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Misfortunes : Do you ever feel your misfortunes make a friend happy?

I am finding that there comes a time to analysis those you think as adopted family. I’m finding the only true family I have are my stuffed animals and my cat.

Yesterday as my seventy fuve year old friend came in with me while I signed up for yet another stupid ass goverment handout.

Wait allow ne the luxury to bring you all back into time and you can tell me your feelings about this later. I sent Pat my notice to walkin because the countys giving I guess you might call them alotments out. Its money that pathetic below poverty people the goverment will not assist to leave poverty in one of the wealthiest countrys(really not but those that have always seem to be bragging on it.) Then there are those that if their representative of their church were to sit beside them they would move.

But that could because still today most pictures of the Rabbi Jesus looks non Jewish and he was whats that old expression ‘thin as a rail.’ America is only wealthy in rich areas. In the midwest the American farmers with huge machinery to farm more efficient are also recievers of goverment funding.

Back to my bring you along as we step back into time. I sent the notice to Pat who called to the woman in the office she had gotten the form for Medicade. She’s really proud of herself because she got the only thing I was interested in that Medicade pay the premium on the stupid Medicare that the goverment siphon out of my tiny disability check a month.

My.kettles singing I’ll be back directly. So before she contacts me she has tried to set up an appointment for her dumbass friend who absolutely loves being assisted like I’m a fool. I told her no appointment you walk in. So Wenesday she tells me she’d pick me up at 1:30pm.One oclock shes ringing my bell my pants are not on.All my informations on my phone and my shopping bags on a tub by the door.

I pulled on my pants shut off my classical NPR out of Minnesota for YouTubing plus I love it and its allowed music for YouTube because all the writers are long dead. Turned off my light by my chair that makes up my writing and YouTubing office.

Was in Decorah before it dawned on my my smartphone and shopping back are still safely ensconced in my ice thingie’quote Penny from Big Bang Theory referring to Superman’s home planet I think’ in Ossian Iowa.

I start removing my safty belt and grab the door I hear Pat’s door open.I think Oh God! So I actually look at Pat.I’m sixty one Pat goes’you don’t want me going in with you!’ I says I do not understand why all I do is sign a paper.

Pat says ‘Well I like to put names with faces, Mary snd I talked alot when I was getting you on Medicaid!’ She will never get it I’m not on Medicade I will be getting all my disability minus the $135 they take off the top( yes the US goverment.Wheres Robinhood!)

So we both take the elevator.I had a copy of what I will be getting a month not the lovely $680 it went up to after 3 years of $671 a month I’ll be getting $795/month.I want to do over a grand a week. Pat imagines me always in poverty. Fortuneately for me my information was on the form I did last year.

So we called my bank last months statement was sent to another goverment agency ‘Yeah!’ Pat says and of course she cuts her own hair.If I had wheels and cash I’d go to the community college. Do you have a friend that is Tarus if you do you will understand. Breath heavy all the time.

We get to the car Pat says ‘That’s another thing off my list!’ I hate not having a vehical and her seeing my endevors as a pointless waste of time so I said to Pat Disney was turn down by 400 banks before one saw his vision. Then I added all he had was a mouseI have been writting since 1985.

Writers,Entrepreneurs we are not Nothing! Anyone who attempts to change their life are on their way to success. Everything occurs in tiny steps. Have a good day.


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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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