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Watch “Thankyou all who viewed my content in June 2019” on YouTube


Food inspectors that’s one food service I woukd beat out all others. No food service inspector should EVER call the sites they plan on inspecting so they can be prepared.Prepared people are like the best kept house. No debry. No filth like wealthy people going to church in their sunday best. At all resteraunts IContinue reading “Scavengers”


Two Patsy’s and banks

Patsy Sue Brown of Wolf town Virginia and Patsy of Calmer,Iowa. Swell friends both. Patsy Sue my first non TV star my first out of closet crush. When you come out of the closet you are unsure until you touch a lesbian butch first touch a real woman. Patsy sue really,Really was a woman sheContinue reading “Two Patsy’s and banks”

Watch “Another reason “Val’s Rural Rideshare”” on YouTube

Why is it people assume instead of inquiring?

I go to a jobsite. I say no car need to work advisory from home. So they say Uber’s highering. Nearest Uber is 77 miles away hard to get there on my care. Uber insists you have a vehical that can carry more the 3 and is a 2003 or better vehical. My Rideshare IContinue reading “Why is it people assume instead of inquiring?”

Watch “Hero’s of an Iowan Entrepreneur on this 4th of July” on YouTube

From my Pat:Oh, my, Val—just listened to your “heroes” post. Feel blessed to be in that category, but you surely realize I do these things out of love and it warms my heart as well. True friendship is one of God’s gifts and we know that He wants us to love one another, as HeContinue reading “Watch “Hero’s of an Iowan Entrepreneur on this 4th of July” on YouTube”