Chapter 8,Dan in real life,Shooting script

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Landlords responsibility varies One of them are tenants fire alarms, Smoke alarms, Drills like in the old school days Hearong complaints of renters Heeding them! Not telling by ratting out upset renters to apartment managers like Corporate does in Macon Georgia! Not having renters at 478 Monroe Hill apartments live in fear of ‘EVICTION’, IfContinue reading “Landlords”

No good deed hurts

Mom left her three daughters with a gift The Good, The Coward And the Texas monster in Granbury The monster mrs.Satan and coward Gouged and hurt the good Mom loved in texas who murdered her The one in Waukon Iowa, the coward Kept all things shared equally with the good The good invested wiselyContinue reading “No good deed hurts”

Inn of sixth happiness ( one if my favorite movies with Ingrid Bergman) Movies about Gladys Atwood? Unsure of last name.

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Chapter 3,Yada,Yada prayer group gets rolling by Neta Jackson

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The Excuse of 2020

An elerly apartment complex Macon,Georgia, manager will not allow residence to get packages Excuse might cause Virus outbreak Mailman eats in this elderly apartment community room. Sorry we are experiencing slower answering time due to Covid-19 Layoffs No work here Reason Virus Schools closed Months on end Still in October schools had teacher service dayContinue reading “The Excuse of 2020”


Words hurt, Understanding why certain words errupt,stir us teaches us, I loath ‘Are you Ok! Why Why the phrase “Are you ok brings forth.great emotion!, For seven years My mom and I were abuse no asked People never really care when saying this expression. If they know you they know why you hurt. So whyContinue reading “Hurt!”