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Sounds{Chapt.1}(First chapter Jacquline Nightwalker)


When you die the luxury of sound enhances ten fold. Well it did for me however my demise varied vastly then others. Lillies aroma is enhanced. Learning and pass regrets consummed me.

Every day of their lives at least twenties minutes per night I found time consummed listening. Standing, yearning , missing them those time robbed me of their lives and deaths. Oh how I wished I had not begged so hard to follow father and my twelve brothers to war.

Regret , regret is much like burnt food once burnt never without burn foul taste. Only fools live eternity in regret.What happened to me.Lay waste to my ancestors and my young body was not folly but Happenstance. What occured in northern Africa by Alexander though not writen in the stars changed my destiny.

Death came in earness, birds never sing in the the African desert. East of Alexander life hidden in a dream. Waking confused,tramatized death is hard. The day, the Roman Legion with Jacquline and her brothers and father scouts reached the shore to scout out,hunt down and distroy all the followers of Cleopatra and Mark Anthony had arrived.

The sea affair was less costly in lives but when done was finished.The legion job as always was clean up while others revealed in the glory and awards.

Fierce war savage wolves ran side guards on both sides of the Brigade. There was to be a parley a gathering between the two parties. Father when changed was a war stallion who carried the Lord Commander. Underhanded dealings were a foot. Being a wolf and one of the youngest also only female my place was safely tucked in the pack.

Screaming is heard and felt when one of the Guild is harmed being all empaths. Like sentry guards we stood spaced upon the ridge looking down and across the field. I heard father, Zebelon was with Jacob my oldest brothers, dragon. Black and grey. Father always called them his matching set.Jacquline was all of twelve years.

In another life Jacquline would have played for the Green Bay Packers. Father was down.Spear pierce his side. Jack ran down the cliff face changing. Standing near the Egyptian who seemed old as the stars.

Dropped the bloody spear in an instant cupped my chin and like a wolf sank fangs deep into my neck. Darius my brother master of the cycle with one clean swipe off rolled the beast’s head.

A ring rolled away from the body without a head and a small book. Book was titled ‘ Vampire Handbook’

Father’s last question before blood lost caused sleep ‘Is she dead?’ I blacked out for sometime.

First day in my twelve years I had made no memory!

Her eyes were amber, her presence like her touch was frigid. It had been rumored a wolf had started to prowl the outskirts of Roma. Rumor had it wrong. It was no wolf. Our old changeling community Guild we were the wolves.

The year was 330 BCE. The Guild elders secretly were prepareing to depart the generational home of our people light years from earth. Earth was selected because of their belief, their gods. There was urgency manifest as the ancesters were being laid waste to by a being that killed by removing blood.

Out home world ‘X7894Terran6’, referred to by the elders as XTerran6, sits forty five terons past Nebula 6. Nearest Nebula to earth 4.35 light years nearest Nebula to earth(2) Pretty obscure and thought rxtremely safe for our families to grow and thrive. Saddly that was an erroneous missguided nieve thought.

An immense mother ship and several smaller corcer(vessle) were built. Fortunately our three D fabricator was invented in other worlds dark ages so the process of building our worlds travel vehicals did not take life years.

Selection process{Those who would sleep through the trip and those who would intermidiately rise and care for the ships and monitor the sleepers.} Arguments it is written in the historical records stipulated all must go.

That was the plan. The sickness that was literally depleting families was moving rapidly. New discoveries including those assumed dead those documents were never made public knowledge.

That was earth’s time 330BCE. The Guilds that arrived in human form fit right in like nothing separated us from humans. Well in order to survive we would need to mate with humans for you see we were decendants of gay steral .It was unusual for a gay man to fall in love with an unknown species and mate.

My ancestors were a warrior race. I descended from wolves my classification is scout as are most of my brothers.My ancesters kidnapes under duress species. See it was thought people follow those they fears. And the old wives tale women only mate by love that gentleness.(1)

Footnotes,(1) When the elders came they used fear and intimidation taking first born of all families. Most were used for propocation. That changed in time when our species understood love is blind. (2) 6×4.35 light years from earth approximately 26.1 light years to earth.

My names Jack, if you must get technical Jacquline, I’ma soft butch born to Maria and Thomas Stratti 024 BCE in a villa outside Roma,Italy.


Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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