I take my stand!Write Your Story!

What happen to Marian Heike and her middle daughter Val, of 405 2nd street N.E.Waukon,Iiwa 52172?

Pity these are different things

A legend tells direction



Family trees show nothing!

Its not enough to know who you came from

Parentage does not define you

That’s why you writing your story matters

You know how ir felt the harrasement

Two and a half yeara

Seventy phone calls a week

Poor mom ten calls per day

Anything Ellen or I told mom on confidence

We heard mom tell Diana Dudley

No one can withstand Constant badgering

Gaslighting, Bullying,Harrassement

Abuse mother would not allow me to simply hang up the phone

Marian D.Heike, intelligent

Independant strong

Lutheran Saint Johns church Waukon Iowa

Bridge player same ladies over thirty years

Two thousand and twelve Red Hat lady, driving cross Iowa to Spencer to visit her sister

Diana Lee Heike Dudley, Sept two thousand and twelve sent Iowa Human Service to sneak in oyr back door

09/03/2012 my first day at Luther College

Two men snuck in our back door

405 2nd street N.E Waukon Iowa

Diana told Iowa Humam Ser ice don’t ring front door

Go to back door walk in

Diana told Iowa Human service that Val Heike beat and did not feed her ‘Bedridden mother and that she Could not rise to get the front door so Don’t ring the door!’

Diana a woman after five husbands divorced her as soon as wed could not survive on her social security wanted what mom had.

No one looked into the true Abuse of our family

2012 mom drove,was social, cooked, made her bed all things No one even bothered to look.

Diana told Iowa Human Service that I was going to isolate mom and allow no one to see or talk to mom

Said I was a bully

October 2014 Diana during an annual visit which Diana terroised in person removed all smoke alarm batteries but one

A smoke alarm does Not notifiy fire

A smoke alarm only sends signals out when smoke is sensed!

Then night before she left stuck her fist in our eighty six year old moms face!

At top of her lungs yelled’You have Nothong of Value,You have No right for doors that lock!’

And then mother so jarred after that terror rage lost control and fell by our bathroom

Mother no longer allowed me to lock doors, but I moved the guns Diana had planned to take home to her son.A son who would Not even come to say good bye to his granddad dying of Demensia.

After her visit I moved all dads guns. Its in the police report after the electric drier fire December 3rd 2014 night after Father Jo from Saint Patrick church came and discussed changing moms power of attorney. I had placed dads guns in living room. Mother and I were sleeping in the den since moms concussion in October. Mom in the chair I on the floor by mom.

Diana in August 2014 had literally threatened mom. In 2014 mom had put new furnace in with central air and in fall 2013 a new roof. Mom loved her home.I had promised at nine I’d always be there for her. Mom had severe arthritis in her tops of her shoulders. No disease. Never wanted to live with Diana the narcississ bully!

So August 2014 Diana called of course

Each call I saw mom suffer

Each call I heard mom Suffer

Mom in tears would say ‘Doesn’t she get that I’m her mom she is not mine!’

Diaba told mom that if I returned to Luther College in September she would drive to Waukon,Iowa( it only took Diana eight hours) either force mom into anursong home or take her against her will to Granbury Texas.

My goal was a teaching degree so mom and I would have money coming in and we’d be safe! Mo. Came to me in tears

Mom Marian D.Bittenger Heike begged me not to return to Luther College in Decorah Iowa.So I stepped out!

I was with mom all the time unless I went shopping

My baby sister Not once came in to stay with mom

People in your family have potencial to be real Fuckers. Caretakers do the best we can to keep those safe. Family love is not enough I learned that.Support even if its just a hour a day is needed.

While I was in school we kept all our doors locked

I went to school came home, cared for garden,cooked washed minded her cat and mine and any who were in need. Did what cleaning I could while carring a full load of credits at first community college then Luther College. Mom at No time was a Bed Ridden cripple.

Been disablied since 2008 August don’t stand long periods of time.Mom got the mail

i didnt know that in.2012 my half sister had placed her innocent Gay sister on Elder abuse with lies of beating our mom until January 2015 whrn she did it for the second time.

No money in America means innocent stuck as guilty.Ellen knew!

June 2014 Diana sent Human Services again a Denise Headington to try to simply walk in. She came twice first tome Ellen was there we hid in moms house. Diana in October after the threat had stollen moms note book her eldest grandson gave mom in 2013.

Dad died 2012. 2013 Mom was nagged then bullied onto going to visit Diana-s children because they would not come to dads service. Mom went for two weeks. Diana took a job selling tickets Granbury Opera house twenty hours a week.

