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Why with millons with diabetics no cure?

If Covid coud be cured in a year why do people still suffer with diabetic issues?

Diabetes statistics 2021

Never knew before Sherry, dry fruit has more surgar the fresh or frozen. Bread and white potoes and oranges surgar. Pasta surgar. Sherry is a veggan not so much for health but for love of animals.

Why are their so many other diseases not cure found? What makes virus cure more important?

Did you know sugar free gum and pop is worst then sugared for a diabetic? I didnt!

Sherry tests her sugar before she eats and or drives. Sugar goes up just sleeping. Insulin is taken to counter the food she is about to eat.

Parkenson dissease



Primary Myelofibrosis (PMF) Study


Covid vs. Other causes notcured

COVID-19 Now Leading Cause of Death in the United States

In Iowa the goverment is cslling all hospital deaths from Covid. How is the ri

So why are people getting shots in Georgia already getting notified about shots?

How many deaths US cancer?,will%20die%20from%20the%20disease.

If goverment controls everything the how is that not adictatorship?

The Rise of the COVID Dictatorships

A dictatorship called COVID-19


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