Minutes tick by,

Lonlieness not for down hearted,

Cold winters come to roost,

Iowa’s luck warm,hot poets in love,

Not gonna happen again,

Even turned on air,

I remembered two fourteen,

Two thirteen mom put on new room,

Mom was pleased dad was gone,

Roofers flattened our tomatoes,

We finally had central air,

Mom wanted that so very much,

Diana Dudley of Granbury,Texas didn’t care,

Gaslight mom since 2011,

And those horrid annual visists,

Fall 2014,we get central air Octorber Diana shoved her fist in moms face scteams ‘You have NO RIGHT TO HAVE DOORS THAT LOCK,you have NOTHING OF VALUE!!’

Night after Father Joe came to the house and we were going to change power of attorney. Ten times a day Diana made mom cry!

That’s ingraved in my heart!

Mom would say! How many times a day do I have to say ‘No I’m not moving to Texas’, doesn’t she know shes not my mom!!!!

No fire at eight pm at 405 2nd street n.e. ave but by ten pm and white SUV was seen leaving the house.

Only one smoke alarm one in the basement went off at 1003 pm.

Not one at the one of stairs, or in moms bedroom or den or accross from stairway.

No batteries,

Funny memories flood back to you first time the central air is on,

Never use it again,

More things now cling to that switch,

Getting to using,

Hand in had with loss,

I feel like my battered,

Heart tied has drifted away,

Squirrel Kite soaring out of sight

Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

9 thoughts on “Painless

  1. I’m sorry Baby. I tried. Landlord said I couldn’t stay anyway.

    What I thought would happen didn’t. Things were uncomfortable for me.

    I wanted things to work out. really I did.

    I just couldn’t conform to everything. Yes I lied. But I didn’t know I wasn’t going to like it there.

    Ideas change as time goes by.

    I miss holding hands and hugs and watching movies and driving to see churches and graveyards.

    But living in the trailer full of cats and the city with not much going on. No library or activities and being so far away from my family wasn’t my idea of fun.

    It wasn’t because I didn’t love you. I did love you. I do love you.

    I just can’t live there or like that.

    I’m sorry I disappointed you. I didn’t mean to hurt you.

    I miss you.

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    1. Thats an excuse all you had to do was explain that email or actually say that you were sorry. That wasn’t what was going to happen. You wanted to leave before giving us a chance thats why you needed the email. That’s fine its always good to see what a useless emtioon love is. I will always miss you. I will never regret you were apart of my life.
      I”m sorry you took my heart as a tool. Maybe we can be friends who whatever. Keep writing. Video taking will bring you out and build your courage. Im keeping my ring.The ring will always remind me of the girl I lost my heart to.


      1. Did you ever consider that the way the trailer was and the fights among the cats could have been the problem. Not anything that was wrong with you. I’m sending you an email message.


      2. Read this. Its water under the bridge I had tod Judy what you had wanted me to tell her.I had told you I’d find a home I’d Teddy. This trailer will allow me to buid equity. Well got to continue pushing. See you later.


      3. Sometimes there is only rocks and dirt under the bridge.
        I don’t know what I told you to tell Judy. Except the box of roosters I gave her is in the shed. Too many. P


      1. We finally found him. We thought he ran out the door when someone left the door open. He had a collar on that has a bell and we heard it. My mother looked under the couch and there he was. I’d been looking for him for hours and calling his name and all the time he was in the same room with us.


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