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We all got it,

It’s different,

It’s difficult,

At sixty- three when those you loved are beyond your grasp,

That’s in my disfunctional family we had a Narcissists,

Those I love were taken completely from my view lies,

Took the Narcissists two and a half years of harassment and verbal attacks and a set fire to get mother from her home,family , friends and gay daughter.

I think there should be a season on Narcissists find them shoot them dead.

I don’t stand bullies,

That”s my trauma,

It’s deeply set,

Etch in my bones,

Hatred from a user of lies,

Five husband’s fled her,

She’s seventy three now thirteen years from Marian D. Heike’s age when Diana started to Gaslight our dear,



Red hat,

Drove across Iowa alone from 2012-2014 when suppose to be “Bed Ridden’

VFW secretary,

Who did the books,

Smart as a whip,

Strong of sprit mom Marian D. Heike.

And yet ten times daily mom wept, unable to understand why her eldest was treating her so,


And every call mother said ‘No, I don”t want to move to Granbury Texas,

No,I”m not leaving my home, family, friends.

If this happens to your mom or dad “record everything!”

That fucking whore lied me on to elder abuse,

Family who knew I never ever hurt anyone allowed her to get away with it.

December 2014 Diana Lee Dudley told me no one will hear me,

No one wants to know the truth,

She lives and those I love are ashes,

See this writers pain runs deep,

Everyday I see mom’s eyes,

Filled with tears,

Asking me doesn’t she get it I’m her mother?

I told her we can block Diana,

Mom would say we can’t do that!


To me Diana is like that bat Ellen found in Shawn and Ellen’s first home by the Mississippi River,

Ellen beat it with her broom then took it’s unmoving body outside,

Proceeded to run the little guy over six times to make sure he was dead.

No that’s not overkill,

After years of Gaslighting including Diana”s annual harassments in person and October 2014 sticking her fist in my mom’s face and yelling at top of Diana’s lungs ‘You have No right to have doors that lock, You have Nothing of Value!’

After that mother refused to allow me to lock the doors. Mother had lovely collections and antiques she inherited and she loved Sweeney auctions.

Diana was the reason we had the fire night after a priest suggested I be added to the power of attorney. Two year of filthy lies to the family.

Lies to the Iowa Human Services Department which will n its self is a crime.

Mother Never bedridden,

Never beaten by Dr .L. N.Heike,

Nor did I hear mom,

Or refuse her food,

Or anything else the dim wits at Human Services swallow they never seek the truth!

Diana banked on that,

I died twice from that filthy smoke,

Was in intensive care,

Never was hospitalized in my life until December 3rd 2014,

My baby sister Ellen was not allowed to come and see me.



Like fine wine stings pours into open wounds I still bare from her hate of mom and me!

2013 mom put on a brand new roof,

Marian had no intention of leaving her home,

2014, Marian put in central air mom always wanted it,

She also had installed a new furnace

Electric driers are only responsible for two percent of laundry room fires.

No one cared,

Diana walked,

(Setting a fire){Federal crime} while mom and I watched TV,

After a week of Diana Hovering-Psychology term,

Mom who always said {Lee and I or Val and I or Ellen and I was saying we.

We is a control word,

Diana had all the nursing staff at our home town hospital but two thinking I was the monster.

A redheaded male nurse told me if he knew,

I beat my mom when he worked on me he’d let me die.

If my life were not falling a part through no fault if mine I would have sued the fuck and the hospital!

Diana took mom January 6th, from the nursing home where she had placed mom(Diana had taken the bill to Scott Haug and expected them to pay the over 8000 for less then a month. Scot told me Diana is a crazy as I said she was )

Little Christmas 2015 , coldest day 26 below wind-chill to Granbury,Texas at 8 am before I could get to Waukon,Iowa.

When they arrived at Diana’s creepy little home there was no hear.

Mom spent that weekend back in the hospital with pneumonia.

From the get go Diana was in a rush to murder mom. Two bought over the counter Codeine pain packs on our diabetic eiggty-seven year old mom.

Mom loved to draw and read.

Mother was only allowed to spend her money on Dish and TV if she kept using Diana”s magic jack.

Magic Jack allows Diana to monitor mom’s phone calls,

Thanks to Diana mom slept to her death,

In Texas no older person whose diabetic us prescribed codine packs.

I know mom prayed to die,

Diana forced mom to change her will December 2015,

I was told March 2016,

It was all done so Diana could get Cub Lake.

At eight she called my grand dada phodofile because in 1956 my aunt and uncle could not make it to the wedding of Lee and Marian,

Karen Heike was being born.

So dad took mom to Shawno to meet his family. Diana didn’t like taking second place to mom so a big whopping like about a man she just met was told. Made mom look stupid in front of her new family as she told my new aunt’s ‘You can’t let the girls be alone with grandpa he will feel them up!’ Diana was eight a suggestion came from my grandma. Mom’s mom.

Well I inherited a lot. Diana and Ellen got mom”s half if Cub Lake. Ellen was dead found in her bed by Diana Lee Heike October 2020.


Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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