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Riddle me this?

Hardest to heal after bout of Cellius deep red leg, swollen foot or blistered Arse. The leg I will elevate. Foot will lay on floor with foot higher then my heart starting today to clean bad blood out of.

See I worked for thirty two yeara standing on my feet most for people with cushy jobs sitting on their butts who never understood thick rubber mats are benifitial for their employees. A mat in a food service area or rretail sales or cashier make an eight hour day feel like six.

The first to go for those poor workers when they find the job meaningless and obtuse and for little pay is our leg plumbing. See inside our legs the best escalators ever devised.

The leg escalators bring the Mississippi mud black blood to our spleens to get purified so like the absolute best assembly line Henry Ford Ever imagined could supply our lower half with food and oxygen.

Wasted plumming when our internal hydrolic lifts go. Those creeps did it to us. Those slugs are the reason people are poor. It wasn’t you. You worked your tale off. Now ever four months or so I have an attack.

My system goes into shoch. My thermostat goes way below ninty-eight point six.I bury myself under tons of blankest. My temperture then like automaticly is over one hundred four. Then I’m comotose.I awake or not. Makes no difference.

My mom has not been allowed to talk to me since last May.No one cared enough to contact mom Marian Heike in Granbury Texas and tell her all thr things Diana Dudley my half sister did to me.

No one cared to tell my mom I never wrote horrible things about mom.My not talking to mom was Diana not picking up the major Jack she made mom use inordee to spend mom’s own money to get dish and a TV.

I have no family. Loniliness the biggest killer of Americans. Cellitice one day will not wake me up. Still less painful then my name smeered placed on Elder Abuse with lies Diana Lee Heike Dudley’s Gay sister beat my mom and with held food from her. No one but I cared that Diana the night after a priest Father Jo from Saint Patricks in Waukon,Iowa came to 405 2nd street N.E.

Walked in the front door she had screamed and stuck her finger in Marian D.Heike’s ‘You have No business having doors that lock! You have Nothing of value!’ Oct 2014. Mom had her fall after that visit.Diana made one in our face Narcississ socialpathic visit a year in her rush to force our mom to Granbury Texas. See Diana had removed my lock on the screen door. Every winter our front door lost so much heat the gutter above the door allowed moisture to cause a the pipe organ effect.

Diane’s October bullying visit she also took home a note book her son Robert John Cook gave mom in December, 2013. In 2013 Diana made her bully in person visit in September after I had returned to Luther College where I was a full time student. Diana had persuaded mom to go to Texas for a two week visit to see her grandkids who could not be bothered to come in 2012 to see their grandad dying of dementsia.

Mom consented ro a two week visit became Gillians Island took mom three months to get her eldest grandson to finally take my eighty-six year old mom back to the air port to fly home.

Diana when she had gotten home in October two thousand and fourteen she called to tell mom that her notebook had been destroryed by me. Diana told her I her Gay half sister history/psych major had removed the IP address all the games and put porn on our eighty six mom’s Notebook. Her elevator does not reach the top floor.

After Diana’s yelling fit in Octorber mom no lonher Allowed me to lock front or back door.It was like when my youngest siater was eighteen and drunk. Ellen yelled at mom.Mom sang like me from first Soprano to first Alto. Ellen a nasty drunk then all teary.Yells at mom ‘ I hate it when you sing, it makes my ears bleed!’ Little fucker.

Mom and I dealt with tons of abuse neither of us dished it out.No one cared. Sept two thousand twelve my firat day sitting my first class at Luther College Diana the daughter from mom’s first husband a wife beater sent two men from Iowa Human Services to our back door. They walked right in. Sept.3rd that was the day the Heike’s my family started locking our foors.

Human services were told mom was Bedridden, Not fed,Beaten,left for hours at a time with out a phone. No one rang the door bell.Why bother right if (they even had mom’s name wrong its Marian not Mary)and yet the human servixe men came in our home Yelling’Mary,Oh Mary’, mom around the corner in her office yells back You are in my gome! I do not know you an did not invite you in Get out!’

They then said they had permission to be there they had heard mom was being Beaten and abused! Mom said you heard wrong Get out! They then said they’s be back.Mom said Don’t bother you will Not be welcomed in then either! No one People can sashay into your home at their will. They need a goverment or judges permission.


Marian Heike active in her church. Drove to Spencer Iowa several times to see her older sister.Red hat lady and belonged to the VFW as well as played Bridge with her friends of over fifty years.

No one even bothered to look into this accusation. Val( me) I was not told of it until December 2014. The fucking offence is apart of my record till I fucking die. My blood sister told me standing toe to toe with me I know you are innocent of Ever harming Anyone but I can do Nothing about it?

