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How do you share the damage you suffered,

The pain you bleed,

Lies told by a family member to steal your mom against her will from her home.

How do you share the trauma you and your mom felt bullied,

The emotions errupting in you when those you love refused to see you just the lies spread?

How do you share what it felt when your five married half sister stuck her fist in your eightt-seven year old moms face and Yelled at the top of her lungs ‘YOU HAVE NOTHING OF VALUE!YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO HAVE DOORS THAT LOCK!’

How do you share that when tbe memory of that October night burns like accid in your gut from two fourteen!

How do you ever make up for not murdering your half sister Diana Lee Heike Dudley for that horror you and your mom endured, {after her nearly three years of the seventy phone calls a week britalizing your best friend and mom. Diana tried to Gaslight mom to moving to Granbury,Texas.}

How do you carry recalling everyday hearing your mom Marian D.Heike telling Diana ten times daily ‘No, I’m not leaving my home and my family to live with you!’

And after every single call mom so emotional another Empath like me and her mom crying saying’Why doesn’t she get it she’s not my mom!’

The indignity of Diana in pages if lies to iowa human services the stupidest humans on the planet! Eating at Diana’s tet licking up her lies! September third my first day twenty twelve sitting my first class Luther College Psychology of Education.

Diana had two men simply walk on the back door at 405 2nd street N.E.Waukon,Iowa 52172.Diana told them mom was bed ridden and left for hours at a time beaten witgout phone or food!

They yelled ‘Mary,Mary!’ Mom whose office was her den yelled back.’My names not Mary, this is my home and you were not invited in! I suggest you leave!’ They said we heard you were beaten and not fed and had no phone! We’ll be back! Mom told me she told them they would not be invited in then either! I later learned in two fifteen that Diana told them to go see our supposed bedridden mom when I was gone or I’d hurt them to!’ I never harmed Anyone! But with Diana’s lies I lost my family and my good name! {Ellen Beth Heike Mathis my baby blood sister told me January two fifteen mom had threatened Diana if she Ever did this with human services again mom would remove Diana from moms will!}

After a lifetime of us leaving the back door open it was tbat September night the Heike’s started locking our door!

See mom got the mail, was a red hat lady,played bridge with the same group of ladies for forty years.In two twelve mom still drove to Spencer Iowa her home town to see her older sister ALONE! Mom was Never Bed ridden or beatten or not fed! The truth siezed to breathe near my older half sister unfit to breath moms air!

Mom found paper work telling mom of all of Diana’s lies accusing me of Elder Abuse.I learned about it in January two fifteen after Diana on December third drove to Waukon,Iowa parked walked in mom’s cat Rusty was always first cat out any open door.Diana hates cats! Rusty was that night her first victim. Diana wasn’t having mom keep her cat. Rusty was Diana’s second victim.

According to the pages of paperwork and her lies Dad beat mom and I couldn’t hardly wait for his death so I could beat mom! My dad never laid a hand on mom.Diana’s dad was the wife beater.

Mom divorced Diana’s dad when Diana was two and a half! Her son and grandson have records of wife beating! Diana had it simple get rid of moms cat,Gay daughter who always was there for mom, and moms home!

That’s what narcississ do strip people of our links in order to control us! Diana lite a fire in our laundryroom, in the electrick drier.

Electrick driers are responsible for two percent of America household fires. Out of the five smoke alarms only one that went off was in the cellar.Only one! State farm did not investigate our arson! No one asjed any questions.

I died twice that night! You think I have no reason to be made.The smoke alarm in the laundry room,moms bedrom other side of laundry alcove, the smoke alarm at top of stars I changed all those batteries! Only one smoke alarm to have gone off was top of stairway to basement!

The smoke had to go under crawlspace under bathroom to get to that one in basement.Smoke alarms do not go off with a fire! Mom and I in the den were watching a new show called Stalkers!

It was ten of three when alarm went off night after Father Jo from Saint Patricks Catholic Church had come and talked about how to keep mom safe!

Father said ‘Add Val to power of attorney!’ Diana had worked nearly three years since her last failed marriage to force mom from our home!

Diana knew with the first phone call that we had had a visitor and what he had said.

I gave human service of Iowa polk county judge sixteen pages of tears if abuse dumped on mom and me. Nothing was done.Funny how people willingly believe lies but the horror of the truthfalls on dead ears. Why is that?

Dad gave mom his mom’s wedding band a ring that should go to Daniel or Craig Mathis of Waukon,Iowa. A ring so valuable Mike Ferring son of William and Karen Ferring of Waukon,Iowa, Mike’s daughter found it in a house Diana sold for thirteen thousand twelve thousand less its value. Mike had it appraised and tried to sell it back to mom.

