Like a scale

Life is weighed,

Losses and gains tallied,

Lost Ellen Beth Heike Mathis my blood sister died from guilt. Her sons think alcohol I know it was pain and torment from our narcississitic half sister.

Ellen wanted to help mom and me Diana said no.Ellen hid in beer.

Alcoholism ugly way to die. People assume people drink out of love.That’s an erronous thought.People drink out of fear.

When Diana after lying me her gay sister on to Elder Abuse.Ellen told me she’s clear up Diana’s lies January 2015. Next day she told me she was nit allowed to come forward.

Diana Lee Dudley told Iowa Human Service that Ellen feared me!

Ellen only feared Diana.

After Diana stuck her fist in our eighty-six year old moms face after nearly three years of Gaslighting to force mom from our home to Grandbury Texas. Diana screamed that annual October visit bully fest 2014.

Diana yelled at a woman she was not fit to breathe moms air! ‘YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO HAVE DOORS THAT LOCK! YOU HAVE NOTHING OF VALUE!’ Diana in Granbury has bars on her windows!

After that I moved all the guns Diana had planned to take to Robert her son. We had started locking all doors Sept.3rd 2012 after Diana first sent human service people to the house the day I sit my first class at Luther College.

I knew nothing about being accused of beating my mom or not feeding her or that Iowa human services were told mom was Bedridden! The two men were told that if they came when I was home I would harm them!

I could find no one to defend me in 2015 because I had been accused of Elder Abuse in 2012!

December 2nd,2014,Father Jo came to the house talked to mom. About hiring an Amish house cleaner once a week and adding my name to the power of attorney.

Diana called mom ten times a day.I paid the phone,cable and internet bill. After each call my would cry and say ‘Doesn’t she know she’s not my mom!’

December 3rd,2014, only one smoke alarm of five went off. The one in basement.The smoke had to go under the crawl space under the bathroom to get to the basement! There was no fire at eight p.m. Iwas in the bathroom the laundry room sat next to the laundry room.

I died.I found the fire and went to sit in front of mom to try to get her put.Mom was calling 911.

I was taken by helicopter to Iowa City’s burn unit. Brought back twice. Mom never said we before after Diana hovering for four days while I got my oxygen levels up to go home mom stopped saying example: Ellen and I or Lee and I or Val and I. Everything was We.

We is a control word. Diana had every single nurse at the Waukon Veterans Memorial hospital but two believing her lies that I beat mom.Diana always stayed with Ellen she always took her dogs. Ellen told her she could not bad mouth me in her home! Not once trying to stop others believing her lies.I had obe male red head nurse tell me if he knew I beat my mom for fun he would have let me die! Diana like my moms mom always loved a stage. When Daniel my godson toke me back to Waukon,Iowa Diana had me taken to the fire station.

Diana had planned to have me accused for the fire she set while mother and I watched stalkers a new TV show. She just walked in used something in the electric drier to hurry the fire along then walked out and let it spread

From eight to ten o three it looked like dads pictures of Heroshima he took in nineteen forty six. No cupboards left , no clothes, dad’s gun cabinet that I had moved all his guns and squirelled away for my youngest nephews two flint pistols. My fishing rod and tackle gone.Moms bedroom foor nuked.A flame hand had reached out beside the front door that was not lockes.Diana had murdered moms cat Rusty.

Rusty was a Himmalan we mom and I had gone to Decorah to get him

We had been Aquarius we thought dumb and undignified a name for a regal cat. His real people just left him when they moved away.The neighbors took him in and they had a doberman pup who uses Rusty( there were orange spots on his face.Ergo Rusty.) I am the cat stray animal queen. I feed anyone in need of food and love. My Patches had come to me that spring took a bit before he sized me up then we became buddys.

Patches was orange with one eye sewed shut. Rusty was always the first cat out.Mom loved him.Diana hates cats.Diana had to get rid of Rusty. Mom’s home and her gay daughter who always helped mom out. So a fire was called for. Easy pizzy lemon squeezy!

No one looked twice at Diana shes so good! She broke laws left and right plus attempted murder.Oh yeah gay sister died twice.

