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Smells{part 1}

People are gone,

Memories linked,

Time and place,

Closing my eyes,

Taken back to the days,

Christmas had meaning,

All night befire Christmas,

House was made ready,

Pine tree scent filled the front room,

Years gone dads brush trees,

Cut and brought in,

No aroma of Pine,

Smelt of deer piss and the color brown,

Dad said no pine this year,

Scrub trees will work,

By New Year those non pine trees were healthy and green,

Dad in his chaur,

Mom and I decorated,

Mom in her room wrapping,

Mom kept two big boxes in her room,

I in the den wrapping what I was allowed to do,

One boxe held gifts for birthdays and one for Christmas,

When Dan and Craig were young,

Ellen and Shawn and boys would come spend the night,

Morning came,

Table was set,

Aromas filled the air,

Potatos cooking,

Yams in pan candied,

Two apple and two pumkins on front table racks,

Olives in relish dish,

Turkey shot by Shawn and ham in oven,

One year turkey was froze never got done till night,

The Heike’s and Mathis’s ate Turkey not at that meal,

Ham and all the fixings,

Dad drank,


Hurried food by,

Mom and Ellen and I cried,

Dad got done first,

Ate first even before little boys,

Loved having them there,

Shawn like dad,

Where dad made me cry,

Shawn made Dan cry!

Dad after we were in tears would rise and go to his chair,

Continue to drink and boss,

After dads dementia put him in nursing home we finally had enjoyable holiday meals,

Diana Dudley would call,

No one would answer this was our time out at Ellens.

Holiday meals were peaceful,

With Dad’s death and Diana’s failed number five marriage,

Mom was hunted by her eldest daughter,

Goal to badger/Gaslight best person in out family from enjoying the remanner of her life with family,

Diana of Granbury wanted to live off mom.

From dads death in 2012,

Lying me onto Elder Abuse which I knew nothing of until Januarty 2015,

Its was 2011 the love of Diana’s life Dan Aher divorced her after just a year,

What Diana did to mom smelt like Dad’s shrub trees,

In October 2014 after 2.6 years seventy phone calls a week,

Gaslighting, mom was strong ten times a day she told Diana no,

I’m not leaving my Iowa home,

In 2013 mom placed a new roof on the house,

In 2014 mom had central air put in,

Diana see had plans for moms money and dad’s dad’s property in northern Wisconsin Cub Lake!

June 2014,Diana told same lies of abuse to Brain Dead Iowa Human Service to force mom from our home,

A Denis Headington came one day we had gotten Omaha meat to fill our freezers,

I learned later they can not demand entry into your home,

We were not on their fucking social programs,

Mother stood toe to toe with her with her walker,

I was so proud of my mom Marian D.Heike,Mrs L.N.Heike, mom says this is not Soviet Russia you have No right in my home!

Headington, says your in your eighties its my job to make sure you are Not being beatin and not fed!

Mom spoke right up’Do I look like no one cooks for me!’ Val Get this thing out of my house!’

Then the bitch said ‘We can help you stay in your hone!’ Mom said in same breath even at eighty’-six mom was six mom was sharp as a tact! ‘ I have help to stay in my own home!

August Diana up the anti and told mom that if I returned to Luther College Diana would drive up and either force mom into a nursing home or take her against her will to Granbury,Texas.

In 2013, Diana finally found work,twenty hours a week selling tickets at the Granbury Opera house.

In 2012 Diana Dudley told Iowa Human Services mom was Bedridden,left for hours at a time without food or phone,

In 2013, Diana convinced mom she needed to go to Granbury for two weeks.Her children refused to come to Waukon, Iowa to see dad dying dementia.

Mom had to convience her eldest grandson to drive the ( lied to Human Service about being bedridden which is an federal offense in 2012.) Our non bedridden mother who was left for hours at a time without food or phone exactly what she claimed I did.Funny thing No One looked into the false claims! I paid the phone bills,and internet and bought half the food since 2008!

Mom flew home to Omaha,NE,drove home, Mom’s two week stay was three months before mom managed to break free of the freak of nature!



Narcississ bitches are evil NPD’s!

Mom came to me in tears begging me Not to return to Luther College Sept. 2014,

I thought I lost mom when I came out in 1998,

We bought our meat from Omaha Steaks, they have a varied selection its Not only steaks.

Still Diana badgered mom!

October 2014,Diana paid her annual visit which consisted of upfront bullying.

2010 she brought mom her crappy phones she no longer needed after I bought mom two VTECH phones.Also brought to be number five husband he told me if I hit him like I hit mom he’d call the cops! I have never struck anyone!

