Do things Change?

From a historians point of view things really never change only names. Times change but takes longer for humans if ever. Name of things change. Hatreds do not change for them to change humans need to understand who others are and others.

Everyone is still over a hundred years after discussing the Civil War that attributed to ‘Ken Burns Civil War’ popularty.

Black face stopped being popular after others got that it was offensive even when it started someone might have seen it as a way of remembering a people.

I have watched nearly ever clip on Gentlemen Jack, I could not put my finger on why I was a tad annoyed it came to me this morning why? After rewatching an interview both women admitting they are not Gay, the Television drama would have carried more weight or worth if the one protraying a put lesbisn was in fact an Out lesbian! This is Gay history , so many institition srmtill in 2019 sees my community as a choice and a Gender study.

I went to just such a liberal arts college in Decorah,Iowa. Look at history if we took all the charactors in Mandella’s life and no one was black. Yets see it history throigh the eyes of the creator of the Twilight Zone.

One of my favorite epidodes dipicted those that were beautiful and had thr good life all resembled pigs.This one lady had been un a terrible care accident.As the doctors are removing the bandages they tell her she might be some disfigured due to the severity of the face trauma.

The bandages were remived.The doxtors and nurse through up their hands and run out of the room scteaming because the lady is beyond hideous. See she is lovely now but the.norm were pig faces.

Someone this morning called me a racist because I thought straight women pretrayed both women one straight one a ground breaker a Out ‘damn the torpedors flaming lesbian’, yes we can be flaming its easier with money in our pocket without well I’m a nerdy dud! I’m ok with that.

Look at the big bang theory it made nerds cool.If the cast of Big Bang were jocks and Penny a dud like me well babe ‘no twelve year series’

What was cool about ‘Queer as folks’ for me was every now and then we saw the lesbians. I look for them everywhere I can spot a gay man buy not lesbians.

It causes me to ponder is it still not politically correct for lesbians to play lesbians? Why not?

Im an Out lesbian Empath.I much rather lesbians be protrayed by lesbians. I guess the only way anyone will get it is for Christians to imagine their Christ Gay.

Could have been he loved EVERYONE! Forgave people who others activity was storning. I pull no punches when I read books on my Youthube channle Val’s Whitewolf Media. I’m an Empath so I read with all my emotions its terrific for my psyche.

Was there not a flick a few years ago depicting the Rabbi Jesus Gay. (Fact discussed by a Rabbi that Televi( sorry can not spell the city. Extremely gay how cool. To me this affatation of imformation I call the Sheldon Effect.Things will interest me and I share them.)

I was listening to Joel Grey the night before last talk on things after a Rabbi who was not afraid of talking about my gay community.

If the meek are to inherit the Christians heaven this meek Ioweign( means Iowa with Norweign) has anothing to say about it I am no longer meek,I refuse to be lead to slaughter and I do not think that Ann Lester of Yorkshire should have been protrayed as a lesbian played by a straight woman.The actress did not take on a color like the Wiz did to The Wonderful Land of Oz.

The actress took on a sex of people hunted and who are still food for fodder anytime a dictator wants to blame or steal a right. I believe they think ‘Crap where are those God damn Queers!’ My half sister did it and got away with it like everyone through the pages of history!

I its offensive to me straights immitating sex guess at 61 I’m a prood.Out Iowan lesbian opinion

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Val's Whitewolf Media Anchor PodCast. I write here on WordPress. I believe that everyone should tell their story and that every book is a learning tool that will help those of us who are writers become better at our craft.I'm learning plus becoming more confident as an empath its important to share and touch with my heart others harmed by others words. I sell books on Pango.

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