Human of choice

Like abused animal I am

I share what I have with those who allow it

Abused animals trust few

I too

Humanity is not limited to those that

Stand upon two limbs

Crushed,beaten I

Humanity lack many


I stand distant away

Ready to hoble

Out of reach

My goodness was used

Like Fagot in Oliver

Lies were spears

Puntured my lungs

Watched bleed out

Allamakee County Sherriff Dept.called last June 3rd

Not once in my life had I ever harmed

a Breathing living human

They were used as a tool

just like Marian & Val Heike

To justify the wishes of diana dudley


bloody bleeding hands

Gaslight mom when on the real Heike family abuser

Now diana has property called Cub Lake in Sawyer county in northern Wisconsin

mom if alive taught at diana’s hands that her eldest vie Leon Heike is not worth air

Doubt of my death beaten with lies



Kicked in a corner

Never to trust again


Like a vampire wolf


Poverty diana counted on no attorney found

Is this how shitty Americans are seen by americans

It truth upsets sensibilities

Like children in cages

That is believe able but horrors down to gay family seen as a fantasy?

Hate exists

Scapegoats children born gay who don’t date stay home and help are moms

We are not bullies, parent beaters

We are not tools

for abusers in our familes

to rape financially our parents

force them after years of bullying from their home after setting their electric drier on fire night after a priest suggests power of attorney change!!!!!!

No wander people come to america land of the free for all but Queer America seen as unworthy even for leagle advocacy.

guess the truth is only true is thirteen children are abused at home but not if a mother and her lesbian daughter is harrassed and tormented by a daughter of an abuser. Abuser whose father mom (Marian D.Bittenger Heike divoced when diana lee was one and a half.)

Not one of Diana’s five husbands stayed with diana ten years. Mr.Cook divorced her. So diana married his boss who tried to shoot her.Diana’s third husband was according to her only for a green card( but we know her now to be a bald face liar. Four months was length of that wedded bliss. Number four less then two years and five the supposed love of her life lasted a year.)

No one checked on anything why would they just a queer. Funny we’re not even seen in history yet Shakespeare, and so many people thoughout history were of my community. Wonder if offences befell them would others have thought maybe just maybe there is foul play here?

Funny thing about history gives persepective. I have been ostracised by my family because juicy lies easier to swollow like fish and juicy worms. Polk County theres 16 pages of horrors done to mom and me.I wrote it not one person cared.

After diana’s set fire in our laundry room at 405 2nd street n.e.Waukon,Iowa. New roof 2013 new furnace 2014. Mom had no intention to leave her home.Never a fire before.Ellen Beth Heike Mathis of Waukon Iowa my blood sister told me December 2014 diana lies every day to mom in the hospital.

Ellens a coward told diana she was not to talk against me in her home. But allowed her to stay.After the fire I found succer at Pat Zidlicky’s home she allowed me several nights in her den.

I was coveredby mom’s insurance.State farm had given mom $104000 promised mom more when she decided if she was going to build there on property and that State Farm would put us up in an apartment while mom decied. Diana fought that.Diana slld the house for $13000 twelve thousand less its value after smoke damage. See diana planned to have the house bulldozed covering up what she did. The set fire obliviated the laundry room, dad’s gun cabinet( I moved dads guns after diana threatened our eighty six year old mom with not deserving doors that locked. They who ever was not going to walk in our front doors and murder mom and me with dads guns. Police took the guns from the house after the fire all but what I hid for my boys Dan and Craig. The sherriff saud they were all loaded. Diana’s fire hitting those and ammo explossion would have killed us. Would the Allamakee cops looked then? Probally nit we had no money.

Every year were loose tons of heat so much it would look like a pipe organ over our front door do I took care of that problem. So the door had to open by me. Diana could have no one block her entry if she would have to torch our laundry toom.)

No fire at 8pm December 3rd,2014.

By ten o three no hall I stood foot of steps looked into what days later put me in mind of a fire breathing dragon

The only one smoke alarm that went off was in basement stairwell fire had to go under bathroom crawl space to cause that to go off. Guess I’ m happy my half sister missed that

Missed that!

In the hospital took diana just four days to spread the lie I was Never to be allowed to be with mom alone because I beated mom.See diana had to paint herself the good sister. A red headed male nurse told me if he knew I was such a monster he would have allowed me to die.

Diana-‘s excuse for mom even a prefab was that with moms death diana would have to sell it like ellen and I were invisible. That’s a narcississ the world revolces around her. Ellen yelled at me after diana using the hospital bedroom of momas her stage.Diana yells”You will never have mom back! And Ellen yells and you will not stay in my home.”

Ellen courages less butch could not bother to even tell her sons the truth.

December 3rd 2014, Val Heike lost her home cat family, my mom mom’s cat Rusty first out any door murderes and all those I loved never to see them again all christian.

Burr my christmas was spent alone with my four cats that survived the set electric drier fire(electric driers according to firrmen in Decorah Iowa only responsible for 2%nation laundry room fires.) In the good shepard’s luthrran church’s parking lot. My quotion of trust is limited to humanity that walk on four feet.There are a few exceptions but when I am treated as less I back up.

Published by Val's Whitewolf Media

I'm Val's Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle and I write here on WordPress. I read books and instill others how importand writing stories readers down. in readers their stories matter.I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words.

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