2011 Diana brought in Ellen my blood sister and they dug through mom and my pantry and tossed our food. Left no money to replace what they tossed.Mom cried all day dudn’t stop them.I worked in Food and Hotel and had Serve Safe food training. It wss another of Diana’s see what I can do!

2012, my first day in my first class Luther College.Diana sends two men with lies to our back door to simply walk in telling them mom was bed ridden could not get to front door. In 2012 my was secretary VFW,Red Hat lady,went to church with Ellen every Sunday and twice a month played bridge. No one cared to even look into Diana’s motives. Diana had told those that came Sept.3rd that of they came when I was there Their lives would Be in danger!

Mom told me that night when I returned from my first day at Luther College.That was the first day the Heike’s in Waukon,Iowa locked our front and back door!

October 2014, while mom was napping Diana dug through moms two boxes in her room. Mom awoke to.the big rat digging in something not hers. Mom said what are you doing? Diana said I need to see what’s in here! Mom says that’s mine!

Heard frying and rushed to moms side to Diana yeling at me telling me this is none of your concern! I said mom is my concern! Diana grabbed her jacket and left . Later she was back! Diana stuck her fist in moms face.That was when I should have murdered the hoe!

Yelling Diana with fist in the face of someone she was never worthy to breathe her air Diana screeams ‘You don’t have the right to.have doors that lock,You have Nothing of value!’ After that I was not allowed to lock doors.Diana on Granbury Texas has bars on her windows!

When the Fucking bitch left 405 2nd street n.e., Waukon,Iowa taking the note book Robert John Cook my.eldest nephew gave mom for christmas in 2013, when mom’s two week stay was really three months. Diana had wanted to take dad’s guns to her son a guy that could not be bother to come and say good bye to his grandad.

I moved all his guns. Crime is horrid in my little town and I did not think mom and I had to be murdered because Diana Lee Dudley after nearly three years of gaslighting mom bullying her would not allow us to lock out home. After the set fire December 3rd ,2014 we gound all guns were loaded.I.wonder if Dan and Craig ever got the two guns I saved for them and gave Ellen.

Diana called mom to ball her out for buying Omaha meats,lied that I had reoved all the games on the unit and put porn on notebook! Mother woud always cry after a call and say ‘She’ns not my mom!

Mother fell in October.Concussion,? sat up a one night Mom was fine! Thanksgiving day mother and I had been sleeping in the den,

Mother in her ezboy me on the floor at her feed.

Thanksgiving we were both to go to Ellens.The boys always helped mom in. I stood mom up to her potty I had brought into the front room. I looked a way a split second mom sat down. We took her in abulance to check her out she was fine. Diana called not to talk to mom but to bully the doctor into not alowing mom to go home!

A different scum of the earth from Iowa human service should up at our door the next day. Demanding rto see mom!

She demanded mom stand and wak about.Mom said I’m not a trained monkey and will do nothing you demand!

Decrmber second I invited the Catholic priest from Saint Pats to talk to mom.I had been Wiccan (Fairy) since 2000. Father Jo came! Father suggested me be added to poewer if attorney.Mom had placed Ellen on it in April 2000 when I went to work in Virginia.Mom was afraid of dad. I did not know that until that night in December. See mom had forgotten about it until she was in emergency Thanksgiving 2014.

Diana’s like an elephant never forgetting useful knowledge.Every morning Diana called mom for her daily dose of bullying thats what narcississ do!

Mother told Diana!

That just would not do!

Nearly three years of bullying nearly destroyed by her gay sister ansd stubrurn eighty-six year old mom.

Mother was nearly like that fish that got away!

That Would not do!

So in her borrowed white SUV,

Like the Grinch who stold Christmas she drove,

One thought in her greedy little mind,

{ Mother(dad called mom Mother Marian use to say Never give Diana anything of value.Diana will sel it for all the money she can get from it!)}

Diana lost out with five husbands divorcing her. Diana knew mom would be stuck for life.Remove Val, moms Himmalan cat, mom’s home and keep ramming it into mom that even her youngest daughter wanted mom!

That last little bit was a lie that made an alcoholic out if my baby sister that took her life after Diana in October 2020 came to Iowa and divided all my moms earthly treasures not smoked up when Diana waked in the front door at moms and my home at 405 2nd street ne,Waukon,Iowa 52172 2nd street N.E. and lit our laundry room on fire two rooms from where mom and I sat watching TV.

At eight p.m. I took our oldest cat and two young ones to the bathroom it was warm in there with base heat.

No warmth was on the wall.The batheroom was next to the laundry if the metal door that separated the garage was closed the fire would have stopped there .

We had five smoke alarms only one had a battery. The one down stairs. The fire had to go under the crawl space to get to the basement alarm.That alarm went off at 1003 pm. Soon after I found the fire I went to surt at moms feet.


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