Comic relief

MC Minnesota MPR

12/01/2019 for grins states

Only four more months of Winter

Mister President

Yes sir only four more


A little snow does not mak norther. MW winter

Forth-five assures us Nothings amiss

Weather’s not changed

According to calender

Winter doesn’t start till 12/21

Usually coldest month February

So far Wettest October since 1993

Third Hottest October on record

Coldest November on ‘Record”

No mr. president our weathers not changed abit

Poplutions worst in my generation

Carbon put out vehicals matched forest fires

In northern Iowa our winters

Lasting to April thats a grin

Maybe in Florida

Waters rising

Florida and other coastal properties

Land mass will be under water

Test fill a bucket

Stick your hand in


Glaciers melt

Where’s the water go?

Change protection

Allow murder of baby wolves and bear cubs

Remove protections on sacred lands

Historical irreplaceable wonders

Lie to America and the world

One of greatest Amerjcan presidents

This historian knows cared

Forty five participated

Went out among Americans even to

Kennedy Center Honors 2009

Didn’t belitter writers

Its Americans Right to breath trueth

To stand tall amoung the world

Not to play pals with countries without

Human Rights

Not to kiss Ass or sell guns to those

Third world sellers of corruption

An American journalist

Murdered and cut up, buried

No one brought to justice

American farmer on family farms

Face same ruins of the nineteen eighties

Politics not a life choice

Those that serve should not get elected to retire wealthy

Where are those that serve

Spree decore!

Honor, loyalty

Grassley,Iowan, farmer, millionaire

Reference point

Advertisement shows still in office

Brags got Iowa to invest in wind power

Alliant Energy still rapes Iowans

Winter step one added fifty-four dollars last month to my bill

Winter step one and two starts in November

Last January Alliance Energy added sixty to my bill

In February a C note was added calling the add

Winter Step Three

I heat one room

Low renters living on railroad track

No vehical in town no groccery store

No money to get vehical to start groccery delivery service

This poets goal not to be in poverty

Not to be force to randsom my energy

Alliant Energy got Millions to impliment better, cheaper energy!


This is not new occurance

Been years getting away with

Winter Step one,



Only two months year not over charged

September and October

After Winter Step one and two and three

Summer step one and two

Brent Wents asked once

‘What-s Winter Step one and tw’

Alliant Energy said

‘Well, some of your electrics come from the south, some comes from the north!’

That’s as stupid as telling coal miners

I’ll bring your jobs back!

Where are the pollitions that understand Americans ‘Want and deserve a goverment that cares those in poverty might want to work and actually have the American dream!’

Where are those who will fight for innocent American’s rights?

Thought politicians were supose to care!

Over paying for electric and heat

Bully tactics!

Shutup and put up!

This poor entrepreneur wants to start a Rueal Ride Share back up with a rural groccery delivery.

Small business of Iowa tells me

You start then we will help you out!

Questions like why not just drive for Uber!

Nearest Uber’s seventy seven miles away. Because I know what it is to go without

I’m ten miles from Decorah Iowa

Last year I was quoted by Hometown cab $86 if want to shop at WalMart, home and back



I read books on Val’s Whitewolf Media on YouTube, write here

Try to get viewers to understand

They my veiwer matter

Their lives matter

Write something daily if thats what needs to be done to write their history

Everything matters in hostory

The wealther

Our climate

Whose in office

Poets like me

Goals like mine

Not to live in poverty!

To own my own wind and solar powered farm

To be outstanding in

My field

Not to have to pay Alliant energies assinine bill so Iowants like Grassley profit!

Well like John Wayne would say

‘I’m burning daylight!’

MPR isnt on yet!

Good Day America

December 2nd,2019

Point of interest our northern Iowa

Winter last till June

Has these sixty one years.

Global change is a legacy too

Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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  1. How is it that yesterday WordPress refused to see that I exist.That this is my email address.That I paid Premeium just recently. My emails go to my gmail account. Funny to me that when I click a star on my stuff I get an email. Silly.


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