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To Serve with love

That was my mom

Bullied still by my sisters

Beaten by her first husband

Mom stood up when my oldest sister ws a year and a half

When mom was eighty-three my half sister fifth husband dicorced hslf sister

The little girl once repetted to harrass

Vie calling and bullying seventy times a week on phone{ technique called Gaslighting to force our honest,strong, intelligent mom from her iowa home}

In nineteen seventy eight mom’s youngest hurt mom deeply

Ellen druck, late home

Ellen stood and use tactic she saw used on fellow classmates

Screamed at our mom lover of music

Lover of singing

Mom could sing first alto to first soprano

Yelled yelled at mom

Mom feared Ellen was becoming an alcoholic

Ellen lashed out our christ loving

Good hearted mom and screamed how moms singing made Ellens ears bleed!

Last time mlm sang to radio if Ellen was around

We never heard Ellen sang

Sang she did at bars Koriolky(unsure of spelling)

Scared to death our intelligent mom

August two fourteen

Mom came to me in tears

Seventy times a week she told her elders ‘No, I’m not moving to Granbury,Texas!’

Two thirteen mkm put on a brand new roof

Mom consented to a two week visit her grand child who would Not even come to Iowa and say good by to their grand dad dying of demensia,

A year earlier I was falsely lied onto Elder Abuse in Iowa

Mom had told Ellen that if Diana Ever did that again she would remove mom from her will,

I knew nothing of this until January two fifteen,

Ellen worked for nearly twelve years County Attorneys office

Ellen knew right from wrong, bullshit!

Took mom three months before convincing her eldest granddon to take her to the airport so she could fly home!

A year before this three month stay, no phone or vehical for twenty hours a week while half sister worked selling tickets at Granbury Oprea house my half sister convinced Iowa Human Service that mom’s gay daughter beat and would NOT FEED my INVALID BEDRIDDEN MOM!

Mom was only once sent by a doctor to bed for bedrest in 1995 due to an ulcer.Mom Marian Heike did Not do it she continued to babysit my younger sisters boys every other weekend.

Two twelve bedridden invalid, two thirteen flew home alone then drove home from airport.

Neat stunt do you Not agree?

Our horrors at their hands are documented by me

After convient fire December 3rd two fourteen night after priest suggested mom add gay daughter to power of attorney we had a fire

House was totaled

No fire in laundry room other side wall bathroom eight pm

Ten o three nuked laundryroom, dad’s gun cabinet, hall, moms bedroom door,wall to driveway, green shag carpet upstairs.Fire went up and right out the roof!

Didn’t go into moms bedroom,bathroom or kitchen,dinningroom,den,livingroom did not go onto either upstairs bedroom

Half sister assured mom she coukd Not rebuild! Had to sell to Mike Ferring for twelve thousand less its worth

Five smoke alarms only one errupted

Smoke alarms Don’t fuction without batteries

October half sister stuck her fist in our fear struck by her face

Screaming “You have No right for Doors that lock! You have Nothing of value!”{ half sister in Granbury Texas doors lock and bars on windows!} That was the weekend visit half sister wanted to take all dad’s guns to a boy could Not come and say good bye to man dying! Mom fell that weekend after monster left. I slept on floor mom sleot in her lazy boy!

Well got to go!

I contine to serve my first and last best friend

Left Luther College August two fourteen to keep mom safe

Could not stop bully lighting up our electric drier while mom and I watched new TV show called Stalkers!

Keep your elderly moms and dads safe or a monster will place two pain packs a week on them too until they die with massive strokes too!


Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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