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How to save money at Christmas(True based on fact not funny)

Or how to take a good person

Strip family member of her good name

Self respect

Crush your elderly moms heart

Ignite parents laundry room

Use more hate vie lies then onflicted on Mathew Shepard that raped him if his life

On one gay sister who assisted your mom since 9

Ask Diana Lee Dudley of Grandbury Texas

Diana will tell you proudly you will need:

Two point two years of your life

A younger sister easy to bully

A telephone to brutally Gaslight aging mlm calling seventy times a week

Dim witted Human Service Departments of two states to never investigate any of her lies

Ability to fly or drive to Waukon Iowa

Harrass and bully in person





Result after torching after scaring elderly mom with your hand in her face

Shouting at her ‘You have no rights to lock your doors you have nothing if value!'{Diana’s crap house in Granbury Texas jas nars on windows.}

The house at 405 2nd street N.E. in 2013 had a new roof put on it,

In 2014 a new furnace with central air Marian D.Heike had no intention or desire to move in with her narcississitic daughter Diana Lee,

No man has been forced to remain with that nut bag as long as mom was if she lives.Diana had five husbands they all like rats jumped the ship called Diana Lee.The last one after just one year.The love of his life!

Diana placed two pain packs a week on our eighty seven year old diabetic mom

Diana a narcississ void of empathy Gaslight mom out of her property

Conviencing my best friend that I write filthy things about her my mom

My Hallmark birthday card for my fifty eighth birthday in 2017 was to be removed grom moms Will.Diana gave mom a cat to replace Rusty murdered by her hands. Moms new cat lives in a cage only coming out to potty,eat or sit on moms lap.

Mom and I never harmed anyone

Diana just like trump lie to their vase camp with new lies all the time to strengthen old lies

First not allow me to be paid for even some of my property aftery her 🔥

{Mom was alluwed by Diana to out of 1500 to send me a check for four hundred dollars in 2015. It took to Christmas of 2015 mom paid all of the 1500 whick I had reciept for.}

For Diana it made sense second remove me from moms will. This allowed her base to truely believe the filthy lies that I beat and refused to feed my invalid mom.Funny if my family had a half a brain between them all they would remember that mom was NEVER BED RIDDEN NOR BEATEN! DIANA ALSO LIED ABOUT DR.L.N.HEIKE.DAD NEVER BEAT MOM! It was Diana lee dudleys dad who beat and kicked mom. Diana’s son and grandson both wife and girlfriend beaters. My dads weapon was words. Dad hit me never mom.Dad was nearly beaten to death by his dad when he was fourteen.

May 2018 since diana made mom use a magic jack for her phone in order to spend moms money on a TV and DISH TV mom had to use the magic jack Diana had. Diana had no money. The magic jack allowed the narcississ to allow only those she wanted to talk to mom. After mailing me a birthday card with a voided out Walmart card she stopped me talking to mom. The only person I dream of disemboweling is her that hurt me with her hate.

December 2018 Dr.Pillsbury late of Luther College recieved an email Mom wanted my address and telephone number.Diana had all that.With my third welness check February 2019 diana had convienced vie GASLIGHTING AND STOCKHOLM SYNDROM MOM NEFER WANTED TO SEE OR TALK TO ME AGAIN. AS LONGAS I BREATHE DIANA you look over your shoulder.

In your rush to shorten your families christmas list you cut the heart out of a generous good hearted fun loving honest literate gay woman obe of these days your number will be



{P.S.Scott Houg (State Farm)did you bother to investigate the Heike house fire set the night after Father Jo from Saint Patricks Catholic Church came to the house to suggest I go on the puwer of attorney.Did you know the bully of the Heike family goal was to force our mom from her home so she could live off mom in Granbury Texas. Diana had No money.In 2013 when she insisted on taking mom for a two week stay because her children coukd not be bothered to come see dad dying of dementia in 2012. Did you know Diana forced mom to sell the house to Mike Ferring for $13000 less its value, see Diana need it bulldozed over before anyone saw what she had done. At 8 pm Dec 3rd 24 hours after Father Jo had been at the Heikes.Father finally convienced mom we could hire an Amish to clean weekly. In October Scott Diana had removed my front door lock after with her hand in moms 86 year old face threatening mom about locking our doors.

At 8 pm December still no fire or smell of smoke when I visited the the bathroom and since the wall to the hathroom was also the laundry room wall. The floor under the bathroom was a crawl space why did the fire not go throw the wall

Bathroom was not dammaged not even the door.We lost every year so much heat in fact it looked exactly like a pipe organ outside the front door. The laundry room fire was set in the electric drier it exployed out totaled the laundry room.Took Diana 8 hours to drive to Waukon Iowa.Her only income beside Social Security was selling tickects at Granbury Opera house twenty hours a week. Her son sells used vehicals in Texas her gave her her white SUV. Diana for two and a half years Gaslight mom on the phone calling mom 70 times a week mom did Not want to leave her home. She might have built on the land but I was not alliwed to talk to mom.Diana slandered me at Waukons hospital assuring all the lie I beat mom.

Telling no one she was toxic bully you met her when she tried to bully you into paying for the nursing home. Upon entering house Diana the cat hater murdered moms white cat Rusty. Then had the box of moms cat and some of might tossed by a cousin Diana enlisted from Spencer Iowa Randy Andy Lovitt who in front of me while stealing painting our grandma did tossed the cardboard in the green bin by the house.Ellen Mathis was going to and told Diana she plained in warmer wealther bury the cats in her yard.When she(Ellen)told Diana the cat hater all Diana said was Well now you won’t have too.

Did you know after dying twice that night in Iowa city I came home after four days concern about our cats and mom I was taken to the fire station.I found No one whose been taken from intensive care then to the fire station to be accused of setting the fire!


Published by Val's Whitewolf Books

Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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