Food Stamp cards and carry out

Funny sad but another reason my business idea would flourish its the brown paper bag theorum all over again. People need to go places,want things delivered but don’t want to feel intimindated.

Walmart knows that that’s why some wise human thought up the idea how to use Marslow Hierarchy which is the use of what everyone wants vs. Needs.

By allowing the food stamp card to be used for pick up grocceries which the Walmart store collects the food order and the customer goes and picks up the products at pick up.

This idea is benifitual for the store more then the client because it is like the employment exam which assumes all potential employees are theives. By the store selecting what the customer would buy keeps potential theif down because the poor people who might not have the correct money to shop in the store but must have it when the pick up.

For me part of the appeal of Walmart is shopping most of fun there for this kid is whizing around on a cart. But no vehical I will still be using the order online and the crappie FedEx dash up put spmewhere in front of my low rent housing door and NEVER RING OR KNOCK ON THE DOOR AND DASH AWAY!

Fedex makes delivery stealth an art I have no idea how they stay in business with merchandising Willy Nilly being stollen from the Walmart customers. I lost tea this month.

Its not a compliment or Walmart being helpful.I unlike many poor who live for goverment hand out to goverment handout do not use a food stamp card.

I like this idea purely because it might keep these people who use the food stamp card for pop and sweets for themselves accually use it for food.

I recall one day a few years ago being behind a little family.Two little ones the parents were huge.There was nothing nutrient in the cart.Lots of pop and white bread.The $137 paid for all but a birthdays card.The woman took out a fist of bucks and used a $20.

That was so terribly beyond sad!

To assume on Wal-Mart’s part that Everyone poor are crooks is sadder this writer thinks.

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