Honesty and my mom

A person’s honor use to be attached to our name like Peter Pan’s shadow. Our word was honor bound like a invisible contract. With false words Marian Heike’s honor was erased. My older half sister told in writting which according to Fran Phillips from Liverpool England was a legal binding document placed in the hands of Iowa Human Service. Diana had said that mother was bullied and beaten and would say whatever I wanted her to say.

Not one Human Service person since Denise Heading(IA Human Service)she told mom it had been reported mom was beaten and not fed, funny sad it also said mom was ‘bedridden.’ Humorous part of her visit assailing my good name and offending mom the Headington woman had her come uppings when mom,Marian Heike eighty-six.

When mom stood toe to toe with Headington between dinningroom table and sideboard by her walker mom said to her accusations of abuse ‘ This is not Soviet Russia, you have No business in my home! No one is being abused or beaten here!’ Val excort this woman out of my home!’

Mom had not been ordered to bed since nineteen ninty-five, mom told her sister Clarian, mom still babysat for Ellen’s boys. Mom had had an open leg.Only way the pain of that can truely be understood is for people to endure an ulcer in a leg.

Mom was supose to be bed ridden twenty two of twenty four hours.I was working contract as a seasonal at Mt.Rushmore for the concessional then the AmFac. I recieved a letter from aunt Clarian I needed to come home and keep mom in bed and take care of her. I said I can’t I gave my word. I grew up in a time honesty wasn’t a fancy name your word was an invisible contract. I had contracted in writting to work a complete season thats the only way employees qualify for a percent of money earned.

Denise had come pounding on our backdoor demanding not asking to see mom.I had never been accosted by a bulling woman straight woman, not my older half sister.I panicked let the bully in, thats what scapegoats do go willing to the slaughter. She stormed in demanding to see mom.{see the patter when Diana first sent people to simply walk in the back door in twenty twelve it was not until twenty fifteen that I found out Diana my half sister had falsely reported I beat mom and refused to feed mom.}

No one cared to research the truth in twenty twelve every two weeks in the afternoon mom played bridge with dear friends of forty years and every few years they added new blood.Mom and Mrs.Jim Klensky and Mrs. Ron Brandt and Mickey Conner oldest in group I believe. Eight ladies play bridge. This year mom was also driving across Iowa to her home town in Spencer Iowa. A record breaking fiet for someone reported ‘bedridden’ would you my reader not agree? Secretary for VFW, church going with her youngest daughter and cooking. Doing laundry getting the mail.

Ellen Mathis told me in December twenty fifteen January mom had told her in twenty twelve she had recieved paper work that Diana had been behind those men walking in our backdoor from human services. Told Ellen if she ever did that stunt again she would remove Diana Lee Dudley from moms will.

Ellen would have told Diana that immediately that would have devestated all Disna’s dreams of moms money and property she had plans to trickle through her hands which was the slime balls plans along. So after a year of Gaslighting claiming I wrote foul things about my mom.I only ever wrote the truth what Diana did to mom and me from twenty eleven to twenty fourteen. Whatever the narcississ Diana created in her sick mind then Brain washed mom into believing it was true mom removed me from her will. Diana read enough to know b-modification as well it seemed Diana had murdered mom’s white cat Rusty when she entered to house and set the fire in the electric drier wuth dri clothes.Diana hates cats.So changing the will got mom a cat. Moms new cat lived in the cat cage unless eating,poophing or occationally sitting on moms lap.

Diana put two over the counter codine packs on our eighty plus mom a week mom sleeping her life away while diana used moms money! Mom went to Texas finally after years of harrassing vie phone and lies of Diana with over $104000. Diana had nothing her furnace was not even working so when mom and her left Iowa Jan 6th, eight am twenty fifteen tgey slept in one bed hovering together for warmth. No heat in her texas home with its barred windows that weekend mom was hospitalized with pnemonia.

I will contest moms will changed underderess! The will change was my fifty eight birthday present it also allowed her to shore up her base much like trump did with the state address did to republican simplyminded. The people who believe coal was ever returning or car manufacturing in Michigan. So easy to believe a person NEVER A BULLY A BULLY! Not one spoke to my sister Ellen.

Iowa Human Service was told Ellen was in fear of me.Fck* Ellen never feared me ran with a group of bullies in high school. Ellen feared her husband Shawn Mathis when they were married now their buddies.Like Herman Gerring my kid sister Ellen she would never stand up to Diana! Never come forward for blood sister or drive two hours to Iowa City when the smoke from Diana’s set fire burnt my lungs having found the fire set December third, twenty fourteen night after mom had decieded to add me Val Heike to moms will to protect mom from her eldest daughter.

Twenty five hours later laundry room is torched. October twenty fourteen with fist in moms face inches from my mom’s nose a person not fit to breathe Marian D.Heike’s air,scretched like an insane loon ‘You have No Right to have doors that lock( she had removed my lock)You have Nothing of value!’ the scene was set! We had five smoke alarms all but one had a battery one in cellar stair well near crawl space under bathroom from laundry room.

One had been in moms bedroom next to laundry room, top of steps,dinningroom and den and cellar staiway.One in cellar way blew off at ten o three pm.Stalkers had just gotten over. Diana made family and human services of Iowa question moms honesty.

