How to get a younger sister help?

There’s no help for you

No vehical

Christians won’t help

Younger sister like you sorta

Bullied too by older half monster sister

Forced elder parent after starting fire in her laundry room to Granbury Texas

Texan care nothing for abused

Gaslight elder Americans

Younger sister couldn’t come forward for innocent of Elder abuse accused sister

Told help Gay sister loose ability to talk to mom

So younger Waukon Iowa sister turns to alcohol

Ellen Beth Heike Mathis,Waukon,Iowa

Help me help my family

I have suffered lonliness five years

This is my last life is nothing poor n alone

Diana Lee stopped mom and me able to talk May 2018

June third I blogged going to see Ellen 2018

Diana finally allowed mom to return for visit to Iowa

I was not told

Diana called the sherriff of Allamakee County

I have Never harmed anyone in my life

Falsifying a police report adds to Diana’s offences

Poor innocent tools for narcississ

Texas don’t care!

Diana daughter if an abuser

Wife beater

Not my dad hers

Diana five times wed

Five times divorced

No man placed her on his will

No man with her long

No money

2012 claiming our mom Mrs.L.N.Heike bedridden


Not fed

Send Iowa Human Service September 3rd to our home

Told them go when I was not home

I might kill them

That was the day we started locking our back door

Narcississist Socialpath,NPD

2013, Convienced mom had to go to Granbury Texas, two week turn

A two week tour!

Reason her adult children could not be bothered to come to Waukon Iowa to say goodbye

Goodbye to Grampa Heike dying of dementia.

Diana hungry for mom

Been working a year and a half calling mom seventy times a week

Gaslighting vie phone to leave Iowa and move to Granbury

Mom loved Iowa, family and youngest grand daughter here, Waukon,Iowa

Mela Mathis

New roof 2013,new furnace and central air 2014

Diana had to rid mom of gay daughter who always helped mom,rid mom of her home

Then mom would have no choice

Wasn’t not working for bully

Diana knew force mom from her home

Diana always bullied mom

Unlike Diana’s five husbands mom

Eighty six would have No choice

Texas possesstion is nine tenths the law

Two weeks went by, 2013

Diana desperate to keep her home

Moms money and stuff reason to strip our intelligent mom of her home in Iowa

Diana took a job working twenty hours a week,

Granbury Operate house

Left our lied about in 2012, our Not invalud mom

Alone for twenty hours a week


No phone!

Took three months to convience Diana’s son

Robert John Cook just like her dad

Loved to beat women to take mom

The invalid to the airpost to fly home

Still I was the only one that cared

Still did not know I had been falsely accused

September 3rd 2012 of Elder Abuse,Fulltime college studebt Luther College Decorah Iowa

That was not the end

Torment from 2011 continued with annual visits to January 2015 in Iowa

January 6th,2015 Diana after a fire

Night after a prist Father Jo from Saint Patricks Catholic Church on December 2nd came to chat

Drive to Waukon Iowa took eight hours for Diana

Diana knew with first morning harrassment he had come.

August Diana 2014 had threatened mom that is September I returned to Luther College for fall term

Diana would drive to Waukon either force mom into a nursing home or take mom against her will to Granbury Texas

All it would have taken to stop this would have been check on Diana’s phone calls,Robert had made four called to Ellen abusively to force Ellen to assist his mom. Also if it had been checked Diana’s bank account and bills.Mom left Iowa with over $100000 from inheritance from dads insurance and State Farm.

No one suspected arson.In October 2014, Diana had stuck her fist in moms face and screetched ‘You have Nothing of value! You have No right to lock doors.’Diana had removed my lock on front door.We lost lots of warm air every winter lock was bad my lock stopped air loss.

That visit Diana wanted to take her sons dad’s guns. Case was lock. After she left stealing moms Note book Robbie had given mom previous Christmas so Diana could spy on mom

I moved all dads gones after Diana was there saving two pistels upstairs for my youngest blood nephews. Mom fell and had a concudsion after this vistit if white trash.

Our doors never locked again. Mom started sleeping in den with me.I slept on the floor. In June mom had started to buy meat from Omaha Steaks. I had in August after mom came to me in tears asking me not to return to Luther College.

I spent most of my life helping mom

Diana did not count on my valuing mom more then college.

I always valued mom more then my sisters.

Funny the film company Acorn gas a film coming out sounds like hell mom and I lived through.

Out of five smoke alarms only one had a battery that was one in basement.

2% of laundry room fires are in electric driers. Bet the numbers fewer leople whose bedroom is beside laundry room by front door conviently that night sleeping in den three rooms away from front door.

The notebook Diana took back to Texas Diana called to tell mom she took it.

Told mom it had no IP address

No games

And that I had put porn on it.

Shes insane!

She put two over the counter pain packs a week on mom in a state morphone is not orescribed to elderly. Took her a year to Gaslight mom into believing I write horribly things about my mom so I needed to be removed from moms will. This move of Diana reasured my family I was a monster.Mom had removed me from her will.

I died twice in 2014 from smoke of finding her fire.Dhe had murdered moms cat Rusty.Anydoor opened any where in housr Rusty was out it.

These people are out there.

There care nothing for the innocent they murder.

Me, Ellen, mom, mom and my cats.

Skys the limit for Narcississist!

Published by Val's Whitewolf Media

I'm Val's Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle and I write here on WordPress. I read books and instill others how importand writing stories readers down. in readers their stories matter.I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words.

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