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Pierced(Chapter 2,Jacquline Nightwalker)

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As if coming out of a dream from wolf to girl, I recal that. In an instant I stood beside my crumpled youthful self. Mirror but not. I felt an ocean of emotion then none. What has happening? There was an abyst and my tether no longer kept me connected.

Darius, my brother loomed over me and in the same moment in time the very old being who bit me was missing his head. The body hit the ground the instant it turned to ash.

My body was picked up and carried to my families pavillion. Out of the forty six in the Guild one succumed to death. Darius had picked up the ruby ring and the book whose cover said {¿¿ГΩ©μ¿ ₩ฯθ©μ§¿ §¿μГГ¡{褤§}Ω} Dairus read it in a thrice( right away, deciphering was my dragon brothers gift.

The book said : Welcome to your new life!: Were you or a loved one just bit by me? I’m Zanathar Rex, where I originate it nither here no there. If you hold my ring and the book I wrote first allow me to say I’m sorry! Your loved one was not killed out of malice she/he was bit out of need. Survivor ok maybe a bit of mallice. I live here in Seti’s pyramid. I bother no one unless hungry.

If holding book and ring you took my head.This is the only true way to illimindate a Vam¥ire{commonly called vampire because in earthling our race name is not pronounceable.} The young one will wake at sunset.

The sun will cause horrible burns.We are not evil just different.We can eat anything, love garlic. Not religious are veggan! Nothing will kill us except lost of our heads. Fire hurts like the sun but we will regenerate. Humanity fears the unknown. You are the keeper of this secret. This book written by me contains maps, My people are gone due to transport dangers unseen. There were seven of my people with me who boarded secretly the ship saled through the Milky Way. We were stole aways.

I was one of those. I was old when started.We have the ability to shut down comatose for up to an eon. {A thousand years, I believe} It is her or his job to obseeve humanities history or be part of it. It is important to understand she/he will no longer age the same. Ever five hundred years equates one year in human life. Prepare always for tomorrow.

Then it goes from there forward. You need to stop reading and prepare sunset is comming ! You need to help her/him as the case may be. The book is progressive like pre Goggle. Say your name. Darius being a dutiful son and obeying so out of the blue he shouts! ‘Darius!’

Jessy my brother the rat says ‘What!’

Zanthar recalled:

It has been eons since I sank my teeth into such a youth. The youth is not dead. When she/he wakes she/he will need blood. Then she must hunt, then kill. First she/he must drink from her sire. Darius saw nought terribly wrong except…

Except there were things father believed possible and pity to say volumes he thought foulhardy, stupid and or just insane fortunately Darius knew father well ! Darius knew father would find having his daughter / son drink blood from him definately insane with a capital I.

Jessy my third oldest brother and a bit of a rat, literately was an outstanding spy as well as a linquist. No one ever expected to be heard standing alone by palm trees. Jessy James was skilled at climbing, transporting from humanoid to rat without sound.

When Jessy James was young oh gosh the stories I heard mom and dad discuss. See mom and dad were one of the first thousand couples who fell in love. { literary male and female, considered un natural.} Keep in mind on the original home world all men are gay and females lesbian. Raiding parties appropriated females and males on other planetoids artificial insemination. So real love was really magical. Not to mention telling the female her babies will be different.

Father tells how when telling mother his sister was a cow. Father says mother spent about five hours telling father why he should never bad mouth his sister in front of the children. That’s when father asked Jenny to come for a visit. Seeing a changeling transission is better then any photo. Plus the year was 045 BCE photography had not been developed yet. Jenny went through her paces and walla (cow), next we heard was a bloodcurdling scream and mother crashing to the floor.

Since Darius was a horse and George a dragon one would imagine mother would have been prepared for anything. Well evidently not how do I put this, big eared grey furry long tailed rat! Well she has given birth to twenty sons and two daughters, you’d think she would have adjusted. Father always said while squeezing moms hand all our babys are special in their way.

Years later on the Walton’s the father compared his children to thoroughbreds. Father actually had seven sons horses and dragons , donkeys,wolves,foxes, Hawks and one eagle and two squirrils. All seen more understandable then there was the third youngest son Jessy James or (JJ) the rat. Jessy went above and beyond bothering mother before he was allowed to join father in the field.

Keep in mind your loved one is no longer exactly human.To this Darius said outloud’Forsure!’ Father looked at him. Father was recovering from a spear in his side. Huh! Father said and fell back to sleep.

As Darius read in what appeared a very small book he found that a loved one can simply hold his arm to the one bit’s mouth. Like a baby the bitten will proceed from there. {{Must remember repeat seven Alexanders no more and no less then strike bitten hard on head with pot!}} Darius out of no where shout ‘What pan!’ Oh the book writes right in front of his eyes: Also must have a heavy pot handy because the person bit will get aggressive even if not their natural way wjen you try to pull your arm away.

You will be astounded to find their strength is now that of twelve oar men. “Smack hard and with purpose you will not kill her/him!

The next time she/he rises follow at a distance.They will hunt, take a kill and return to their bed. She/ he will only dine at dusk in time can curb her/his diet to once a month.

Here ends chapter 2.


Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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