So many words

Never really say enough


Lies, out of sight forgotten


Broken wonderful right word

Graffiling with thought

Missing those I still love I was expendable

Memento shinning full of sparkle

Marionette crumpled middle Gay daughter

Easy mart always at home

Oldest married five times

Divorced five times

In need of money

Harrassing vie phone strong intelligent mom

Narcississist plans took nearly three yrs.

Harrassing Gaslighting vie phone


Needed a pidgeon

No one knew what a gay would do

Easy fodder

She the Nac took my home



Blood sister told me

‘I know you are

I N N O C E N T!

Can’t help you!

That was 2015, Ellen told me

Sensative empath,

Not a friend still family

Tears a hole in the

Broken Marionette every breath

Same as I was always

Being a lesbian six feet blue eyes

Never harmed anyone

I want justice

I hear moms voice if shes alive

Marian D.Heike,Mrs.L.N.Heike

Not been allowed to talk to mom sinxe

May 2018

Want appology for falsifying

Allamakee Sherriff report June 3,18

Brought two depties to remove me from my sisters property

All these non bleeding


Like ditches on Time Team

I know no one who would do this

To a brother or a sister

Forcing mom from her home

New roof 2013

New furnace with central air 2014

Oct.2014 after removing our locks

Removing all but one batteries

Smoke alarms

Sticking her fist in moms face

Mom 86 born November 4th,1927

Screetching at mom

‘You have No Right to have doors that lock!’,’You have nothing of value!’

Diana had spent hours rooting through our treasures.

I called Diana’s annual visits trips into Horror!

This trip mom was napping to awake with Diana digging in moms private things.

When inquired what she was doing

The Nar said she needed to know what was here

In August she DD had threatened mom

Val returns to Luther College in September

I will come to Waukon force you into a nursing home or take you against your will to Granbury Texas!!!

Mom came to me

Crying begging me to stay with her

According to the lies Diana had told Iowa Human Services I beat mom

Refused to feed our invalid mom

Mom was NEVER an invalid!

No one looked into the insane phone calls, her abuse.her bank account!

2012 I was lables Elder abuser

Lies took my family, mom

My heart

December 2nd,2014 Father Jo came at 9pm

December 3rd 8m Diana’s first call Diana knew I was going on power of attoeney not the easy mark she figured I was.

It took eight hours to drive from Granbury to Waukon Iowa

She walked in murdered moms cat

She wanted mom not her cat Rusty

Mom loved Rusty

Any door opened Rusty was out it.

8pm I was in the bathroom on other side laundry room

No heat or smoke

See smoke alarms need smoke to go off

Only one with a bathery was basement stairway opposite crawlspace under bathroom floor

She walked in

Mom and I were watching stalkers on ABC

Mom was sleeping in den with me on floor since Diana’s terror visit

Mom had fallen

Had a concussion

Started a hot fire in electric drier

In America only 2% of laundry room fires caused by ELECTRIC driers

By 1003 pm, fire nuked laundry room,hall,moms bedroom door dads gun cabinet

Diana’s visit in October she planned to take all dads guns to her son

A man who could not even come and say good bye to his grand dad dying of dementia

I moved all the guns after her visit

Gun cabinet was locked

We found out after fire they were all loaded

Fire that hot hitting loaded guns

House would blown up!

No one looked into her set fire!

I found the fire died twice burned lungs

Fire zoomed up stairs went roght out after reached ceiling no dammage to other things.

Never allow family in your home after a fire

Many of my things were stolen

Broken or tossed

Murder by family

Mom and I were cheated

Mom ushered January 6th 2015 to granbury texas

The spoiled narcississ won

Mom had over $104000 when finally removed from Iowa

Never wanted to move to Texas

Never wanted to live with Diana

Mom has had to suffer with that bitch

Hearing what ever rubbish Gaslight home

I’m embarrassed to csll any of my sister and hee sons family for allowing mom and me to suffer wrongly

I want justice!

I hate loniliness



Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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