until they die.
I can tell you that a situation is very terrible in African countries,a gorvement is doing nothing…
Curruption take place everywhere.
Politicians are vert rich and
gorvement people..
I don’t like politics but I always hope changes…………..

I’m 30 years old.I born and live in Arusha Tanzania.. Tanzania is a very beautiful country…
Have you heard about mount Kilimanjaro? The highest mountain in Africa,is very close to my home town.many tourist come to climb this mountain.
We have Serengeti national park,very famous also.
And we have Zanzibar a very femos island and so many attraction.

Val(me): 424 pm


Good morning to is night time,23:55
I was sleeping then I wake up.we have a big different in time.
No rush always take your time to reply my message.
Thanks for video, although we have slow internet over here.
You have a baby face(your blessed)
Stay well.

July 10th,2021

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