Everything’s a lesson learnt

Poverty teaches friends think your skill consist of whinning to get free thing.When you the one poor resists some not poor look down on you believing we need to be more greatful. Why crap is still crap where you are poor or not!

Life becomes a sasspool of those you believed friends bestowing on you now all their stuff those people not poor grew tired of. One friend’s friend gave her a bag of vitamins she diecieded to stop taking and ace bandages. I like vitamins like Calcuium, no clue what CoQ10 is D3 and a daily Relief is. Would have bought C and A, E,Garlic,Magnesium but can only get vitamins or decongestion stuff ordered from Wal-Mart. Last tome I ordered Fish oil never saw it,never got it. I was raised on nutrient been carless seven months.

Want to start a Rural Ride Share need a vehical and or a rural delivery service I live in Ossian Iowa “Have No Vehical’ ten miles from Decorah. Not interested in riding public transit that would cost me thirty dollars. Ill get a bike have head trauma from last time I was struck by a ninty-three year old retired attorney. I loath poverty. I was raised no shame in poverty my dad was a Chiropractor his phillosophy was in pain live or die.

If you got nothing you’ll get by. I always worked doing for others no one notice I always was a good person like my mom when push came to shove the good people get shoved under the bus because those that want see us easy pray. I cared for my mom.Drove Amish for pennies for gas or repairs on dads crappy truck.

I get cellitice and shingles neither are fun I suffer and get by.Rural Iowans are not just votes.Wheres dignity in blisters go if we are only viewed as of worth as wealthy polliticians. Bernie Sanders wife I might vote for but not old man river who imagine poor want Free shoved down our throats. Why are their No advocates lawyers so those of us like me could clear my good name dirtied by lies of a narcississ half sister.

I’d like to help my mom talk to her see her.The law continues to help her festering lies etch their way into my tissue lies lies when formed. The five men she married knew her fowlnesss and simple divorced her. The viper harrassed mom on the phone Gaslighting her for two and a half years.Annusl visits to bully in person dad never was the abuser mom’s first husbands daughter was.

My good friends day just forget about her live your life. That’s not who I am. Mom’s ninty-two lied into believing horrid things about me by an abuser living off mom who had Nothing!

If there was a lesson I could teach a poor person if you are loosing your vehical find a gun put the barrel in your mouth pull the trigger. Because all those goodie two shoes who want you to take all the free you can get won’t even get you a gallon of milk. Or take you to your bank so you can have the dignity to pay for your lousy milk. And those friends refuse exact change because they don’t want change.

Try to get assistance getting the assistance to get a vehical find there is no Assistance you are Not even seen as a business person who is non profit. I read on my YouTube Channle all you’ll find on ‘Val’s Whitewolf Media is a lesbian sensative empath me, writer whose goal is to teach how to be more discriptive. Shape other writers by hearing our contemperaries turn a phrase. No flash.

I went to NICC and Luther College wanted to teach history specializing in Military History College level until in America we my LGBTQ community are viewed for our addition to history and stop being viewed as a gender study. But do to sloppy medical treatment after I was struck by a car in 2008 and fite men in Waukon Iowa December 3rd 2014 rammed the back of my head into the wall getting me off the floor having died in front of my mom which I still get head aches from.

Recall my mom Marian D.Bittenger Heike the one had to be lied onto Elder Abuse as a step to force our intelligent good hearted mom from her home asked seventy times a day come to Granbury Texas. People will never know what it is to survived a verbal abusive dad then the toxicness of a narcississ.

She took mom from the nursinghome January 6th, 2015, twenty six degrees below zero to a home with no furnace mom spent first week in Texas in hospital with pneumonia. My stuff was insured with moms. I had sent mom reciepts for $1500 Diana the narcississ only allowed mom to pay me four hundred dollars. It took mom a year to pay me the rest sent in cash.

