My mom

Was nearly with her my entire life

Until December 3rd 2014

Accusations falsely made

No proof

Was no proof

December 2nd priest came

Consulted ways keep bully from mom

Eighty seven bullied

Harrassed Diana Lee Heike Dudley

No one but mom and I and Father Jo cared.

December 3rd our harrasser

Our bully droce to Waukon Iowa

Walked through door she knew open

Killed moms white cat

Diana wanted

Needed mom

Hates cats

No one cared

Fire set

Electric drier

2% nation laundry fires caused by electric driers.walked out

Two rooms over

In dead Diana’s Gay sister and her mom

Sat watching a new TV show


8pm no fire

Bathroom connected to laundry room

In hall by front door

Oct 2014 mom was threatened

‘You do not

Deserve doors that lock!’

‘You have nothing!




Diana lee Heike Dudley was our abuser

our BULLY!

No one cared!

One gay sister

Me defending OUR


2 a voice!

I advocate for our trueth!

No one cared about the years of harrassment at her hands!

Two years if 70 calls a week

Getting into every little bit if information mom kept secret daily

Diana could not allow me placed on power of attorney

Diana worked since 2011

Raping me of my family

Then for me

The gay daughter always with mom

Innocent of Ever harming anyone!

Placed with lies twice on ELDER ABUSE TO FORCE MARIAN


Bittenger Heike

From her rights,



I have nit been allowed to talk to my mom since last may

Nivember forth mom will be 92

I don’t even know if she lives

We had 5 snoke alarms

Only one had a battery the one

In cellar stair ways

If I lay dying


I will accept no help.

I lost all my family from lies and NO ONE CARED

No one stepped up!

No one tried!

Diana sole control of mom

Money and her

2016 after a year of GASLIGHTING

Mom bullied to believe i

I write horrible things about



Marian Heike removed me from her will

Ellen Beth Heike Mathis

Waukon Iowa

Told me 2014 December that mom knew in 2012 that Diana had accused


Mom the written



Not fed woman

Told Ellen that if Diana

Ever did that again

Mom would remove Diana from moms will

Mom hot a cat

Cat lives in a cage

Comes out to sit on moms lap

Or to eat or pee

Then back in cage!!!!

Ellen Mathis told me in January 2015 she would clear the Elder Abuse up

Ellen told me she knew I Never harmed Anyone

Three days later Ellen told me she could do NOTHING about the false chargesI pity Dan and Craig for having such a mom! She knows better! Ellen was raised better!

Mom and I suffered from 2010 at Diaba’s hands

How the hell Do monsters like Diana get caught?

Mom told Diana 70 times a week no

Every bullying up close the narcussiss did No

No I’m not moving to Texas!

No I don’t want to live with you!

2013 mom put a new roof on house

2014 new furnace with central air

Diana bullied mom to selling her home after Diana’s fire for $13000 less its value to Mike Ferring

See Diana needed the house bulldozed so none of her secrets would get out

Mike instead restored the house

Was on the market for $106000

Two over the counter pain packs a week on our mom since 2015

Susan Hanley of Texas

Told me in 2015

No doctor would prescribe that for a 87 year old!

No one cares!

People say they do

That they get it!

They lie!

No one bullies me!

No one cared about the fire

Or the bullying


If mom and I died!

Who but Us would have cared

Just an old and gay Iowan dead

The fire setter allowed to

Slither away!

Why is there no laws to protect the innocent

Why was it so important to Diana to steal mom and my good name!

Phone and computer records exist

Is this how it is?

How do monsters come to justcie

This is why I try to compele my readers and others

Importants of them writing

Their stories

Someone got to hear us!

I regret being easy pray

I regret thinking others always saw

I was innocent

Good hearted


I never imagine

No one would stand for me!

No one would make my younger sister understand that her not coming forward would make mom have to live with the bully in August 2014 mom came to me in tears.

Val dont go back to school I’m afraid!

Afraid if Diana Lee!

Still my good name soiled

Published by Val's Whitewolf Media

I'm Val's Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle and I write here on WordPress. I read books and instill others how importand writing stories readers down. in readers their stories matter.I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words.

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