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Importance of understand ‘No means NO!

Narcississ have limited intelligence they never can understand the concept of no. Take for example my older half sistrr the narcississ which is a learned behavior.When mom and dad were first married in 1956, Diana was eight. With years under her belt if making mom feel guilty about things.

My moms mom second youngest in her family skilled in wittling her way had virtually raused mom’s first born until she was eight. Diana’s father a real low life who thought it his place and duty to beat and kick mom even through moms pregnancy.

Mom told me they lived in California with his mom a real Narcississist.Anything her baby boy did was fine.Mom finally had,had enough when Diana was a year abd a half.We know now that babies learn behavior as young as eight.

Mom married dad,Dr.L.N.Heike a young Chiropractor met introduced by friends the baby of his family.Mom was pushed into marrying a mon she did not love after the bloke mom believed love if her life supposed died diving off the peer in Biloxi Mississippi. His best friend mom and her best friend eho worked at Dekalb, in Des Moines Iowa had met on vacation.

Don Bender of Bend Oregan was suppose to have died.They had made some super eight movies that mad crazy week in love. When technology became available mom made that film into two VHS.Those videos of that week were more precious as time went on my mom was a looker. Forced into marriage by her mother Lottie Henretta Starkey Bittenger Mrs.Clarence Ward Bittenger of Spencer Iowa.

Mom was bullied told repeatedly ‘Gaslight!’ Marian this may be your last oportunity to marry a man you with an eight year old daughter. So mom married dad July first nineteen hundred and fifty-six. His folks could not come down from Wisconsin because my cousin Karen was being born. Well the Heikes and my grandparents were busy I assume my dad’s sister and family came?

Karen was born on the fifteenth of July so aunt Wava might have been over due I know Wava had lost at least one baby. Oh well!

The newly wed’s were just married when the little princess decided that what mom had slaved to fix for super was beneath Diana to dine on.The princess wanted a peanut butter and jelly.Well dad had had enough of watching her bend mom to her will like a sapling in a strong wind.

Dad put his foot down and said without and doubt ‘No!’ The princess will just have to dine on what mom had made and that was that! I’m sure Diana was thinking sure that’s whats happening here. When dad came home at nine from the office Diana was sitting eating a P&J(peanut butter and jelly) mom said she was starving!

Dad soon took his new little family to meet the Wisconsin family and to meet the new baby. Diana is the kind of person believes as a narcississ the air in rooms really only for her lacks emphany big time. See mom the new young bride of the youngest son sweet lovely and intelligent and Wava and the baby my couson Karen had all the attention.

Something was making little miss perfects world tilt! Like Rosey the Jetson made and the Robot from Lost in Space something did not compute! How could it be no one was paying attention to Diana’s desires so with meeting my grand dad Paul John Andrew Heike a WWI one hero from France a fisrt sargent in the Medical Corps.Gramps job had being removing the wounded and dead in the trenches.

Born in eighteen hundred and ninty-six just twenty two his time in service full of carnage.The first World War was the last time horses were used to much slaughter engaging the enemy. I’m sure no one bothered to tell grampa about the assination of his character. Diana did to him what she did to me fifty – two years later. Both innocent of abuse to anyone.

Little Diana told mom basically that grandpa with at that time nine grandchildren felt her up! Mom looking stupid told her newly met sisters inlaw what little perfect Diana had just told her grampa had done. I see the fingers of my mom’s mom all over the planting of this seed. My sister and I were never allowed alone with grandpa because of this filthy lie.

Mom never saw Diana saw everthing her way. Mom said No, Diana heard later! This is important knowledge five men had to marry her to clearly understand the woman the ‘fckd*’, took out, the woman who looked good on the arm was in actuality a tazmanian devil who unlike the leaning tower of piza leaned not left or right but her way.

Five husband one literately tried to off her with a shot gun, he was the ex boss of her first husband.Number three a french man I have not been able to find anything about wonder if his bodies actually in a sink hole in Texas. Jean Claude Fleury, married Diana. Marriage lasted four months. Diana tells everyone he only married her for a green card and yet the arrangement was sexual and it takes several years for a green card.

Poor Jean(pronounced John) could not stick it out even five months.Number four married and before two years was done they were divorced. Last love of her life thought he knew her in high school marriage lasted a year.Diana says he only wanted a made. Knowing what I know of her now it would make more sense since he had daughters that Diana wanted to place herself before their needs and desires.

Dad passed in twenty twelve like a vulture Diana in twenty ten had started making her play to get mom from her home to Granbury, Texas. Mom said no.Mom told me she’d never give Diana anything if value because Diana would just sell it. Thats how she got many things including the home with bars on windows.Dan A’s engagement and wedding ring bought it.

Twenty eleven Diana started calling all the time.In twenty twelve with the first lies of malicious slander of Val Heike a full time student, helped at home and drove Amish for gas money to get to school. Diana was calling and Gaslighting and Harring ten times a day.

Diana knew minutes nearly after my sister or I had sworn mom to secretcy. Nothing was beyond Diana’s grasp but dear sweet mom. Tell Diana distroyed her world.I loath and dispise anyone in social work especially Human Service.Yhey need to be yrained in idenification of narciss then maybe other LGBTQ like myself and the elderly family members we love with all our hearts will be safe!

I hope still I can ckear my good name of her hearsay and even get State Farm to see who and what Diana is! They need to know how our laundry room became if full blown nuke xone in a mere two hours. Mom had told Diana in the morning that a priest had come the night before and we discussed ways to impliment ti keep mom safe from Diana.One such way was finally adding me to the power of attorney!

All that little girls dreams if swindling all mom inherited and the property ‘Cub Lake in Sawyer County bought by my grandad in the thirties for five grand. Never to have to worry about bills again. Took a year an a half to gaslight mom into believing I write horrible things about my best friend and mom! Diana had murdered moms cat when she walked through our front door to start our electric drier on fire(2%) of American laundry room fires are electric!

Wonder if State farm knew as of October we the Heike’s at 405 2nd street n.e. were No longer Allowed according to Diana to have doors that locked ! I will sure bring that tidbit up to Scott Houg next month. With no locks I moved all dads guns. They were all loaded wish I had known that.

I had never ever harmed anyone in my life falsely accused with elder abuse theres only one elder I hate more then I ever hated mom dad. I have been a Wicca since two thousand and two. I’ve never abused or harmed anyone. Sad the truth seems to hard for people to believe.

Why there is no doubt in my mind how fire started while mom and I say watching TV December 3rd,2014.

I dont think so not night after a prist came to the house and suggested placing me on the power of Attorney two months after Diana had remived my lock on the front door so call she had to do was drive to Waukon took 8 hours walk in like laundry in drier walk out.No fire at 8 pm. Of the 5 smoke alarms only one went off.moms cat was murdered.Rusty always first cat out any door diana hates cats. Diana knew first thong in the morning priest had been at our home. Electric driers are only respknsible for 2% of laundry room fires in US.


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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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