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The rubber thing with the wood handle

Evidently I have no idea how to spell the device. We always used them cooking.Mom grew up in the 1930’s through the depression. Mom always said in cooking every bit that lined the walls was important.

Do these TV shows velieve that their TV content is being viewed by wealthy women in the off chance that they are sitting at home watching their boring ass cooking show.

People with money care nothing of the bits and pieces left in containers or bowls.

Wake uo call those of us with no transportation and no money scrap all out of containers.Then we might have enough food for another meal.Those containers are then washed for reuse.

Poor Americans recycled long before anyone else.It was more reuse or not have at all. That wooden handled rubber on end is NEVER seen used on cooking shows on PBS.

People will take the time before tossing out caluable food if they see TV cooks getting all the stuff out of containers.Hell if you think its to time consumming hire me. I’ll clean the gobs out of containers plus I give terrific massage.

Need a vehical so I can start a groccery service.

Another thing I find pissy is why is it so fricking hard to meet intelligent literate women for friendship and maybe a movie? Why do we have to meet at a church or at a sleezy dating sute.The other day on Pink something its a single site I was sent to nasty looking dudes playing at drag and a straight woman.No I do not think I’ll waste my money!

Thanks for hearing me.



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