Mom had known Mike since he was four. Guess he thinks like Diana No means in time sure! Mike had told mom any values he’d return to mom.Guess that means as long as no diamonds.

Diana more then likely by January fourteenth has sold my grandma’s ring.

After five years of mom sleeping to death with two Codine packs a week on our diabetic eighty plus mom a Massive stroke took my best friend and mom Diana stoppedme being able to talk to mom May two eighteen.

Mom was granted escape with a massive stroke June third.December two fifteen mom gave up Diana had lied enough said I wrote malicious lies about mom! Diana thought she won at last writting me out of moms will’!

Mom won! Mom Never removed me from two life insurance policies,Decorah Bank trust or an Annuity! Diana wrote moms will! What mom signed ws diana’s goal all the time ownership of Cub Lake.

Daniel and Craig it was our grandad that bought the property in the nineteen thirties for five grand. A man when in nineteen fifty six when your grandad took his new wife and her daughter to Shawno,Wisconsin to meet his family.

Norm and Wava were expecting their fifth child so were unable to travel to Iowa for the wedding. Diana fills up a room thinks no one’s better then her.Raised by moms parents while mom worked in Des Moines, Iowa. So Diana told mom grandpa had sexually touched her. This was nineteen fifty-six not the age of MTV.

Grandpa had ten grandchildren by now.Raised three children pretty much alone.Retired veteran if World War I, served in France was a first sargent in tbe medical corps.

I’m sure that wasn’t Diana’s first lie like trump foul mouth liar! With that one lie at eight years old we were not allowed to spent time with dad’s dad then he was dead.

There were years of lies all got her what she wanted. The will states non of my decendants will ever get Cub Lake its in Sawyer County. Northern Wisconsin, I broke that will.My decendants are my two nephews Dan and Craig Mathis and in the Spring twenty twenty one,Sherry ,

In June twenty nineteen when I took Ellen a box of books and had planned to spend the day.My biggest reader was at Ellens in a motor home owned by my nephew the then used car sales man. Diana called the sherriff department of Allamakee. So I left!

See in Iowa innocent get no voice. Be innocent falsely charged with harming your mom be gay, disablied no cares about the trueth. How odd in Georgia its the same bullied lied about,Gay,Survivor of stroke, with ausburger borderline syndrom, Harrassed elderly, no voice!

Pain Etched into my spirit.

I will never Ever forget Diana’s words that day in December two fourteen ‘No one cares about the trueth!Theres no story here!’

Diana is wrong still. Four bodies laid at her feet as well as four of my cats. Theodore,Miss Lucky,Lucky boy and Patches.{Someone had tossed his body in a cat box like trash. Patches came to me in the spring that year.Patches had only one eye took me six months before I could hold him. Last I saw Patches he went to the cellar when I opened the door to turn off smoke alarm.}

The day Pat and I were finally allowed into the house to get stuff out. House had been condemmed a total loss by State Farm. Diana had made it a party at the house and my expense.Randy Andy Lovitt my aunts disappointment if a younger son was there. Funny he use to be my favorite cousin on moms side of family. There was a tall box in middle of the room. I had not been raised thinking what was not mine open anyway. Randy Andy picked it up to toss it into the green bin by our home.

Dan said Val did you look in the box yet? Dan’s my Godson but I think that is as without value to him as the love and care I took with him all his life. “Randy Andy says she doesn’t deserve to look in there. Hoisted it up and tossed it into the green bin. Like trash it was our firfamily! Ellen had told me me she had planned to bury them. When Ellen told that to Diana, Diana simply said well their buried now. Diana snapped Rusty’s neck thats how moms cat died.

Ellens inner sadness was too much for her. Wasn’t allowed to keep mom,wasn’t allowed to come forward for me her only blood sister falsely accused of elder abuse! Theres only so much pain you can hold.The last straw for Ellen came after Diana’s last visit empting moms bank account at Waukon State Bank!

Ellen died at fifty-nine October twenty-nine at fifty-nine. There went our growing old together and being the Heike girls again. No more holding Mela Ellens grand daughter, mom preceeded Ellen by four months. Mom and dad and grandma and her Brandies and her eldest son came for my baby sister.

I hope lifes like one of my favorite writers that the evil you commit in life builds the change my half sister carries for all eternity!

Murdered her family and their pets. Boomer also is with Ellen.I can hardly wait to again play rummy with mom and Ellen and sit at Cub Lake have a beer.


Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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