Danial Eric Mathis

My Godson you know those you love to the moon and back when they destroy your heart I wonder dothey feel your pain? I alway spend what I had on things to share.

When he was born his mom had already lost a child. We mom and I were so very thrilled. My dog Pal and Dad were the vest of friends.

From diaper to I believe 8 years old.Pal loved Dan and his little brother Craig. Changing diapers was Never enjoyable! But no matter what Pal laid along side during the diaper changing. I know Pal like me would have laid down our lives for these precious little lambs.

Dan would crawl over and eat doggie crunchies one for Pal and the same gobbie hans one for Dan. In 1987 while getting ready to go to work at the fast food I worked at; I had to do a double take my Pal and Dan were eating Wheaties. One spoon full for Pal and one for Dan.

To me Dan always looked like Harry Potter. Self centered like his alcholic dad.At sixteen horrible to his mom like his mom had been to her mom. So much angry hand through several walls. We still mom and me loved Dan.

At five my first contract job at Mount Rushmore in 1994 I learned later never leave home without paddle locks on your room. Guess he justified he and his pals digging through my property. Mom and dad brought my Dan out to see me.I missed him so much.

Why is it those you love never bother to see you? Are we so not worth their time? I recall every moment I spent with my nephews and mom.

In high school while carring pot for friends was pulled over. His friends I bet he still pals with gave him up for owning the pot.Dans future became like a do over.

Intelligent lad was not allowed to play more sports or go to prom or graduate with his class.Got his GED. Was on Parole for a while. Went to college.

Found it so easy to believe I beat my mom and didn’t feed her. None of Diana Lee Dudley’s lies were true. After the fire Diana set in our home at 405 2nd st.N.E.December 3rd 2014. Daniel and a cousin smashed my book case. Hit my books tossed out my belongings like Nazi in WWII Germany.

Hate is a fire with no rhymm nor reason it never burns out! Why could no one think or ask?

I have nor courage in my blood family just cowards. Nineteen miles away. My blood sister his mkm told me December 2014 she knew I was innocent of Elder Abuse. Now I know what they do to me last June when I went to see Ellen Mathis my sister not knowing my mom was in Iowa. No one tells me anything. Someone called the Sherriff department falsifying a report is illigal so is a hate crime.

Foul bitch Narcississ. No money innocent moms been gaslight to believe lies about me.So funny it rips my heart out one of Dan’s favorite TV shows Criminal Minds.

How do you throw away family and believe lies.Diana told Iowa Human Service of Iowa Dad beat mom dad never beat mom.Diana’s dad beat mom. Mom was never bed ridden in 2012 September or at all, federal offence lying to goverment agency Diana Dudley. No one spoke to mom because Diana told Iowa Human Services mom would live and tell them I never hurt mom. Because that was the truth. Mom never told a lie.

You know that. Diana told Iowa Human Service mom feared me so she would say what I wanted her to. No one even bothered to look at the truth.

Diana kept mom on a magic jack that was the only way mom was allowed to buy a TV and rent dish with her own money. Diana for 2 years called mom 70 times a week 10 times a day. You have no idea what Diana did to us after her 5th husband divorced her after a year.

Diana told Human Services Dan your mom feared me the only ones your mom feared Dan was your dad and you.

That cat that mom brought to Iowa last June mom got after a year of being Gaslight to believe I write horrorible things about mom so mom removed me from mom’s will. There is nothing I have EVER written bad about mom.I wrote what Diana did to mom and me.

Last March mom sent me a birthday card and had Diana get me a $30 Wal-Mart card. I needed cat food in May so I took the card to Customer Service in Decorah at Walley World. They ran the card then they called it in.The card had been voided out in March.

I called mom to thank her for the there was no money on it. Before that I was lucky if Diana allowed me to talk to mom once a week. May it stopped.I called once a day no answer. (817) 400-0378 Nothing!

I did 3 welness checks my right on the third one Diana got my mom Feb 2019 to tell the cop she had no daughter Val. Do you have any clue what my mom had to go through to go from scared to death of Diana Lee Dudley in August 2014 to Feb 2019 saying my mom who Never lied in her life to tell a cop I do not exist!!!!!

In December Diana sent my Luther College Adviser an email she had not sent a note since January 2015 when Diana told Doc that your mom and my mom and her were going to commit me for telling what she had done to me and mom.

Dan ever notice mom no longer says Diana and I like she use to until Dexember 2014 when Diana was bad mouthing me to everyone all the nurses at WaukonVeterins Memorial Hospital.Mom use to say Ellen and I or Val and I.We is a control word.