When I got to the hospital after the fire station where Ellen stood up for me.Diana standing by mom’s bed.Mom lost her voice from the horrid smoke.Diana had all the( except two nurses believing her foul slander that I beat mom.Diana when she filled in her fantasy lies to Iowa human service((who Never look for the truth)) believing I beat mom because dad beat mom. Diana’s dad was the husband who beat mom.

Mom divorced Diana’s dad when Diana was a year and a half.Diana’s song and grandson both enjoy beating women. No one even bother to talk to any of Diana’s five husbands ( only four live.) Diana yells at me and you Will Never have mom in Iowa again! And Diana had Ellen tell me ‘You will not stay in my basement!’

I had just lost all I had and could not even stay with my sister. Lori Martin Mrs.Dave Martin and Tom Regans wife knew Diana was full of shit.I had worked for their families.

January sixth at eight a.m. mom was taken by Diana to Granbury,Texas in twenty-six below zero.Told Val can not keep you shes on Elder Abuse,and Ellen doesn’t want you! That weekend mom spent in the hospital with pneumonia. When Diana and mom arrived in Granbury Diana’s furnace was out.

It took Diana a year to bully mom into believing I write foul things about mom and deserved to be off her will. But mom had three life insurance policies, bank trust in Decorah,Iowa and an annuity. I was not removed from any of those. Diana’s goal was a two hundred and seventy five acrea piece of land with a spring fed all natural half mile lake on the property called Cub Lake in Sawyer County bought by my grandad in the nineteen thirties for back taxes.

Five thousand dollars.Paul John Andrew Heike bought the land from an old wrestler named Eddie fisher.When Diana at eight years old in nineteen fifty six first met grandpa dad had taken mom to Shawno Wisconsin to meet his family. My cousin Karen was being born July first nineteen fifty-six.

Mom was hot! Dad loved her best way he knew. Dad Never struck mom! Dad wanted to show off the hottie he wed. Everyone liked mom right off

Once a narcississ always one.We know now that babies a year and a half learn. Mom was getting the attention eight year old Diana thought should be hers so she told mom grampa touched her inappropriately! Sounds just like something my moms mom would have put in Diana’s mind. While mom was working in Dekalb in Des Moines Iowa Diana lived in Spencer Iowa with moms parents.

Mom then went to her new sister in-laws and told Wava and Tottie about watching their little ones with grandpa.Diana jipped us all out of his time and stories and now since Ellen is gone at fifty-nine my baby sister who her boys and I lost October twenty-ninth. Ellens boys will not allow Diana to run over them like she did Ellen.

Diana words she put in moms will that none of my decendants will ever get Cub Lake.I will continue to fight with all my heart and soul.And since Dan and Craig are my decendants that will is broke.

Mom of a massive stroke June third twenty twenty.Mom was an artist loved to draw.With two codine packs a week bought over the counter while Diana lived off mom.Mom slept. I had made three wellness checks.By February twenty nineteen mom had been convienced after constant badgering I had no business talking to her. May twenty eighteen Diana who had mom use a magic jack or she could not use her money for a new TV and dish stopped allowing me to talk to mom.

I was thrilled mom was free.Ellen was not even allowed to come and tell me mom died.Ellen was not even allowed to come and visit me when I was in the intensive care after the fire.I had Never ever been in the hospital for anything! People say how could she stopped Ellen.Well wow if you have never had dealings with a NPD you are beyond blessed!

Gained a lady I love. So with the people I lost to death I still believe it was a good year.Mom is free of the Elder Abuse as well as financial abuse. Now mom(Marian D.Heike), once again is in Iowa walking with the horses she loved so. Dad who died in twenty twelve is somewhere mending fence and watching horses romp. Ellen’s watching her boys and granddaughter.

Death is nothing! There no longer is fear. Life goes on! Those you love are always near. That deep abiding love I sought but seemed to always be just out of reach exists. She’s sixty-eight. Soft butch her names Sherry.

Hears to twenty twenty-one. One twenty-two am. Goodnight all and Blessings be with you and all thode you love.

Valerie Whitewolf Heike,Val’s Whitewolf Media Quasqueton,Iowa

Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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