It took a year for Diana to lie mom into believing I write horrible things about mom so for my fifty-seventh birthday mom remiced me from her will like I never existed.Why is a hate crime only a hate crime if strangers do it? I was rapped at seventeen by Jim Magner in Waukon Iowa because I was not interested.I have been who I am since birth not mean or agressive.

Im a gentle sole except for times worked away from home.Didn’t come out untill I was forty. My dad had to explain me not married as developmentally retarded I found out. I outed myself to cousin who thought it odd I had gotten into US Army and Marine Corps. I’m no fool but humanity is damn mean.

It wasn’t enough Diana Dudly took my best friend and my mom she took all my family.Mom had refused to go to Texas right up to the murder of her cat Rusty the all white Himalayan with orange on his face and our set electric drier on fire while mom and I watched TV.

Sounds like an episode of Dallas but it wasn’t really took place from threats with Diana’s October 2014 threats. Before that August 2014 she told mom if I returned to Luther College in Septenber Diana would drive to 405 2nd St.NE,Waukon,Iowa and force mom our intelligent not Bedridden that in 2012 Diana Dudly lied to Iowa Human Service mom was or beaten and not fed. Diana also told the brain dead Iowa Human Service department that if they wanted not to get beaten up to go see mom just walk in our back door when Val’s gone! I have Never harmed anyone but I would gut Diana with a rusty nail.

Mom came to me in tears.I stepped out of Luther College to stay full time with my mom. Care takers paid or not need time to wander elsewhere my younger sister NEVER CAME IN TO assist with anything. Why well then October visit Diana removed my lock to keep heat in wish it hadbeed to keep assholes out!

Mom was so disyraught after Diana’s visit and we did not grasp the whole extent of her visit to sabatoge until December third the night after Father Jo came and spoke for over an hour. Mom fell backward Thanksgiving day we went to the ER. Mom was find she had just sat back.Mom had forgitten she had made Ellen power of arrorney when I went to work in Virginia for Aramark.

Dad was starting to get bad. We didn’t know he had Alzheimer. She wanted to make sure if she got ill she could see a doctor. Poor choice. She knows nothing of how to care for anyone.January when I got paper work placing me on Elder Abuse Ellen who know the bitch Headington said she’d clear it up. Next day told me she knew I was innocent of Ever harming anyone but could do nothing about it.

October after Diana stuck her hand in moms face and yelled at the top of her lungs at out eighty six year old mom ‘You have Nothing of Value,You have No Right to have Doors that lock!” Diana took moms notebook, mom fell got a concussion I moved all dads guns.We heard nothing in the den when people came in the front door.Diana always bragged she could drive to Iowa in eight hours.

At eight oclock the third December 2014 no smoke, the bathroom wall was the laundry rooms wall, you walked in front of hall to moms door which I had closed mom was sleeping in the den in her chair and I on the floor. I put three cats into the bathroom side board heat you see shut the door.No smoke No fire. Mom would have told Diana a priest had come and that we were changing moms power of attorney.

Diana could not allow that. So whatever Diana used in the drier worked hot and fast. By 10:03 it the fire nuked the laundryroom, dads gun cabinet all the guns I moved were loaded. Took out moms bedroom door.Reached out beside metal front door. Turned like a venomist snake head and rushed up the green shag carpet in the hall the went no place else but right out the ceiling.

My Harry Potter $150 collection( now worth $450) first addition was safe funny my golf clubs and classical guitar and amp vanished. Well thats enough to learn so far need tea then Ill read.Would move to Minnisota north they care that disablied want a better life and need vehical to work.

Funny my moms ancesters came to Iowa from PA in Covered wagons. Mom so loved Iowa and with her new great grand daughter wanted never to be forced to live with Diana Dudley in Granbury Texas who places 2 over the counter codine packs on mom a week. I hope Diana suffers all the forced mom and me to suffer and looses all she valued more then her mom and gay sister.

Abused, lied about paople and animals learn that from abusers.

Published by Val's Whitewolf Media

I'm Val's Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle and I write here on WordPress. I read books and instill others how importand writing stories readers down. in readers their stories matter.I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words.

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