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Innocent n dead

Never did I raise a hand to anyone

Still labled an abuser

The ones who knew of my innocence

Stood by head covered by hands

Last week

More lies years after my heart crushed

Cop sent from Decorah Iowa

Narcississ Diana Dudley sent

No proof found

Kept from my family vie black

Filthy stinky lies

Trader Ellen Beth Mathis

Knowing of my innocent

Hard to have pride when my need for defence still viable!



Threatened by Diana

She sleeps well

Narcississ think they are guiltless

Crimes soiling her hands

Three reports

Dianas responsable

Nothing found anyway best friend

Mom’s death

June 3rd,2018, upon my blogg I wrote

Going to Waukon to see Ellen

Miss my lied

Miss my sister

Took box of books

Watched from the house

I was not told mom was being broght home

Diana January 2015 said mom was Never going to be allowed to come home!

I drug box of books to Ellens garrage

No one told aunt Clarian was ill

I goggle Clarian Bittenger Lovitt

December 2018 only to find she died in July 2018

Diana stopped me talking to mom May 2018

March 2019 after a year and a half Gaslighting

Diana pursaded with lies I was writing horrid lies about mom


Diana got mom with lies and after starting a fire in our electric drier

Oct.2014 shook her fist in warning to our 86 year old mom

Yelling ‘You do not have the right to have doors that lock! You have nothing of value!’

Lies of a narcississ unworthy to.vreath my moms air!

Imagine my surprise when a motor home with the cat mom got for her reward for removing her.eldest daughter in her second family from Marian D.Heikes will

A threat Ellen told me Mom had made to.Diana the first time she lied me onto Elder Abuse

Told Iowa Human Service don’t knock at the door or ring the door just walk in back door.

Mom’s bed ridden

Not fed


She went so far to say Dad beat mom

That I couldn’t wait dads death to beat mom too!

It way Dianas dad who beat and kicked mom

Not Dr.L.N.Heike

Dad’s weapons for mom were words

For me was looks and his belt

Dad Never laid a hand on mom!

I found the useless ness of those who pretend to follow a simple carpenter

Most are not worth the purity of a simply man of love

Diana on December third drove to Waukon,Iowa

Walked in

Murder Rusty always first out any door just ask Pat Zidlicky Postville Iowa

Diana on June 2018 on the third called the Sherriff falsifying a report against me to get not one but two sherriffs out to my sisters home!

Last year called cops in Decorah

A cop came to my apartment

Seems Diana feared me

She in that fear

After I say good night mom

And I pray mom is finally free

Diana from January 2015 was.murdering mom

Two pain packs a week bought over the counter placed on our diabetic mom

My artistic, musical mom who loved talk radio spent her last years sleeping

Susan Hanly my sister of choice in Fort Worths moms mom’s age. No doctor prescribes codine for over sixty.

Codine screws up kidneys and makes those in our greatest generation lethargic

If it was in my power I’d go back in time

Place my lock that Diana removed in October 2014

After I broke Diana’s neck

Tossed her body in a sink hole

She did so well killing me

Lying me onto Elder Abuse

Sure I was a easy murder

Sheep to her slaughter

Married five years

Number two exboss of her first husband shot at her missed


For sure was a pity!

When do the innocent get our voice!

When do the family cowards say


Posted on my facebook page:

Is there Ni one someplace that could tell me what legal avenue I have against a family bully? Bullied and harrassed our mother from 2011- vie phone Gaslighting calling hr ten times daily.Personally bullying once a year to placing me twice onto elder abuse to force mom from her home.Mom finally after sixty years of marriage to an alcoholic get a new roof in 2013, and new central air in 2014.

August 2014 mom finally had the.last straw and Diana finally cane out with verbal treat the suttle bullying of 2.6 years.escalated to verbal threat.If Val returns to Luther Collage in Septembert I.will drive to Waukon Iowa( the drive only took her eight hours.) Diana Dudley my have sister said shed.force our amble, intelligent, non fed.ridden like she told Iowa Human Service in.2012 and 2014 and Not being beaten or having food kept from her. Mom was my best friend, companion sometimes.bully Never my vuctim.I was.homebody mostly because there is No handbook for being born Gay in rural America only bullies. Force mom into a nursing home in Waukon there eight grand a month or take her against her will to Granbury Texas. I left Luther College 2014.

I had already mostly given my life to mom whats more. My baby sister didn’t really want children and feared the family bully. Was not enought to keep mom safe the calls continued. Octobers visit Diana removed my front door lock the lock on the door no longer.worked and during the winter it was not only scary having two unlocked.doors with.crime escalating. Dads gun cabinet right inside front door. People could walk un kill mom and steal several livetimes of inherited treasures. So I fixed a home made lock.