No one even looked into Diana or her son and grandson.Robert beats his wife like Duana’s dad beat mom.Rob’s son also loves beating up women. One girlfriend he beat her up and busted her arm.

I was with my mom nearly all my life. Looked after and worked for senior citizens since I was 19. I going to when I can sue my half sister and my blood sister your mom. Who in their right mind knows her sister is innocent but allows her name to be distroyed by placing her on elder abuse on lies???

From the fire that the fire started simply walked in the front door then walked out after killing moms cat Rusty. Mom do nit even know if shes alive since January 2015 Diana has placed 2 over the counter Codine pain packs mlm since she was 87.November 4th mom will be 92. Last year I wasn’t even allowed to talk to mom.

Codeine packs are not to go on anyone over 60.The packs increase the likelihood of strokes and heartattacks on diabetics. Diana’s going down if I were Dan I’d not want my mom in the same boat.Narcississ have no empathy have no business having mom.

June 2014 Diana sent Dennis Headington with the same lies of Elder Abuse.Mom spoke to the bitch who demanded to see mlm.I did not know till later no one can bully their way into your home. We were getting ready to go and see Mela.

Mom came out of the bathroom with her little grey walker.Stood toe to toe with her.I so proud of mom.We had just gotten some Omaha meats I had just stored it away.There she was human service of Iowa brain dead. Demanding to see mom telling me she had been told that I beat mom and leave her for hours and do not feed her!

Diana also said I leave her without a phone.I paid for our phone,TV and internet. Mom was in rare forn shouting This is not Soviet Russia you have no business in our home. HS says its my job to see you are safe.Then mom had me excort her outside.

I was not told until January 2015 by Ellen Beth Heike Mathis my sister that mom had in 2012 threatened Diana that if she Ever did that again Diana would be removed from the will. It took Diana until March 2016 to convience mom I needed to be removed from the Will under the lies that I write lies about my mom$

Diana started her attack to force mom to Texas in 2010. That year visit and Diana made annual visits they allowed her to threated and bully in person.

Bully visuts:2010 brought in Ellen from her home and proceeded to did through our pantry.I worked 32 years hospitality crew and management.Certified Serve Safe Reinharts foods 1997. Meant nithing to the bullies in my family mom cried they walked over me like always. Tossed our food out.Dried food bought on sale and our storage cans. Left no money to replace the food.This was the time Diana could not find her rent a car keys to leave and I was blamed for placing them in the kitty litter. It was a nice touch but I had not done it.

2011: The phone trip Diana was going to marry number 5. The love of her life. Dan dated Diana in 1966 mom stopped it she was younger then him. These phone old 5 connected I just bought mom two VTECH. Diana’s lasted two weeks then gave up the ghost. Diana had given Dan Aher the man she was to marry the imoression I would hit him.I have never hit anyone.a If it were possible I know one person in Texas who would no longer be able to bully and threaten the best oerson I know.

Dan even said to me if you hit me I’m calling the cops and have you arrested! Dan divorced the bully he married after a year.No one spoke to Diana’s ex’s. One husband left her after 4 months.

Diana used dad’s hack saw in cellerway to hacksaw the brand new from Manards faucett.Surely Dan you had to wonder why for two years I carried water from the bathroom to cook and clean what I could reach.

Manards do not replace brand new with life warrentee faucetts that fall off in a hand a week after used. Mom and I had driven to La Crosse to buy it.

2012 Dad died.Diane started the phone harrassment and placed her first falsified claims to Iowa Human Service about Elder Abuse the day I sat my first class at Luther College. She told them that if they came when I was home their lives would be in danger. Not one of her two children came to say good bye to dad.

Mom put a bew furnace in and central air in 2013. Ten times a day Diana was told by a overwrought person no mom was usually in tears. Mom would always say after words ‘Doesn’t she know I’m her mother! Fran Phillips of Hope University in Liverpool said the fact mom was never removed from her home.

HSI(Iowa Human Service) spoke to moms nurse prationer and she told them mom and I were good together made no difference to them.

2013 During Diana’s 2013 trip to cause Havoc mom had laid down in her bed to take a nap.I was studying in the den until I heard mom crying.I rose and went to moms bedroom.Mom was sitting on her bed in tears.Diana was digging through moms two boxes.Mom had one for Christmas gifts and one for birthdays. Mom would buy gifts when she found things and safe them.

Mom’s a product of the greatest generation but I think I’m the only one that cares. I said whats going on. Diana says go away this does not concern you! But it did since I was 9. Its like being invisible people are there no one truely sees you.Mom was yelling ‘What are you doing that’s my things!’

