Have you ever lost friend just by saying what is in your heart says?

If we are lead by our heart for our own good how is it possible to piss others off. Did that last night at 1230am.

Unsure what or where this will lead so I’m publishing this will add to it when I know what occurs next.

I thought she understand I’m honest.

(This is what I texted my friend at 1230 am):

Good soup thanks.Im not interested in futher mucking around with my brain. I found out what I wanted to know and more.I knew I had damaged it when I hit the concrete and the wall.

Rather continue working toward my goals so I can get where I”m going. Sleep well.

She stopped talking to me after this:

I can not get her thoughts to paste. Her main thought was that I should check the oppinion of my college advisor.

To futher dinking around with my brain that I strengthens daily by reading twenty hours a day. The stuff at Gundersen costs six grand.For what?

Quote me 12:09 Oct/14/2019

Found out last Wenesday did have brain trauma in upper analetical side of brain im Aug 2008. Cant do anything about it was mistreated by law, medical profession and ny college. Screwed screwed screwed.I wont spend 6000 so they can muck about .The brain is a muscle I read more and work it daily more then anyone I know.

Just texted Celia a friend.

Dr.Jeanette Pillsbury my adviser at Luther College advice to me was continue to write.

Pat says my grammars off sometime.I had brain trauma from surviving penetrating a car window then I was rammed into the concrete after being tossed off a car hood. My right wrist was smashed to bits after stricking the concrete.There were glass and rock embedded into my upper right lob. But I was an older gay woman who lived with my family.

I was the only one aparently who cared I was a full time college student. I was the energizer bunny. Took final in Cultural Diversity hopped on my ten speed to go home. Struck six blocks from home in a cross walk on eight avenue by a ninety three year old man retired attorney he got no ticket for stricking me.

No MRI or CT scan was given to me nor was I kept over night. I was cooking with mom that night as always . I dropped No classes. I continued to drive Amish and tourist for money for gas to go to school.

In January 2008 at fifty I had returned to college to work toward my BA.Started at Northern Iowa Community College working on a duel Associate degrees before I started Luther College.

A professor and a Judge wrote me a letter that with my poetry got me accepted to Luther College.I wanted to take my AA in history and Psychology with me to Luther College.

I had taken Pre,Elementart and Intermediate Algerbra recieving B and C on those after thirty-five years out of school then placed into Statistics after August 11,2008 I fail.

Audited and sat three Stat classes at N.I.C.C just to fail.I was told there was an exam I could take that would test my brain cognitive ability.

I need a vehical so I can start a business to deliever food, grocceries and take pets to the vets outside of Decorah, Iowa.I hate disability. Can’t teach.After failing all the time higher math at the Community College Luther College proceeded to make me the fool.

Sure there is a disability place in basement at Luther College.I webt there.They wanted to know what proof I had! There are No jobs for disabilies at Luther College.

All the sit down phone jobs go to younger college students. Being innocent of Elder Abuse but without a lawyer to fight for you is like being injured without proper care.

Then loosing an old dear friend of eleven years purely because I learned the hard way to stand fir myself instead of being pushed the way others feel I should be directed.

The MRI that I had done after finally getting someone to do what I wanted shows when I died from burnt lungs from the fire set by my older half sister to force our mom from her Iowa home caused me lack of oxygen. I suffered two small strokes.

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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast and I write here on WordPress. I read books and instill others how importand writing stories readers down. in readers their stories matter.I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words.

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