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Chapter 5,6,Saving Cinnamon by Christine Sullivan

Can an animal like human

Be punished without talking to them? I say they can Today for the billenth time I awoke to declawes cat hand Scooping the rug My legs still swollen from cellijtice attach Did the yelling Black cat knows I’m mad I shouted Made the circle through kitchen net Twice only to watch him Slink away NotContinue reading “Can an animal like human”

Chapter 10a,End of Chapter 10,Chapter 11a, 11b,Heart of Home by Ted Kerasote

Chapter 4a,End of Chapter 4,5-8,Chapter 8,9,10,11,12,13,39 Clues,Nowhere to run,Jude Watson

Book 1,Unstopable

Chapter 4a & 4b,Saving Cinnamon by Christine Sulivan

Chapter 4a,4b