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Hello, I suffer from brain trauma a TBI.

I self diagnosed it in 2010 when I found out symptom s never having been given at Waukon Veterins Memorial hospital in Waukon,Iowa August 11th at 4 pm 2008 after being struck by Lynn Morrow a retired 93 year old attorney.{ I would appologize for the long run on sentence but I’m tbe queen if long ass run on sentences.I really do not need it brought to my attention.}

I Valerie Kay Heike,Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle,Val Heike Littlewolf,Facebook,vlittlewolf twitter had my left knee cap moved over the old guy got no ticket – so if you have a need to feel the thrill of running over a full time lesbian student who always minus five times working from home and get no ticket I no longer bike or live in Waukon Iowa and that cop hopefully eventually lost his job or is mayor of Waukon by now!

I wasn’t kept over night, no CT scan was done or MRI. I was that night with a cast on my right wrist that had been shattered to bits was cooking supper with my mom. Next morning I was covered from head to toe except the tip of my nose in one large black and blue bruise.Lynn Morrow now dead drove for two more years. Hit no more biking lesbians after their final in Cultural Diversity. I aced the exam and walked away from being struck by a car then failed every class in higher math until expeled by my college Luther in 2016.

I wanted to work to teach college level History Dept. specializing in Military history unyil my LGBTQ community were seen as good enough to qualify as having had a history and no longer be taught in American colleges as a Gender study and a CHOSE!!

If you have yet not fely how fricking pissed I am then allow me to shout it ‘I’M PISSED!’ It wasn’t enough that I was helping my mom and driving tourist and Amish for money to go to college so mom and I would have a better life my older half sister thought as alwats Val was fair game take her out NO ONE WILL CARE! That wpuld be the linchpin to force our mom from her Iowa home.

Mother and I found out the hard way that life is always for those with the bucks or those who wink and look the prettious while they lie!!!!!

In January I finally got a nurse prationer Bakewell to see I had a need to see what damage I sustained in August of 2008 and again when firemen after my half sister walked in our front door she threatened mom in October of 2014 after removing our front door lock. Diana Lee Dudley shouted with her fist in moms face ‘You have No rights for doors that locked, You have NOTHONG OF VALUE!!’

The no lock front and back door caused us great lost of warm air in an Iowa winter.The fire men rammed my head into the wall.My head was swollen for a year still a bit tender back there. The MRI this time I was not given was at the University of Iowa Hospital,where I died twice from Diana’s fire vie burnt lungs.

Father Jo from Saint Patricks chutch had spent an hour with us in our dining room discussing adding me to the power of attornetly my sister was placed on it in spring of 2000 when I took a seasonal contract working for Aramark at Skyland Lodge mom feared dad would see mom having a heart attack and just go to bed.

Mother was called by Diana and Gaslight daily ten times a day Diana knew what was discussed the very next morning.Diana prided herself when not having a severe migraine on her speed to drive to Waukon.In Diana’s October annual bully in person visit she had removed all the batteries but one from five smoke alarms.

The difference from innocent victims of falsely accused by families with their own agenda”s and sexual assaults is they are given advocats.Gay family members innocent of Elder Abuse are allowed none! Husbands of narcississ stampede to divorce court because they know No one will hear them if they try to talk about the abuse they recieved at the hands of their lying abusive wives with NPD.

Finally October 2019 the 9th a friend took me to Gundersen East building in La Crosse,Wisconsin found out what I knew I have a TBI that affects my ability to test out of higher math.The neurologist acknowledge my intellect is good. Pat said I never respond or even answer all her text. One I’m not dating my friend Pat and on principal and somethings are mine business and to those things no matter who you are my saying nothing is a lot!

Pat also said I have difficulty stringing thought together.Bullshit.

Had a MRI finally in January only eleven years after being struck by a car on my tenspeed and stricking the road head first. Causes my trouble concentrating and problems with higher math.

I do very well with attention thanks to having my YouTube channle when I try to get people to realize how important their story truely is.

Found out last Wenesday. For 6000 they will poke around some. Lost a friend because Im not going back I read 20 chapters a day. The brain is a muscle that and the fact heck even the specialist noted I’m intelligent. You don’t stitch up a cut eleven years later. Its my frontal lob my analetical.

I regret only one thing an old dear friend being upset that I refuse to waste money returning to a neurologists. I want to fix my lower teeth and need a vehical. Been bullied enoughto last a life time by family I find it duspicable being treated that way by someone who believes she has half a clue what it felt like scared by lies by family members.

I hate that my old friend refuses to see that just because what I do not fall into her idea of a usefull endevour shes wrong.See she mentioned to the neurologist that its a pity I can’t find a useful job that paid me for my time.

When I get a thankyou for reading something that someone loved its not money but it allows me not to feel so useless.

Loneliness kills more humans in America then cancer.

Directions to Out Lesbian Empath who reads books with heart and seeking financing for a vehical to start Rural food service delivery. Will always read and write on YouTube and WordPress.

Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle

See you there

Figuratively speacking don’t you know!


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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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