Deep abiding emptyiness Abyss bottomless sadness Equivalent to Sadness but more If plastic and raw organic is recycled Spirits Can spirits devestated Crushed by familys Does love restore hearts Trust unlikely to ever return Don’t know of others pain just moms and mine Cold but fire burns bright Laughter recalled not been mine for yearsContinue reading “Less”

End of Chapter 1, Winnie the Pooh,Disney by Alex Ross Perry

Live Love never forget what maked your heart.

Heart attack

Purpose mother Objective forcing her to endure loss of her home making her to have to live with the family monster Cost rapping Gay sister of family Bloxhams and Snitkers of Waukon Iowa both families Gay daughters Neither Bloxhams or Snitkers families saw it as ok to mutalate a good trusted and true family member.Continue reading “Heart attack”