Love getting constructive comments.I always think it takes courage to click like or don’t. Takes more courage to tell a contribitor in words on YouTube something they did that no one seems to get is not as easy as falling down.

When people leave a face and nothing else they are cowards. There is nothing for people who YouTube is not a toy. What we do is muster our courage and try to makea change not for you but for us.

Life is not for you. I have for sixty one years lived my life the bestway I know doing no harm.

I go out of my.way to hurt ‘No one!’ I stopped in 2014 responding to bullies. I grew up believing from my mom that it mattered to be a good person. Then I found not a soul sees good people being good.

Good people are used then tossed out when we don’t conform to the mold our friends believe if they push us enough we will cowar to.

don’t lie.My mom was Never a liar.She has been lied to and bullied by the daughter of a man who beat mom until she divorced him when His daughter Diana Lee was one and a half. Diana was the daughter of a wife beater.

Not one person from Iowa Human Service looked into the sixteen pages of abuse Diana dumped on mom and me. Nothing matters to a narcississ bully as long as they get their way! Diana slander myself and my dead dad by lying in written words that dad beat mom and that I loved watching that behavior so much that when my alchoholic verbal abusive dad died I took up beating mom!

Its all in her accusations broke my heart in 2015 reading her lies. No one spoke to my younger sister because Diana told Iowa Hunan Services Rllen Beth Mathis in Waukon Iowa was terrified of me. No one spoke to Marian Heike my mom.

Dennis Headington spoke to mom in June of 2014 mom told her stood right by the diningroom table and told her ‘This is not Soviet Russia that she had no business in our home and that No one was beating her or stopping her from eating!

In July 2015 in a chat with a judge in Polk County on the phone I was in my advisor’s office at Luther College. Mom was kept from that phone call Diana told mom she was not needed.Diana told the judge mom was sleeping.

( Mom in Diana’s hands did alot if sleeping Diana placed two over the counter codine packs a week on mom. Pain packs should never be put on anyone over 60 with diabetics. The Codine induces severe strokes or heart attacks. I told mom this. Mom stopped having any rights. Our intelligent mom actually became tge victim of sixth sense. Stockholm syndrome.)

In that phone interview Headington ommited seeing mom in June or mom the painted invalid stood up to her. And completely forgot to mention the HS bitch who spoke to mom day after Thanksgiving after mom fell backwards really just sat down a Dawn woman saw mom.

The Dawn thing ordered my eighty seven year old mom to get up and walk for her.So I say Fuck off Iowa Human Service. Bullies who care Nothing about the trueth the mix treatment that exits right under their noises!

That’s not how I was raised. Guess still no one noticed. I love reading Beverly cleary her stories are warm and full of heart.

They were the first stories I read. If you can read books get a channle. I died twice in 2014 at the hands of Diana Lee who walked through our front door while my eighty seven year old I watched TV just two rooms from the laundry room and lite our electric drier on fire.

I by fifty and five months was struck twice by cars. It takes great courge for me to read and try to find money to get a vehical to start a Rural food delievery and Ride Share because I hate poverty.

I read twenty hourse a day to start my business being a straight shooter who wore my countries uniform counts for nothing.

Christians think the meek should inherit the earth.The meek are fools they don’t want the earth the christian have trashed. This church mouse does her best to be a good loyal honest friend. I don’t trust that was beaten out of me.

I found out last week that even people you believe get you never really cared to see your goals or who you were.

Funny everytime my heart is ripped up I am sure that pain has maxed out but I’m wrong. Meek humans are Noy willing victims.Lambs to the slaught just because others found it easy to treat us that way.

Next time you think about leaving a comment is what I say contructive ok? Ok!


Published by Val's Whitewolf Media

I'm Val's Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle and I write here on WordPress. I read books and instill others how importand writing stories readers down. in readers their stories matter.I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words.

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