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We in general…

Are a throw away society Unless those that are older have money.People Overlook then the inferror age is! That’s bullshit.I was Seen as Guilty of the lies of an older half sister of ELDER ABUSE I must be guilty of it Val Heike, was in my fifties,Gay, a fulltime student working for a better life for mom and me.

People family our elderly are not garbage they are irreplaceble! We are becoming older. We still have use even non elderly. If I were running for Office in Iowa I’d dump Human Services. To many Elder Abusers are in our families. Narcississ socialpath that use the tool of words like We! And hovering and Gaslighting to enslave our Elderly family Stripping them of their family.

Stockholm syndrome!,

Still Innocent been on the filthy Fucking paper work since I started Luther College in 2012.Innocent, poor get no defence. My Blood sister paid off with Mom’s money. That’s what my half sister married 5 times wanted to survice on, my Blood sister Told me she knew I was INNOCENT BUT would do nothing to Change the Charge!

What was my betrayal worth Ellen Beth Heike Mathis? See its not just age that stops people seen as good. Our half sister told Ellen I was to blame for her Not getting A better job after the County Attorney Not Mary Jane White the Allamakee County Attorney let Ellen go!

That was FUCKED UP! ELLEN nearly had twevele years at the Allamakee Court Hourt in Waukon Iowa. We the townies use to say get in to the Court house you’d have a job for life! Not True,NOT TRUE!

A new broom swept in.Ellen took her vacation.Came home it was Spring 2012.I was at Luther College.The new County Attorney wa ted her mom to have a job as well as a friend.(Corruption at the court house ran deep.) Not Mrs.Mathis Ellen only allowed lies in the family her work was amazingly secret.We never asked about her work we mom and I knew it was not our business.

On this day, the day Elly returned to work. Waukon Iowa.See Ellen and I we raised by a woman raised in the 1930’s saved gatoraide bottles which she washed and carried her farm water in.I hated her water but love club soda.See Ellens water came from the tap all bubbly.Water been tested it was fine.Took a lunch and like me love to read.

At lunch ecery day Ellen drank a gallon of water my water works never worked always a big joke to Ellen that my plumming always made me have to pee.

Funny people now brag about mental issues I drink very little I see no, No humor in having to P. Ellen’s boss the white trash in training told Ellen she would be right back.Told Ellen ‘I’m going to lunch!’

A Allamakee Sherriff came in probally one of the two that came to kick me off my sisters property last year( I went to see Ellen after not seeing her for 3 yearss with a box of books because missing all this times as a family because of Diana’a Lee Dudleys hate and lies was stupid.Diana knew I planned to see Ellen that day. June 3rd, Falsifying a report is a legal and binding slander of maulice . I have never harmed anyone. No one that your no threat! That your innocent! Till I take her and her son to court!)

The Sherriff told Ellen Mrs.Mathis you have been terminated! Ellen was Never written up! Never broke the law.Wayne Lovitt our blood first cousin use to be head of voters registration told us that new people always let people go!

One ass wipe told Ellen ‘don’t apply for unemployment she would not Get it! Why she Ellen did nothing wrong.Be right back have to get my water off the stove!

I told my baby sister sue the bitch she spoke to a man in that office he said she could not! I told her if some one said you had cancer get another opinion! She said she trusted the old lawyer.

Stupid girl! Funny I two years later trusted Ellen after Diana’s set laundry fire in of all things an electric drier.2% of American laundry room fires are started in an electric drier.

Then I told Ellen take it to the labor board. Ellen did the offense they the Allamakee County Attorney had with Ellen was that ‘Ellen read’ when through with her lunch before time to return to work.

The Labor board told the new small county attorney of Allamakee that it is not illigal for an employee to read. Ellen got her unemployment 360 a week. Never in my life working for Elderly which Diana and Ellen took from me by allowing lies to stand of an older half sister who thought bully our mom Marian D.Bittenger Heike to Granbury(P.O.Box 241,Granbury,Tx 76048.) Unlike Diana’s five husbands who after marring diana say the error in their lives changable vie DIVOCE.Did divorce the Narcississ Socialpath born void empathy a bully.

Five husbands No one investigated Diana Lee Dudleys claims against her gay sister Val Heike.No one spoke to Ellen Mathis(Diana told Iowa Human Serives that Ellen lived in fear of Val.They believed that horse manure.) No one spoke to mom.Marian Heike (mom) told Everyone that was a lie!

Mom’s words fell on dead ears.Diana had told IHS that mom would lie and tell them that because Val’s such a monster!Another lie just like 45.

They spoke to mom’s nurse pratitioner who told them Val was good to and for her mom and her mom was good for Val! Wheres ANY GOD DAMN ABUSE’!

Diana called mom 10 times aday to find out everything in moms life.Seventy times a day easy proven.Mom was so rattled after every call.Phone abuse harrassment illigal. Not one person looked at the 16 pages of things Diana did to mom and me.

Iowan’s be wary this could happen to you! Diana gaslighted mom for a year to get mom to believe a lie that I write evil stuff about my mom.My best friend thusly Diana got mom to remove me from my moms will.

Since Diana got mom to Texas in January on the 6th 2015 she placed two codine over the counter packs on mom. Mom was 87.Codine packs SHOULD NOT GO ONTO ANYONE OVER 60.THEY the codine increases the likely hood for diabetic people to have strokes or massive heart attacks. Mom got a cat hers Diana murdered when she walked in December 3rd to start the laundry room fire.

Moms fee for removing her daughter who always cared for mom while Ellen was off enjoying life and Diana was stchumping men from mom’s will.

I have not been able to talk to my mom since May 2018. December 2018 mom had Diana send Dr.Pillsbery an email mom wanted to talk to me. Diana had my phone number. This was the third time my minister had heard from diana. Twice in 2015. Once telling Doc Ellen and Mom and her were going to commit me.

It was diana lee dudleys hot air and another lie! I did three Wellness checks! People their stupid and useless! In February 2019 I was told mom wanted nothing to do with me!

When a member of your family controls your parent on a magic jack you are doomed,DOOMED! Your not going to talk to her until shes dead.So easy for tge real bully of the heike family to sink her teeth into the sweetest person in the world my mom.

Diana knew if she destroyed all mom had mom would be left with no choice but live till dead with her. I see will see her pay for that .

Are you dead mom? It was 6 months after your sister died that I found her obit.


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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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