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Why do families get away doing to eachother thats against the law doing to strangers? I’m not yhe first person lied onto Elder abuse so our elderly can be RAPED financially. Striped from their homes!

I’m probally the only Iowan lesbian who at 50 returned to college,so hated with jeolousy by an older half sister married 5 times. This full time college student at Luther College, lived with her mom.Carried a full load if classes.

Drove Amish for money to go to school worked toward a BA in history goal to teavh so mom and I would have a better life. Lied with heresay by a woman so controling no man wanted to remain married to her as long as 2.5 years.All divorced her.

Sonand grandson both like their moms father wiman beaters.No one looked into the woman who for 2.5 years harrassed our mom on the phone calling her seventy times a week.

Made annual visits to harrass mom.poke through all her possession. Then December 3rd 2014 walked into our laundry room at 405 2nd streey Waukon Iowa 52172 lit our electric drier on fire after murdering moms cat Rusty.

August Diana threatened mom with placing her into a nursing home against her will or driving to Waukon Iowa and taking mom Marian D.Bittenger Heike against her will to Granbury Texas.

Mom came to me in tears. I had for years gone to school around the year. In the summer mom had requested I remained at home.Mom had been fearful since 2012 of Diana since she had placed me onto Elder Abuse which I found out about January 2015.

Diana had sent Iowa Human Services to our home my first day September 3rd 2012 at Luther College.Diana told them according to the paper work that if they went to see our INVALID MOM AND I WAS HOME I WOULD HARM THEM!

Dan Ahler of Texas was told when drove to Iowa from Texas to give mom crappy old phones after I had given mom two brand new VTECH phones that I would hit him! And if that occurs threaten me with the Waukon Police Dept. Never had I ever struck anyone.

Dan married Diana DIVORCED HER IN A YEAR! Dan was the end of the line for any man who wanted between her legs. Dians figured mom hareassed and lied to and bullied by diana for 60 years would NEVER,EVER have the confidence to leave her fo Diana worked toward that goal!

Ten times a day Diana called mom.Things my sister and I would share with mom Diana harrased out of mom. Mom had placed my sister Ellen on power of Attorney when I went in 2000 to work a summer season for Aramark and forgot about it.

Diana controlled Ellen our younger sister. So many horrible things mom and I suffered throw Diana’s hands including having white trash the night after Father Jo from Saint Patricks Catholic church come and chat with us about protecting mom from Diana.

Next morning with Diana-s first phone call of harrassment she knew we were planning on changing the poeer if attorney. Diana could not allow all her harrassment work to have been for naught! The drive from Granbury to Waukon Iowa only eihgt hours.

There was no fire in laundry room directly behind bathroom at 8pm. By 1003 there was NO LAUNDRY ROOM,Hall, mom’s bedroom door. Neighbor saw fire coming out of wall by front door in October we were told we were not allowed to have “any doors that locked because in Diana’s words we had nothing of value!’

I moved dads guns.We found after the SET fire in the electric drier(Electric driers are only responsible for 2% of laundry room fires in US!)All dads Dr.L.N.Heike’s guns were all loaded.

Diana had wanted to take them all home to her son Robert John Cook a man who could not be bothered to come and see his grand dad dying of dementia. If Diana’s fire hit that house would have blown up.

Families are easy marks for hate! Funny no one not even friends care enough to stand up for friends. In August of 2014 when mom came to me in tears afraid of Diana and asked me not to return to my senior year at Luther College in Decorah Iowa I left Luther.

I Never Ever thought people would so easily believe Diana’s lies about me and care NOTHING ABOUT MOM! ROBERT threatened Ellen to het her to help Diana sand bag me the second time in her entire like at 53 Ellen, stood up to a bully instead of standing behind one and told Robert a used car sales man No! Four nasty trashy bullying phone calls and Ellen said no.

I stepped out of Luther College for a woman I didn’t know had been told to Iowa human services in Sept.2012 Marian D.Heike was an invalid and that I beat my mom for kicks because my dad beat mom.All lies there are No heroes! No knights on mighty steeds! You need to tell your story and hope that one day before you die of lonilness because your christian family could not wait to believe the one person “they NEVER EVER SAW HARM ANYONE BEAT HER MOM!’

Dad was an alcoholic they are negative dad beat me and hit mom with words. Others were the best mom and I were dad and diana’s gun fodder! Human service of Iowa need to throw out all their workers and rehire.They need to not exit if there so easy take the lies of family members seeking their own agenda’s.

Diana would bot allow mom to rebuild.Ellen allowed our bully to stay with her after the fire.Diana had all but one nurse at Waukon Iowa hospital sure I beat my mom.

No money means innocent LGBTQ DIE horrible deaths lied about, without family. Mom Gaslight to believe I wrote horrible things about mom. Diana controlled the magic jack that mom was told she coukd only spend her money on a TV and dish if she still used her maguc jack for the phone service.

Monsters exist they are not the queer family members who love our parents and who from children are with them. May last year was the last I was allowed to talk to mom. June she came to Iowa 2018.I had said in my blogg I was going to see Ellen June 3rd funny the non christian gay wanted to talk to her BLOOD SISTER.

Only I was not allowed to talk to her.Diana was there falsified a report to Allamakee Sheriff department they sent two deputies.I saw no family Im not violent but I could without anythought but pleasure a orgasmic glee strangle the lying piece of white trash that sent Dr.Jeanette Pilsbury an email December 2018 saying mom wanted to talk to me.

I wanted to talk to mom to. Mom was my whole life. By February 2019 Diana had finally Gaslight my mom the eoman who before December 2014 use to say Val and I or Ellen and I was using the control word ‘We.’ February on my third welness check wanted nothing to do with me making all the lies Diana told everyone true.

I have Never Ever harmed anyone.I am not a victim.Mother and I suffered from Diana Lee Dudleys abuse theres no where this piece if white trash can hide! The truth is the truth it may not matter to you what happened to Marian Heike and me but that does not mean it did not occur. Diana’s abuse and lies like a fungus still grows as long as no one stands up to her lies.

As long as I breathe I will fight for better rules and so the innocent like myself do not suffer from being placed on Elder Abuse because that’s easier then carring that our Elderly should have the right to remain in their homes in Iowa cared for by their gay children.

Weapons like hovering and Gaslighting should be looked into they are fiecely violent used by narcississ who Never should be the care givers of Anyone. Diana a narcississitic bully did all the things she falsely accused me of.

2013 bullied mom to Grandbury for a two week visit so Dianas children who would not come to Iowa to say goodbye to dad. Two weeks became three months.Diana desparate for money took a job selling tickets at the opera house twenty hours a week. Left mom the just in 2012 claimed INVALID TO Iowa Human Service Department.

Diana left mom twenty hours a week no phone, no TV . Mom begged Robbie to take her to the airport so our 85 year old mom(supposed Invalid mom of 85 could fly back to Iowa where she woukd then drive 5 hours from Spencer Iowa home.)

All proveable no one Cared to looked.Do you want no one to see the monsters that attack your elderly parents!

I worked with elderly people since 19 was lied onto Elder abuse as a fulltime student who helped her mom at 54. Had enough five years Christians if there were no gospels Jesus the Jewish Rabbi would not even veen a writers footnote.

Liars who never met the Rabbi made the church what it is. Narcississ like my half sister and her blinding headaches who learned bullying and harrassment from her wife beating father at a year and a half.


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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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