Diana removed it and tossed it then with fist in our eighty six year old moms.face yelled ‘You don’t have the Right to have doors that lock! You have Nothing of value!’ In 2013 she convience mom that since her.childeen would.not take off work to come say good bye to day or to dads memorial service mom needef to.go to Granbury for two week Gilligan visit. The visit lasted three month with mom begging to be taken to the airport. That was not Diana’s plan.Mom always said Diana’s a bully just like her fathers mother. Her father and mom divorced when Diana was one and a half. He literally beat and kicked his pregnate wife mom. Diana was desparate for money and on this 2week-3 month visit Diana took a job working twenty hours a week at Granbury Opera house selling tickets.

Another thing Diana had out right lied to the brain dead Iowa human service department told them I left out bedridden invalid mom for hours at a time without food or food. After September 3rd 2012 when a cop and a human service dude walked in our back door we no longer kept our back door open,it was blocked from inside. Diana left mom twenty hours a week.without phone or TV. We mom and I were brought up if not yours leave it closed so she dug into nothing seeking food. Robert my oldest nephew gave mom and Diana notebooks for 2013 Christmas. In 2014 Diana removed the smoke alarms of all she found.Threatened mom(Dianas home in Granbury she has doors that lock and bars on her windows.)

Mom finally got Robbue in 2013 to take her to the airport and outlr lued to.gocerment agency bedridden mom flew back to Iiwa. In 2014 when Diana got home called mom to bully mom and.yell at mom because mom was buying a lot of our meat vie Omaha meats.That took me away from home less.Mom had not told Diana woman who kept none of her five husbands.They are blessed with ability to divorce narcississ bullies. Mom Never had that ability/ would never have that ability. Like atrue good bully Diana also told mom I has broke mom’s notebook by removing her notebooks IP address and plavmced porn on it.God people don’t get gay people at all we are not sick or warped she is also said I removed moms games.Ellen my sister was the only one who borrowed it for game play.
December 2nd 2014 Father Jo paid the Heike house hold a visit said simply hire Amish for cleaning and change power of attorney. Next night our electric drier with no fire at 8pm by 1003 we had no laundry room, I had moved dads guns in October closer to den where mom and I were sleeping.Mom in her chair her 56 year old daughter on the floor. In October mom had taken a tumble all upset from mrs.satan’s visit. With the fall mom had a concussion.

I find the fire smoke alarms do not notify of fire just smoke.the crawl space underbthe bathroom to the cellar was where the smoke.finally found a smoke alarm only in five to still have a battery. Diana knew morning of the third that.Father Jo had visited. Drove to Waukon Walked in lite laundry room up mordered moms white cat Rusty was first out any door open Diana hates cats. Diana wanted mom nit Rusty then Diana simply walked out. Mom was always obedient when Diana bullied or threatened.

I died found fire by 1003 it was like a seagon climbing the green shag stair carpet. Went to mom sat in front of her if I were the bully painted vie Diana’s lies I would have gotten my cats and left. Mom was calling 911. Mom suffered from the smoke too not as bad after 4 days in Iowa City burn unit I came home worried about mom.Ellen my baby sister could not bother to come see her only sister hospitaluzed for first time.Diana had told all nursing staff if my mothers imaginary beatings mother due to smoke could barely talk.

Its took a year and a half to convience mom the lues that I write horrid things about mom I deserved to be removed from moms will. For doing that for my 58th birthday mom was given a beatiful cat. If moms dead I want that poor cat.Lived in a cage. Came out to potty, eat or sit on moms lap. Since January 2015 mom got two over the counter codeine packs for the painful arthritis in moms shoulders.

No man stayed with Diana so long. Diana had a life time of crippling migraines. Son and grandson both been arrested for beating up women. Tuesday it will be two weeks mother was to have died and yet I can find no proof of it.A cop was.sent to my door walked right in I was waing for the bug spraying guy.

Last year same cop from Decorah was sent Diana feared for her life. I will party hard with her demise.A life time of hate from intimindation and loathing. I gate being her toy.Diana quit the job of selling tickets in January 2015 no longer needed to she had mom to abuse.

Help moms cat no one xared to help mom.I had not been allowed to mom since May 2018. Did three welbess checks last time February 2019 Diana finally got mom to say she didnt have a daughter val.I thought I lost her when I came out.But hell it took an abuser to loose my mom.


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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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