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R people

Where’s Norma Raye.when good people of all races need her?

Still bother by color!

When will people learn that’s not weighable componemt?

We are who we are by how we treat others.

Why do narcississ still use pamd destroy people and like on a dirty Harry movie get away Scot free?

Life has concesquences for others.

Bullying is just that ‘Wrong!’

Whether White, Black or whatever.

Theres a Elderly apartment in Macon Georgia

478 Monroe Hill
Macon, GA 31204

Whose manager bullyies and evicts elderly if LGBTQ or trying to better themselves as a Blogger.

Being spied on by people for management.

There are spy cameras on the hallways and apartments.

I have seen them its like old and probally new Russia.

The residence must wear mask but management are not required.

Where ever inside mask are to be worn.Residents are not allowed putside without them on. No books in book cases reason they cause bugs.

My wife lives there.

Her folks are 93 and 88 she will not leave Georgia jntil they are gone.

He stress and fear of loosing her home will kill her.

The manager that was there was human. This one even hates pet owners.

I thought the sixties South was gone!

When my wife was in Iowa with me in early December two friends watched her apartment and car.

My wife feared for packages.The manager doesn’t want packages comming to the residence using the reason one will carry in the Virus.

So one friend had her apartment key.Theres a rule strickly enforced that no resident is to loan her key to s friend.

Also that none of the residence living in the apartments are to enter friends apartments. Its Not a nursing home! These are vibrant older Americans.

I met several. One cute older lady stuck a note on the managers door.

Senior Citizens lives ‘Matter!’

My wives friend who had her key said this tonight”

Dennyse came over. She said she told the manager why she was in my apartment and asked what the bugman was looking for when she was in the apt. But she never said anything about what I said on Facebook. The manager told her them being here was a set-up. Darling, they didn’t even know the bugman was going to be there at the same time.
Brenda said she never talks to people in the office at all. She knows how they do. And she never tells anything I say anyway. But Kim James and Glenda Rowland aren’t saying anything to me at all and both of them are friends with Corporate and Idgit.
We 3 think it was those 2..!’

Idgit is my wives word.

This is just now quote to me from my wife who is a resident at this Elderly Macon Georgia housing thing a ma bob! “

‘I forgot to tell you that I was told I broke a lot of the house rules and the way I understood it sounded like I might be going to court and maybe jail. I maybe wrong but that’s what I thought Kerry said. Baby, the house rules are so tiny that I can’t see them, nor do I understand them. I have asked the manager in the past to explain them but she wouldn’t. “The rules are as plain as the nose on my face.” Well they weren’t to me.
Anyway. Southerners don’t have the freedom of speech especially if they are white, seems like to me and I can’t defend my rights. That’s what I’ve been trying to do and look where it landed me. I made my statements in hope that someone would read or hear me and could help me. She wants me to hush because I am telling the truth about her and have caught her in many lies.’

My wife is very intelligent. Retaught herself to read after a sever stroke. She has difficulty with some words but I’m so proud of her!

My wife on YouTube.So proud of her at sixty-eight trying to expand her horizons.


Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

One thought on “R people

  1. Since this post there are 2 women in the office with the manager. They stay in the tiny office together except to go out and eat in our community room then go back in thie office. They never where masks while working together. The two women that work for the manager have been sick close to 5 days now.

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