Funny isn’t it

Maybe just to me this was a Hate crime against mom and her Gay daughter Val!

It only took a year Diana had accused me of leaving mom without a phone, bed ridden not fed and beaten.I have Never harmed anyone! I have an honorable discharge US Army, I was with mom most my life.

Endured verbal and whipped by alcoholuc dad. What’s our family bully do a year after falsifying accusation that placed me onto Elder Abuse destroying my Good name?

Diana left mom without phone. No car, no food twenty hours a week. Mom went for two weeks. Became three months before she got her eldest grandson to take her to the air port.

So Marian D.Bittenger Heike bedridden supposed Abused mom could fly home to Iowa!!!!!

Diana’s son at there early Christmas gave both mom and Diana a notbook

October 2014 Diana took that home with her

Read moms emails found mom was buying meat from Omaha meats.It kept me home more.Less food shopping.Mom lived in fear! Diana had called mom up and laid into mom for being a fool to waste her money buying their meats. That was when we knew she had just took it with her. Diana also accused me of removing the notebooks IP address and the games and for having placed porn on it!

During that October’s visit Diana was a very busy girl! I was in the den when I heard mom screaming! I rushed to find her. Mom had taken a nap in her bedroom with her cat Rusty a long haired Himalayan. Mom awoke to Diana digging in the two boxes mom kept in her bedroom. One was for birthday gifts and one for Christmas. And through the year mom would keep an eye out for gifts for those two things.

Diana was digging through moms stuff pawing. Mom was shouting ‘What are you doing, Thats my stuff!’ Diana yelled back as I arrived I need to know whats in here! Then I was told this was not my business!’

I said anytime moms upset its my business.

December 3rd Diana drive to our home, walked in murdered moms cat then lit our electric drier on fire while mom and I watched TV.

The only thing that saved us was the crawl space under the bathroom floor see the fire nuked our laundry room.No fire at 8pm when I was in the bathroom. By 1003pm no laundryroom which sat on outside wall bathroom. Took out dads gun cabinet across from laundry room. Took out moms bedroom door.Moms bedroom was the garage. Turned burnt hole outside by unlocked unsealed front door. Then turned and zipped up shag carpet and went right out ceiling. Did not burn on either side of upstairs stairway.

Electric driers only responsible for 2% of laundry room fires in US.

I found the fire

Breathe it in

Returned to den to get mom out of house mom was calling 911 would not come to floor.I died there.

I will tell my story until justice is served

My name is cleared and mom is out of that monsters hands

Mom got over 104000 dollars.House was totales.Diana wanted mom in Texas so bad.Never cared what mom wanted.Mom told her no I’m not moving to Texas seventy times a week! Diana got mom to sell her home even after totaled by smoke worth 25000 for 13000 on her Rush to get mom from Iowa to Texas.

It took a year for mom to believe I wrote lies about mom! Diana got mom to remove me from my moms will. In 2012 mom told Ellen Beth Heike Mathis that if Diana ever sent Human Services to our home again mom would remove her grom moms will.

Ellen told me that January 2015 after she Ellen told me she knew I never harmed anyone but that she could do Nothing about it!

December 2014 Diana told me no one would care or believe the truth. In 2011 after David Yoder put on a new faucett mom and I drove up to La Crosse Wisconsin to Manards to purchase on in the kitchen after one of Diana’s visit it broke off in my hand. Dads hacksaw hung in the stairwell accident or what?

Monsters are real

Some families are cursed to have one!

Moms cat Rusty was replaced after she removed me from her will.A tool to Stockholm syndrone. Bully then reward Gaslight mechanism.My second degree was going to be in Psychology.

Moms cat lives in a cage.Diana hates cats Moms cat comes out to eat,potty and sit on moms lap. What a life mom went from free in Iowa in her own home to bullied to death.

I write for me and my best friend.Diana’s lies took all those I lived

My blood sister could have stopped all if this if she had a backbone!

Gay family members always are good safe caretakers of family

We not monsters or tools to be scrapegoated

As a writer since 1985 I take my stand

Pen in hand.


Today my eldest nephew who worked with his mom against mom and me. I deleted his nastiness. I was nine when he was born.Robert John Cook was perfect.Used car sales man doesn’t scar me because he will always be that little boy that use to wake my sister and I up when we stayed with our older sister when we thought she was normal by sucking our toes.

I will always love my nephews. I m not afraid of any bully.Takes dying to stop fear.

Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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