Mom given even food in a container whether from dairy queen or whatever would wash the spoon or container out and give it to me because I bought it. Mom never told a story she did not believe.If you told the story and she had heard me telling it wrong she’d talk through it to correct it. Honesty was Everything to mom. Mom never lied.

Mom never used the word ‘We’ but after the fire while I was fighting for life in intensive care never hospitalized in my life scary shit when you are alone I was fifty six age doesn’t matter if you ate all alone on oxygen.Died twice not visited once by my blood sister. I was in for four days then I left I was worried about mom. My oxygen level had gotten up to twenty four per cent something. Took less then a week for mom to go from Ellen and I to refering to Diana and mom as we.

Sixty plus years mom when referring to dad it was Lee and I or Ellen and mom it was Ellen and I. We is a control word.The week after the fire mom was in the hospital Diana spent lying to all the nurses that I was not allowed alone with mom because I beat her. Had one male nurse with red hair tell me if he knew I beat mom he never would have worked hard on me while I was dying.

I worked at the house all day and was not allowed near mom until Diana had hovered even following mom into to pot all day intensive high test hovering!

Ellen told me she knew what Diana was doing plus that she lied daily to mom.Ellen told her Diablo was not allowed to do that in her home. Ellen and I were working to slavage things from the smoke filled State Farm totaled house mom and my home! Ellen days diana would eat then go to the hospital.One day diana was complaining about all the smoke on her hands.Ellen told me that Ellen told her on hands its nothing mom and Val breathe that in.

Ellen through it all found a guy that would buy the house as is for twenty five thousand behind Ellens back diana got mom to sell the house to Mike Ferring for thirteen thousand less its value.Diana had a need for the house to be bulldozed al the proof would simply vanish then. If there was someone bad mouthing my sister she would not and her two dogs be staying in my home!

I was scretched at when I finally got to see mom.Daniel my godson had orders to take me to the fire department.God it was setup just like an old gangster movie and I had been brought in to be drilled questioned how the fire started. Ellen who I was not aware of was even in the building. God it felt like intensive care to nazi firing line! I was asked if I knew what lint was and if I ever cleaned it out I said with every use.

Then like a voice in a burning bush there was Ellens voice ‘ yes she gives that to me I use it for starting fires!’ Then I was released I guess state farm never cared to look at the real culprit. Then no hug I dued at our moms feet.

At the hospital behind moms bed again diana’s stage was set as she Yells at me ‘You will never ever get your hands on mother again. Mom was asleep and my blood kin Ellen Mathis joins in and you will not stay in my basement!’ Who were these people? Anytime Ellen needed something mom and I were there for them.

It wasn’t until January Twenty fifteen before Ellen hugged me. And she told me all Diana had done. Last I say Ellen fck* we share the same blood type October Twenty Fifteen she told me she missed me. I live thirty six miles away from my baby sister she knew I was innocent that January but could do nothing for me or mom.

Well I got stuff to do just wanted to share some of the pain narcississ take out on families.Until bullies are punished in families it will never stop. It might stop with bullies demiss. However the pain is etched like truth my good name damaged until I can take the bully her son and Ellen her compliant assistant to court.

Like an unjudged record Elder Abuse is attached to me. Diana Dudley told my friend Judy Waits, that Diana had not intended me to be charged with Elder Abuse funny Diana lives in a dream world accusing me of it not once but twice! I did checks on mom three times. Mom was told in Texas only way she could spend her own money on a TV and Dish was if she did not get a cell phone but used her magic jack phone.

Stockholm syndrome is controlling all anvenues a mouse might take in the limited maze their new world becomes.Magic Jack allowed Diana to control who got to talk to mom. She Diana when mom Marian Heike was in her own home spoke to mom ten times a day begging mom to leave her home.To which mom always said No!

What in Diana’s life made it ASAP mother had to be in Texas before end of year twenty fourteen. In twenty thirteen Diana’s annual bully feast got mom to consent to go to Granbury for a two week stay because diana’s children refused to come and say good bye to dad dying of demensia.

Two weeks became three months see diana desperate for $$$$ took a job working twenty hours a week selling tickets at Granbury’s Opera house leaving mom with out a phone(magic jack can’t be used or monitored if not plugged into a computer its like a flash drive) mom also had no tv. In a house not her own and unlike the piece of white trash mom like Ellen and I were not raised imaginging it was ok to snoop on cupboards and closets or drawers not ours. Diana ansmd mom would just watch TV on the monitor day after show aired.

Diana tried to bully Ellen to drive to pick mom up half way.I was a full time student at Luther College in Decorah Iowa mothers car would never made it there.I distincly recall that night I had driven out to Ellens she had made a pizza.Ellens a good cook with many things. Moms car would not start to go home Ellen had to take ne home.Mom finally got her oldest grandson Robert Cook to take our supposed bed ridden mother to the Dallas airport.

Eighty-six years old flew to Omaha and spend a day or two with my aunt. That was the year the guy who plowed our drive way had scooped a rail road tie that lay along side the drive way right through mom’s bedroom wall. Moms bedroom was the garrage. No one bothered to check facts!

Slipslotty Iowa Human Service, Waukon Fire Department. Allamakee Sherriff Department lousy blood relatives.I will not rest until all those guilty of lies that harmed mom and continues to hurt me are paid for. With pen in hand and the truth moms and mine I write my story if for no other reason people know monsters who use people are not just in movies.

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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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