Diana the narcississ simply said I have to see what’s in there Why? What was so important that mom had to go to Texas? Why were our intelligent indeoendent mom not allowed to spend her remaining years where she wanted to be? Why where moms belongings sold all the time mom thought Ellen were keeping them safe?

Why were they all kept by Ellen that she wanted? Why was I taken the fire station after dying twice from Diana’s smoke the very night after a catholic priest came to discuss keeping mom safe? Why was mom taken January 6th at 8 am 2015 in 26 below zero and I was Not allowed to see my mom? Why did Ellen not want to fight for me or allow mom to stay with her until my name was cleared?

I know mom wanted to come home and Diana woukd threaten mom telling her its staying with me or I will place you into a nursing home where you know no one! I know Diana wanted the house flatten thats why she got mom to sell it to Mike Ferring for $13000 $12000 less its value.

Why? Was it becausewe has 5 smoke alarms only one went off the one no one removed the battery it was intge basemrnt stairway. What ever happen to the ones who fight for the innocent? Diana wanted Cub Lake I will see she never enjoys what she got at the expense of moms remaing days on earth.

Sawyer County norhern Wisconsin Cub Lake bought buy my granddad for back taxes in the 1930’s 275 acres.Diana was 8 when she accused my grandad of being a phodfile.Dad took mom to meet grandpa 1956.Diana always loved the center of attention. Diana got it from mom and alliwed mom to look stupid in front of moms new dister in laws.

Diana got mom to concent to go to Granbury for a two week stay it became three months. Mom Marian D Bittenger Heike finally got her oldest grandson to take her the invalid to the airport to fly home. Mom flew into Omaha was taken to Spencer Iowa where her sister Clarian lived.( Thanks Dan for caring to tell me last June my favorite aunt was sick and that she died.I found that out goggling it in December last year.)

Mom was driven home the invalid by a nephew . See Diana had taken a job 20 hours a week.So desparate for money Diana went to work for Granbury Opera house selling tickets.

Left her supposed invalid mom home without TV or phone twenty hours a week. While in Texas they had Christmas.Robbie gave his mom and mom a notebook.

2014 June second accusation with lies of Elder Abuse, August threats Robert called Ellen four times with nasty verbal threats like her husband use to ise on her.Ellen told Robert she woukd not force mom to Texas or slander me! Diana called and threatened mom with me returning in September to Luther College.If Val returns to Luther College I(Diana) will drive to Waukon(Diana could do it in 8 hours) and either force mom into a nursing home or take her against her will to Granbury.

Dan did you even care why I stepped out of Luther College in my senior year? Mom came to me in tears afraid for her life and because of the piece of shit Diana was threating mom.Mrs.Tom Regan told me Diana woukd have had no power to force mom against her will into a bursing home.

Mom started buying our meats from Omaha Steaks because that way I was away from home less time. The October trip Diana had also stoled mom’s notebook Robbie had given mom Christmas 2013. Called her some as she got home.Told mom I had deleted the IP address,removed the games and put porn on it.

One have my own computer.Took it to help desk at Luther because mom and I we’re having trouble getting it wireless as for the porn hell no. Im gay there are no lesbian porn sutes plus if I wanted nude photos have my own computer. Ellen tried to play games could not find them thats why I gave her a computer. And for the IP address I’m a historian not a computer person.

So I stepped away from Luther College. In October Diana pissed made her annual treke to like satan as Father Jo from Saint Pats called her came to Iowa. Every year we lost so much heat and had that ice.Unlike in 2012 I got the mail.Did cooking,shopping,laundry, garden cared for cats mom abd mine back when her cat wasnt. Imprisioned in cat cage unless potting or sitting on moms lap or eating.

Diana removed my door lock.I was the only one going through it unless mom went with me. Diana stuck her fist in moms face and told mom she had no business having doors that lock.Diana screetching at mom told me we had Nothing of value! Where did all Nana’s paintings go? Was that Randys fee for tosing my belongings out after Diana set our home on fire? Did you know electric fires are only responsible for 2% American laubdry fires.

At eight PM there was No fire in laubdry room I had placed three cats in bathroom.An orange kitten, Lucky and Schnuggler.Schnughler only one in three to live.

I had no idea that in 2012 Diana had placed me onto Elder Abuse mom did the shopping, getting mail was a Red Hat lady played bridge went to church with your mom Dan I hear she no longer attends Saint Johns Lutheran Church do you! What will your god think what does he think you threw out your grandma and me!

In October 2014

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I'm Val's Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle and I write here on WordPress. I read books and instill others how importand writing stories readers down. in readers their stories matter.I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words.

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