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Eyee/ore(Val spelling)

Friend to Winnie,

Humor dry,

Comon sense,

No jibber jabber,

Been told sound like Ei/ore,

I simply want to.retirn to reading,

Totally sucks,


First time in probally twenty-six years,

No money means no taxes,

Mom’s death left me money to invest in my business,

Small business useless goverment agency,

No assistance to entrepreneurs in Iowa!

Their biggest idea is borrow from family!

Only family I have is adopted I by me,

It took Diana( my half sister) a year to Gaslight mom in person what she had tried and faied after 2.6 years calling and badgering mom seventiy ties a week. Diaa ade mom remove me from my grand dads property called Cub Lake.(Cub Lake 275 acreas, Chipquamigan National Forest in Sawyer County Wisconsin, with half mile all spring fed lake on property.Bought in 1930’s for $5000 back taxes.)

When Diana was eight in 1956 she called dad’s dad a grandpa of nine grand chidren a pedophile. See dad had just taken mom to Wisconsin to meet her new in laws, Diana Lee always hated sharing the spot light with anyone!

But mom never removed me from Any other inheritance. Do I invested vie mom in Val’s Whitewolf Media.

Whitewolf is my spitrit animal.

My half sister falsified lies to Iowa Human Services to force our 86 year old mom from her home!

When that did not work, Diana stuck her fist in moms face and Screamed at mom!

Mom( Marian D.Heike’s) crime Not wanting to leave her home or family and Ever live with the monster her oldest daughter, the narcississ.

Daughter of a Wife abuser in Granbury,Texas. So night after Father Joe visited suggesting moms.power of attormey included me the daughter who cared and assisted her mom we had out laundry room go up in smoke.

See only Diana knew front door was no longer locked! It was a easy thing whie mom and I watched TV. In Octovber Diana removed all smoke alarm batteries she thought.

The fire that was not there at eight pm by ten o three nuked the laundry room, the hall, dads gun cabinet, moms bedroom door, missed thr bathroom went up the steps ad directly out the roof. Went into neither ofthe two bedrooms.

Under the bathroom was a crawl space

The smoke reached the only smoke alarm with a battery still in it there.

On October Diana had yelled at mom with her fistin moms face ‘You have NOTHING OF VALUE!, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO HAVE DOORS THAT LOCK!!!!!!!’

When she Diana was gone mom would no longer allow me to lock doors. That’s the power Gaslighters have over their prey.

Mother fell after Diana left stealing moms notebook her eldest grandson had given mom Christmas 2013.Diana had insisted mom go with her for a two week stay to see her two oldest grandkids who could not be bothered to come see dad in 2012 who died of dementia. That two week stay became three months.

Diana starving for money had taken a job for twenty hours a week at Granbury Opera house selling tickets. Diana had used many lies one of which I left mom for hours without food or phone. That is exactly what Diana did to mom in 2013. In 2012 Diana died to Iowa H.Seevices that I beat mom( Diana’s dad beat mom that’s why when Diana was a year and a half mom divorced her dad. Diana also told Iowa HS thing mom was an invalid.

2012, Mom drove, cooked,was a Red hat.lady,played bridge twice a month.Active member in the Lutheran church. And went weekly until September to see dad in the.nursing home.Collected coins and cooked.

No one bothered to inquire of anyone if Diaa’s lies were true or made up tripe! Dr.Brenda Haug Chiropractor Waukon Iowa married to Scott Houg moms Chiropractor will tell you that was a lie.Human services in Iowa are not worth the air they breath. Mom got her eldest grandson to take her to the airport so our invalid mom could fly back to Iowa in 2013, after three months.It was like a horribe Gillian Island’s episode.

Anyone whose life was taken by someone who rush to live off an elder family member would also maybe sound like Ei/ore too.

Narcississ damage their victims.

NPD techical term for Narcississist.

Should be all roundesd up,

Drawn and quartered,

Left for vermin on the fridge of death so they too can ecperience CPSTD.


Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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