Shingles Then Cellitice Thought just went to sleep Lost twenty-four hours, Awake to sad gal Believing I dumped her People came on Sunday for those three non assembled beda Thats what you get delievered Walmart beds delivered in bits Some in two different rooms I’m just one sixty-one year old woman Guess they ponded onContinue reading “Ill”

Love is love

Thumb down Slap in the face Gay straight no difference Love doesn’t make sense Love make heroes Love makes villians People coward to the old life Hard to be the hero Sam is hidding a bushel under a basket Easy to be kept in a closet Come to.believe the irrationality of others Someones pure loveContinue reading “Love is love”

Places to cry

Not late at night at Wal-Mart Not in church Not at a picnic, Not in a tent Not in a sleeping bag Not on a trip to Macon Geogia Not on the road In Sonet In my den On my WordPress Heart in hand One minute your telling the one you love All I haveContinue reading “Places to cry”

Last goodbye

Stollen from me hearing moms voice Saying Miss you Val Her hearing what I say every night ‘Love you mom!’ Will Never ever forgive Ellen Bethe Heike Mathis Diana Lee Dudley Kept my aunts illness and death from me And mom I never knew she was hospitalized last September Granbury Texas never knew of theContinue reading “Last goodbye”

Superman’s Kryptonite

Pain Women suffer most Women they say handle more pain Some say we live to suffer Today PETA sent animal lovers Not just me! I’m sure the horrors american scientist get away doing on animals rescued from other Non human abusers! A few years back Big news no more lab monkeys used Silly me IContinue reading “Superman’s Kryptonite”

Four letter word ‘Fear!’

Fear! The south of yesteryear lives Not unlike Nazi One woman manager Macon Georgia Lite fear in elderly residence White,black and gay! Equal opportunity oppressor! Why is this allowed to florish? Did we learn nothings from dictators Hitlers hate killed millions Residence 478 Monroe Hill Fear runs rampet My partner lives there She has beenContinue reading “Four letter word ‘Fear!’”

Ever notice cardboard?

Moving its everywhere I tried to utilize plastic boxes Silly I know but well made even plastic is stronger Cardboard boxes Containers for food Why not vegitable? We made grass into gas Not I Not I We are a sea in Plastic Kills our wildlife faster then removed protections Auto companies would shit bricks ifContinue reading “Ever notice cardboard?”

Chapter 27,39 clues,Vipers nest by Peter Lerangis

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Chapter 13,Mossflower by Brian Jacques

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