Cub Lake, owned by Heike family since bought by Paul John Andrew Heike in the 1930’s

Paul(second youngest son of Robert Heike who with his young wife and oldest son Robert and little Paul came from Prussia and settled in Butternut,Wisconsin.Robert was a Lutheran minister.Butternut is where Cub Lake is also in Sawyrr County.) my grand dad a First sargent in the nedical corps in France WWI. Grand dad removed injured and dead from the trenches. In 1922 married Agnes Kleeman(Kleeman is Yiddish means Cloverman.)

Paul and Aggie had three children Norman Ervin Eric eldest(married Wava second youngest of twevle children, daughter of a Luther minister.) Paul’s only daughter Gertrude married Charles Rohr of Waukasha they both tauught school. Paul’s last child my fad Leon Norbert Heike like Norm studied and became a Chiropractor after serving for a year in our countries Army in 1946. Lee married Marian D.Bittenger of Spencer, Iowa, middle daughter my best friend.

Got mom’s will today mom died and was cremated before she could be tested for the codene posoning that assisted her having a massive stroke. Mom was 92 some think old but intelligent. Her granddad lied to 96 and her mom 95 her sister 95. Mom had being having two codine packs bought over the counter by my half sister two a week since January 2015.I had been blocked from talking to my mom since May 2018. My half sisters a narcississ. It took Duana a year and a half to convience my mom I write foul things about her and deserve to be removed from mom’s will. Now Diana Lee Heike Dudley and Ellen Beth Heike Mathis(who told me January 2015 she knew I was Innocent of Ever harming our mombut that She could Do Nothing to help me!.)Will both Profit from mothers death by a property in Sawyer County bought by my grand dad Paul John Andrew Heike in the 1930’s for back taxes called Cub Lake.
Diana worked her ass off for that million dollar piece if ground though the will has it in Ashland County when its in Sawyer.

Said when Diana was 8 she met grandpa first thing she said to get attention from dad’s new pretty wife was that my grand dad felt her up! Started as a hate crime end that way aftet 2.6 years of seventy times a week calling brow beating ourmom then sneaking into our home and lite Up our Electric drier on fire. Then the hovering began while lying to all the nursing staff of my small Iowan town painging me a monster and and abuser so Diana could get closer to Cub Lake and the money it was valued at.

Ripped our hearts out you know what I bleed for mom in that foul piece of trashes hands no one cared nut me! Not even Lambda Legal. I was brought uo to believe your honor is your code! What a bunch if foul horse shit! I was at my moms side since 9. Never harmed anyone if I could Diana was meant to end her days the October day she scream and shook her finger in our 86 year old moms face!

“You have Nothing of value! You have no Right to doors that lock!’ Diana had already removed all the batteries but one of the smoke alarms!

December second a priest from Saint Pat’s suggest all we had to do was change moms power of attorney. By ten o three the next night the laundry room,hall dad’s gun cabinet, moms bed room door, hole outside by unlocked front door, then fire upwent upstairs and right out the roof! I will fight her with my dying breath. Electric laundry room fires cause 2% if America’s fires.

Diana’s five husbands all divorced her only one stayed four years, one four months, last one just a year.Diana knew if she got mom to Texas she’d live off mom. Get her will changed a thing Ellen told me mom threatened to do to Diana in 2012 if she Ever lied me onto Elder Abuse again! She did it in 2014 again I didn’t know any of those foul things her foul mind created until spring 2015.

Monsters live they love have gay family member they devour us! Others stand back and watch!

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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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