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That use to sum up everything and only a three letter word. Remember another good world its like in 39 Clues Jonah Wizard is always saying ‘Word’. Last 39 Clues a fellow named Erasmus called him sort of on the carpet and asked Jonah what me meant by ‘Word’. Word for Jonah is like my generation ‘Boy.’

When I was a kid people were still crooks it will forever piss me off knowing that Wally world their management thinks all customers were thiefs( this is an opinion of a mother whose son worked there as a manager.)

Remember if you can thirty years ago when returning something to a department store meant going in there was a sticker placed on it. Then the product was taken to the Customer Service for exchange or refund.

We depended on the stores knowing we didn’t buy it to break it to get our money back. I dated a woman in Virginia who returned gifts for money no reciept no idea why anyone would believe a product did not fit and return to get her money and the cashier was still employeed. Most of the time the pants or whatever were not bought there.

See everything in life really a bottom line. Honest or not! When I was a tlkid to today theres no choice for me.I do not spent time figuring out who I can screw over and rip off.

Boy the word defined everything no one was insulted by the word wait guess I’m wrong, no I’m not ‘Boy!’

Fake camera’s in the ceiling instead of simple mirrors that work. An embarrassed thief might not stick product in their pants. As a manager if I had camera’s in the ceiling and I was Walmart manager I would place my disabled and older employees would work survalence. I would not have gotten rid of greeters who were really store security.

It was two years ago when I took something to Decorah Iowa’s Walmart to exchange I took it to the greeter they say we are no longer allowed to check product coming into the store ‘Why!’

I asked why! I was told Because it upsets customers. My god I should think paying more for a stick of gum or a chocolate bar is more alarming then a store protecting its product and its employee’s jobs!

My waters hot. I’ll be right back. Well I’ll finish my disertation first. One day last week I was blessed to have a day to make a memory with someone special. For this gay chick home spun author nothings better then being with loved family whether blood or found. I also rather eat in someones kitchen then in the most elaborate fansy resteraunt.

Pat and I were at Culvers the only place I know ice cream is more costly then fine china but being with family adopted by me for me( I spent years putting family first so still at 56 when one needed a gullible nelly to slaunder with maulice why use a stranger when you have a gay sister who always was with mom at home. Like Walmart my half sister Diana Lee Dudley shopped home! Wish that was less humorous.) Now I spent money on only the best. I had wanted a glass of water with my ice cream in waffle cone.

The fountain was designed with the water switch on same pump as that old fashion lemonade.Unlike anyone else I went up to the counter demandong to pay for the lemonade Pat suggested pouring it down the drain. I was not brought up to toss perfectly stuff.I simply wanted to pay for it.The cashier refused me.

The cashier said no one ever tells us they got wrong pop. I bet thats incorrect.I bet they regret not having water songle pump. A little or a lot. I would have written her up if that was my store.

Principle matters.I might have compt the price for two two scooped custard in waffle cornes making or creating good feelings in the customer base. Because honesty is like innocent both are honorable and should never be tossed away.


I mean ‘Boy!’


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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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