Hate crime Diana hated me enough to falsely accuse me of Elder Abuse and enough to in October to remove four batteries out of five smoke alarms. The last straw in the years of harrassment that included two years of phone harrassment of our mom calling her seventy times a week to harrass mom out of her home. December 2nd Father Jo came to visit about how to protect mom from Diana.

In August 2014 Diana had called mom while Robert her son made four verbally abusive calls to Ellen Beth Heike Mathis of Waukon Iowa to get her to work for Diania to force mom( our sane intelligent mom from her home into diana’s control.All five of her husbands escaped with tbeir lives thanks to divorce.) Mom came to her gay daughter Me in tears!

Val please don’t return to Luther College I fear for my life! Diana is threatening me that if you return to Luther College she will drive to Waukon and either force me into a nursing home( Mrs.Tom Regan told me on December after Diana’s fire that Diana coukd not do that!) Or Diana would take mom against her will to Granbury Texas.

I stayed home.Mom had always been my best friend.I was never my moms paid employee. Mom got 100004 dollars initial for the hpuse insurance from State Farm for smoke dammage from Diana’s set fire.

Sold the house for $13000 less its value she wanted the house flatten all the evidence crushed and swept away.I was told in December 2014 no one cared about the trueth.I care about the trueth. Mine and moms stories in the telling of the trueth.

Electric fires are responsoble for 2% of laundry room fires. Wonder why no one cared that we had a fire 24 hours after a priest conferenced with us.Diaia had a system by then in place of bullying mom daily.She knew father had called the night before.Diana made the drive from Granbury Texas to Waukon Iowa in 8 hours. There was No fire in laundry room at 8pm.I had used washer and drier at 7 am. The bathroom is right behind the laundry room. Under the bathroom floor was a crawl space that came out in the cellar.

I put three cats the kitten, Miss Lucky and Schnuggler in the bathroom floor heater you see, and closed the door. Mom was sleeping in the den because of the concussion after Diana’s bullying visit in October. That was when I had hid two pistles for my nephews Dan and Craig upstairs and the rifles in the livingroom.

By 1003 pm the only battery operated smoke alarm went off in the basement cellar stairway. I found the fire it caused me burnt lungs. In 2013 Diana had sent mom a jitterbug so she could have 24/7 phone access to mom. Mom had phones I paid the bill.

She walked in, killed moms cat Rusty.Rusty like a sale lady never missed a sale could not hear a door open.No matter where he was a door opened he was trying to get out.Diana hates cats.

Mom got a cat March 2016.Took Diana a year of gasslighting to convience my mom she had to remove me from mos will because I write filthy lies about mom!

Schnuggler Survived the fire. The fire by 1003pm while mom and I sat watching a new TV show Stalker. The set fire took the laundry room gutting it,dad’s gun cabinet, mom’s bedroom door, punched through the wall by the door. Missed the bathroom door zip up the green shag carpet then straight out the roof never even bunt my tub with the old revolvers I had saved for Dan and Craig Mathis.

In October 2014, Diana had wanted to take dad’s rifles to her son and his son( both known wife and girlfriend beaters!) It was locked I picked it after she left.

All started before Dad died Sept.2012. In 2011 Diana had come to Waukon hacksawed through the faucett brand new from Manards in La Crosse,Wisconsin. Funny thing about life time warrentees if a brand new faucett falls off in your hands a month after put on your out of luck.I carried Water for two years from the bathroom for all cooking and cleaning.

2010, Diana brought her old phones all five of them with Dan Aher( in the wings to be number five thinking a good lay was worth marring her took a year to see his error.)Diana was busy spreading back then that I was an abusive person.Dan told me if I hit him he was calling the cops! I was angry I had just bought mom two brand new Vtech phones. Diana was always giving my mom retread stuff.

Diana’s visit of 2013 Sept she called a plumber to fix it and if course handed mom the bill.

In 2010 she came to Iowa with old phones. 2011 after Diana’s fifth husband divorced her.She this visit she came with a vengen. I spent most of my work time in Food service trained by Rein Hart foods Serve Safe Management.Diana with her henchman Ellen came Diana loved traveling with black bags.

They dug through our bought saved foods in our pantry tossed my surgared honey and at least thirty dollard worth of dried foods.Many of our popcorn cans used to save food. Left no money.We had again No protection spent the day in tears.

Life is not worth this sadness!

So live or die with burnt my death was in 2014 at Diana and Ellen an my nephew Robert Cook used car salesman Texss and Danial Eric Mathis Waukon Iowa.

All my books go to Lori Stanley Luther College,All my Records Deb Fordice and moms radio and all the china and collectables to Odette B. In Decorah, Iowa(563) 387-7550, Mom’s coin collection to my great niece Mela Mathis. Executor of my will Mary White ex County Attorney Allamakee County.


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